Ukraine – The Plumbers’ Response

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The Plumbers’ Company, The Plumbers’ Charity and many members are helping the citizens of Ukraine in their hour of need.

In light of the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine, the Master sent a message on how we could help and included a note from the City Livery Committee. I’m delighted to announce that the Court has approved a £5,000 donation to the Disasters’ Emergency Committee.

Furthermore, as a core partner of the charity Aquabox, and wanting to provide a response to the conflict, The Plumbers’ Charity has approved an additional grant to Aquabox for 2022 to help them in their efforts to relive some of the suffering in Ukrainian communities. In response to the conflict in Ukraine, and the devastating effect in many towns and cities, Aquabox has mobilised to send community water filters, beds and clothing to the country.

The Plumbers’ Charity additional support will provide Community Water Filters for 12 locations, delivering over 12 million litres of clean water, where supplies have been either disrupted or polluted.

Many members have also made individual donations and have offered to provide accommodation for escaping refugees through the government’s “Homes for Ukraine” scheme.

Lord Mayor has also written to all the Livery Companies to express his enormous gratitude to the combined response from Livery to the tragedy unfolding there and the Master has briefed him on our collective and individual responses.