Membership of the Company

The Plumbers’ Livery is a thriving, diverse community drawn from London, the UK, and abroad. We are always keen to admit new members, women and men, into the Company, to become part of our fellowhip and to further our industry standing and charitable aims.

Why join the Worhipful Company of Plumbers?

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Encouraging wider engagement across our profession

All members of the Plumbers Company are asked to sign up to our Aims and Objectives. Whilst broad and diverse, we maintain high standards and encourage active participation in our work.

Membership Categories

There are three principal categories of membership to suit individual circumstances:


Today there are some three hundred and fifty members, the vast majority of whom are Liverymen. About 70% are connected with the plumbing craft and allied disciplines. The remaining members cover a wide spectrum of interests and professions including engineers, scientists, architects, builders, accountants, lawyers and many others.

We actively encourage women to become Liverymen and were one of the first Livery Companies to admit women. With a third of Liverymen living over a hundred miles from London, the Company reflects a national interest by its members in its activities.


This category recognises that some individuals may not be able to make a full commitment to become a Liveryman when they initially apply. The Freeman membership category limits the functions you can attend, however gives a good insight into being a full Liveryman and Freeman are encouraged to become a full Liveryman at an appropriate time. Freeman can attend all visits and activities, but not the formal Company functions, unless invited as a guest by a Liveryman. They also cannot vote in the City of London elections.


This category is reserved for members who live permanently outside of the UK and carries similar entitlements to the Freeman category In addition, Liverymen who temporarily move overseas may move to this category by agreement.

Other options:

There are also two other categories:

Family member:

Individual members can apply for their immediate family (e.g. child, grandchild, nephew, or niece) who are aged 16–40 years, to become a family member. Spouses and Partners of deceased Liverymen can also apply for this category. Family members have full entitlement to attend events and functions as a guest.

Corporate Membership:

In addition to individual membership — the Plumbers’ Company is open to companies involved in or with the plumbing industry in the UK and overseas. This Corporate Membership enables a member company’s senior executives to participate fully in most of the Plumbers’ many activities. The Plumbers’ Company is the catalyst that has brought the whole plumbing industry together. Manufacturers, merchants, contractors, designers, academics and the suppliers to the industry: every facet is represented.

With this broad and diverse membership, the Plumbers offers something no trade association or professional institution can match — a totally neutral networking environment in which everyone can and does talk to anyone about anything (though most of these conversations seem to have a plumbing theme).

Corporate Membership may be applied for by any company, whether British or international, which is engaged in or with the plumbing industry in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Find out more in our Corporate Membership brochure, or contact the Clerk to discuss the benefits being a member of The Plumbers Company could bring to your organisation.