Our charity work

The charity part of the Company, the Plumbers Charity, strives to change lives for the better in everything we do.

Our vision is to promote better plumbers better plumbing, better health and better lives. We do this by supporting plumbing education, training and development and the promotion of the ‘craft of plumbing’.

These children now have clean water and sanitation from Village by Village, a charity your donations are supporting.


The present trustees are Past Master Charles Yuill (Chairman), Past Masters  Steve Hodkinson and Robert Burgon, Assistants Charles Brooks and Janet Rivers, Past Steward Michael Cooper and Liverymen James Dalton and Jamie Fisher.  Once selected, trustees generally serve for five years.  Together they bring a wide experience of the trade and the City. The secretary to the Trustees is Clive Sofaer.

Our Charities

We are also focussed on making a real difference for people both in the United Kingdom and in developing countries through our support of projects that improve the provision of clean water, sanitation, improve public health and community welfare.

In recognition of being in the City of London, we also support educational and charitable activities within, or related, to the City.

Some highlights of our charity work include:


Click on the picture above to see a short film about Aquabox.

Through our ongoing support this year we are funding 200 emergency family water filters via Aquabox, who respond to natural disasters across the globe. We are proud to be able to support this charity, and our support will provide 100 million litres of clean water across the lifecycle of the filters we have funded.

The Aquaboxes distributed not only contain a water filter but other vital supplies for those in most desperate need. You will see from the photos, our Company logo on a shipment sent out to help families where they have no clean water – a real sign of your charity contributions making a real difference to those in need!

In their latest news update in August 2020, Aquabox have told us about the work they are doing in Syria, the Yemen and Nepal. Please click here to read it. The work they are doing in the camps in Syria is really helping to save lives, and they have produced a short video to show the impact that YOUR donations are making to the families struggling in terrible conditions, giving them clean drinking water for the first time. Please click on the photo below to view the moving video.


Village by Village:

We support Village by Village, a charity that provides clean water and sanitation for villages across Ghana, not only are drinking water and sewage facilities built but also essential training on the maintenance of the facilities and basic hygiene training are provided.



We are supporting WaterAid specifically for one of their priority projects in Nepal, a country which is home to some of the most extreme landscapes on earth, making it difficult to reach people with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

WaterAid’s three-year programme aims to bring long-lasting basic services to the communities in Dolakha, a district hugely affected by climate change, and one of the least developed areas in the country.

Our grant is contributing to the sustainability of this specific Nepalese project by enabling WaterAid to set up community water committees as well as provide training for plumbers to maintain the new water systems.

The project aims to reach 6,000 people with clean water in their homes and a further 2,000 children at school.

We are proud to support WaterAid with this project where their experience demonstrates their ability to deliver effective change and that when a community gets clean water for the first time, it creates a powerful ripple, saving lives and improving people’s health, education and livelihoods. You can read its “End of Year 2 Report” from the Nepal project here.

The NHS Livery Kitchen Initiative

We are proud to support this brilliant scheme, in response to the COVID-19 Crisis, which brings together the Drapers, Grocers, and Merchant Taylors Companies, as well as volunteers from the City caterer Party Ingredients, to provide nutritious individually-packed meals, prepared in livery hall kitchens, to NHS staff at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, part of the Barts Health NHS Trust. Members of the Hackney Carriage Drivers Company are also driving chefs to work so that they can avoid using public transport.

The initiative went live on 20 April and is now delivering 300 meals a day to the Royal London Hospital and 100 meals to St Bartholomew’s Hospital. With hundreds staff now on site at any one time, their hospital canteens are over capacity and the requirements of social distancing mean long queues and wait-times, making it difficult and frustrating for staff to get food quickly and easily. The Livery Kitchen meals, as well as being delicious, have enabled staff no longer to worry about how they will feed themselves during exhausting 12-hour shifts when they have so many other demands on their time.<

Providence Row

We also support this wonderful charity and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Providence Row have adapted their services primarily to serve the immediate needs of rough sleepers whilst maintaining support for clients vulnerable to homelessness. Their frontline staff are placing clients who are rough sleeping in supported housing all over East London & providing them with specialist ongoing support to ensure their health, safety and well-being are addressed during this time. Here is the link to the Providence Row website.


Affiliated and Supported Charities

Plumbing Related

Plumbers’ Museum Workshop Trust, Amberley Museum, Amberley, Arundel, West Sussex. The Trust was formerly based in the Court Barn at the Weald and Downland Museum, Singleton, West Sussex, which is now used as the “studio” for the BBC1 Programme “The Repair Shop”.

RN, Army and RAF Top Apprentices Awards

Gold and Silver Medal and Other Potential Annual Awards for Plumbing Trainees and Colleges.

City Related

Richmond Sea Cadet Unit.

Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund.

Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Student Grant support

The Lord Mayors’ Appeal


Could we also help you?

For requests to the Charity write to or telephone the Clerk, Adrian Mumford, Worshipful Company of Plumbers, Carpenters’ Hall, 1 Throgmorton Avenue, London EC2N 2JJ Tel: 020 7628 8880 or email: charity@plumberscompany.org.uk

Details of our Charity can be found on the Charity Commissioner’s website, charity number 800043.

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