How to join

We embrace all individuals who can contribute to a modern livery company. In spite of our name, you do not need to be directly active in the plumbing industry to join us!

Our members include plumbers, engineers, business professionals and owners, academics, financiers, marketeers, HR specialists and many more from related disciplines.

The Plumbers’ Company, whilst focused on the City of London, has members all round the country, as well as overseas, and is keen to admit more people into the Company.

To join the Plumbers’ Company means becoming a Liveryman.

Stages to join:

First, please complete our online application form.

If you know a Company member who can propose you, please fill in their name on the form; similarly for a seconder. If you do not know anyone in the Company, we can arrange for someone to speak to you and match you with a Liveryman who can act as proposer.

If your initial application is accepted, you will be invited to attend a short interview with the Admissions Committee at the Company Office. After this, if selected and you still wish to join, you will be asked to ‘swear an oath’ which the Clerk will read over to you and you’ll become a Freeman of the Company.

To progress to become a Liverymen, you must next become a Freeman of the City of London. The Company Office will explain how this is done through The Guildhall. This is a delightful and historic event at which family members are welcome.

The final stage is to attend a meeting of the Court of Assistants of the Company which take place quarterly when you will be ‘clothed’ with the Livery. Your partner is also invited to the ceremony, and you are both invited to dine as guests of the Company after the Court meeting.

The entire admissions procedure from application to clothing ceremony normally takes up to 6 months.

As a Liveryman of the Plumbers’ Company you are expected to:

  • Make a life-long commitment to the Company;
  • Use your professional expertise to support the Aims and Objectives of the Company;
  • Support the activities of the Company, listed in the Calendar of Events;
  • Support the Plumbers Charity (a modest monthly contribution is expected);
  • Serve on committees and working groups;
  • Represent the Company as appropriate at business and social occasions;
  • Vote in the annual Elections for the Sheriffs and the Lord Mayor.

In doing so, we hope you will enjoy a life-long participation in the Company.


There is a non-refundable admission fee, currently £95, payable with the application.

The annual subscription (‘quarterage’) is set out here: membership rates.

There is a Young Entry Scheme for those aged between 21 and 40 which is 50% of the full rate and 25% for international members.

If you have any additional queries about joining us, please contact the Clerk, details below.

We look forward to receiving your application form.