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This page has been set up during the Coronavirus outbreak as a point of contact for all our members to keep in touch and also provide some light relief from the lockdown. Is there anything useful or helpful from work or your professional body that you could share with other Liverymen and members? Do you have any interesting or funny articles, stories or jokes. Have you done anything interesting, that may not have gone quite to plan? Have you discovered something? Any item will do; the aim is to keep it informative and positive and also, where appropriate, lighthearted and to lift peoples spirits. If you have anything please email it to the Clerk. The Clerk and Webmaster will have the final say on what will and will not be published!

Greetings one and all,

With the end of lockdown now in sight we can hopefully look forward to getting out more and, fingers crossed, a great summer meeting up again. If you are planning a BBQ, I’ve been sent this picture of a great plumbers’ combined beer cooler and BBQ from Australia:

Once you’ve drunk all the beer and the ice has melted, you just need to flush it at the end of the meal to put it out. Brilliant!

The Brigantes, the social gathering of all Liverymen in the north, are coming out of hibernation too and have planned a few events for the summer and autumn. If you do live “up north” and would like to join in, please click on the logo:

The Plumbers’ Golf Society members are also dusting off their clubs ahead of golf clubs reopening on 29 March. In keeping with the Plumbers’ nickname “The Friendly Livery” we really do have great fun and enjoy some excellent social rounds and equally friendly competitions. Players of all ability are welcome and membership includes all partners, spouses and immediate family members. Click on the picture below to find out more:

If you would like to join, you can download the application form here. We would love to see you.

Thursday 11 March is, as I’m sure everyone knows, World Plumbing Day. Sadly, the lockdown has prevented us holding our annual bursary competition and award ceremony at the Apprentice Statue on Cannon Street Station, but you can see what has happened in previous years and what is taking place elsewhere this year by clicking on the WPC logo:

Earlier this month we enjoyed a master cookery class from Trisha Jones. If you would like to see more Tamil curry recipes, Trisha has posted them on her blog, which you can access through clicking on this picture:


Our next on-line event is a presentation from your Charity Trustees on Tuesday 23 March at 6:00pm on the work of your Charity, with contributions from Aquabox and Village by Village, two excellent Third World charities we help. Please do watch it; once again click on the image to find out more:


I’ve kept up the link to  ‘The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room’, with its selection of books, each chosen by Her Royal Highness. New ones are posted at regular intervals with information about the authors, including videos, pictures and commentary:

Clicking on the picture above will “take you into her room”.

The latest Livery Briefing from the City Livery Committee has just been published, much of it also on the theme of charity giving, and you can read it by clicking on the City of London logo below:


If you would like to see the full amount of charitable work undertaken by the City of London Livery Companies, a separate report has just been published by the Pan-Livery Steering Group; its impressive.

To finish, Liveryman Dr Tim Gocher, the CEO of the Dolma Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded in 2003 to alleviate poverty by investing in education, health and sustainable businesses in Nepal, has been elected as an NHS Governor. You can read about his early experience in the role here.


And here are the latest ‘funnies’ I’ve been sent.


I’ve kept these stories here because they still bring a smile to my face!

 Plumbers’ Apprentice Statue Missing!

  Plumbers’ Apprentice Statue Found?

A Lesson or Two with Honorary Liveryman Jules Holland

The Order of Precedence Song


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