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This page was set up during the Coronavirus outbreak as a point of contact for all our members to keep in touch and also provide some light relief from the lockdown. We will keep it running post lockdown to copy the update sent to all members via email.  If you have anything you would like to add to it, please email it to the Clerk. The Clerk and Webmaster will have the final say on what will and will not be published!

As we tentatively move out of lockdown, I think it is time for a little celebration! Some 328 years ago, almost to the day, legend has it that a monk at the Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers near Epernay in France tasted his self-made nectar and exclaimed “I am drinking the stars!” You might like to crack a bottle of champagne too🍾🥂, just as Dom Perignon did all those years ago!

If you would really like to celebrate in style, Fortnum & Mason are offering a free round of champagne for any liveryman if they book a lunch before 31 August!:

Fortnum & Mason’s Champagne Offer

But if you’re not planning to open a bottle just now, you can certainly celebrate at our delayed summer festival in Salters’ Hall on 8 September:

The tickets are going quickly now that we are out of lockdown, so click on the picture above to see all the details and book your place.

If you are planning to visit London in August, St Magnus is holding a Thanksgiving Mass on 19 August and Father Philip would be delighted to see you. If you do, it would be a chance to see our latest planter, which we donated to the church to say thank you to Father Philip for all he does for us.

The latest Livery Briefing from the Livery Committee is also now available to read.

Autumn is filling up with events and functions and we have a very special one on 8 October at Fishmongers’ Hall, where the legendary Jools Holland is performing for us to help raise money to refurbish St Magnus the Martyr’s roof.

Along with the choir of St Magnus, we are delighted that he will be joined by renowned female vocalists Ruby Turner and Louise Marshall.  This really is turning into a fabulous evening. These tickets are going quickly as well, now that we are out of lockdown, so click on the image to book one.

A little earlier in October we have our delayed annual lecture at the Royal College of Physicians on the 4th, which will be give this year by our own Master, Dr Peter Rumley. Peter is an art historian, archaeologist, curator, author and historic buildings conservationist and he will give us a fascinating insight into “The Royal Plumbers and Early Water Engineering”.


As usual, it will be held at the excellent facilities of the Royal College of Physicians in Regents Park. Once again, click on the image to read more and book a ticket.

One of the traditions of the Livery Year is to have your Master taken to the Old Bailey, where he is charged with various offences and transported to the Tower of London.  He will be “sentenced” on 6 September and if he wants to be “released”, he needs to raise bail of £1,000; all of the money goes to the Red Cross.


If you would like to see him, you can make a donation by clicking on the image. If you don’t………… 😉.

One of the first events that the Plumbers enjoyed after lockdown was in July when the Plumbers’ Golf Society was able to hold its annual Golf Day at the splendid New Zealand Golf Course in Surrey. We had some fabulous weather and reigning champion Liveryman Tony Peters was beaten this year…. by his son Liveryman Luke Peters. Congratulations Luke!:


And our first informal social visit of the autumn will be on 15 September to the Royal Gunpowder Mills in Essex, where you can celebrate with a bang and experience some ‘real’ pyrotechnics:


I hate to finish on a sad note, but I could not do so without marking the passing of our Past Assistant Clerk and Honorary Liveryman Eileen Lilley MBE. The more senior amongst you will remember her with great fondness (and not a little trepidation!).  Although she retired some time before I became Clerk, she was the heart and soul of ‘The Plumbers’ for over two decades.

She was a fount of knowledge for me and one of only two women I know who could keep the reigns on my predecessor, Antony! 😉 .  So, when you’re cracking that bottle of champagne, perhaps raise a glass to her 🥂.


As always, all the latest news and events can be found via the homepage on the company website:

Plumbers Company Home Page

I’ve kept up the link to  ‘The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room’, with its selection of books, each chosen by Her Royal Highness. New ones are posted at regular intervals with information about the authors, including videos, pictures and commentary:

Clicking on the picture above will “take you into her room”.


I’ve also kept these stories here because they still bring a smile to my face!

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