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This page has been set up during the Coronavirus outbreak as a point of contact for all our members to keep in touch and also provide some light relief from the lockdown. Is there anything useful or helpful from work or your professional body that you could share with other Liverymen and members? Do you have any interesting or funny articles, stories or jokes. Have you done anything interesting, that may not have gone quite to plan? Have you discovered something? Any item will do; the aim is to keep it informative and positive and also, where appropriate, lighthearted and to lift peoples spirits. If you have anything please email it to the Clerk. The Clerk and Webmaster will have the final say on what will and will not be published!

The answers to the City landmarks quiz are now published.  I’m sure you’ll recognised many of them, but could you name them?   The answers are below.

The Liverymen and Members’ Corner very much lived up to its name in the week before the August break with some delightful family news. We also looked back on how one building rose from the ashes of the London Blitz. And there were some more picture jokes to enjoy. The Master also sent out a letter to us all, but it had a (deliberate?) error in it; did you spot it – the link to the letter is below.  The mistake was that it was the Dowager Duchess of Bedford, not Devonshire, but I suspect only the Master new that!

While we wait for news on when and how we can get together again as the lockdown eases, the social committee and others are working on a programme of virtual events for the Autumn.  Details will be published as soon as they are ready, so keep your eyes open.  We hope to have more information on the ‘live’ programme early in September. The Liverymen & Members’ Corner will now be taking a respite in August, the traditional Livery holiday season and we will review the situation after that. If anything significant arises in the meanwhile we will of course publish it.

As ever, my thanks to the various members who have sent in all the items.  I hope you all have a good summer, whether or not you are able or planning to go away. Whatever you are doing I hope you all keep well and stay safe.

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