Aims and objectives

Our aims and objectives are represented by Craft, City and Charity held together by Fellowship.

We encourage forward thinking across our profession, as we have done for 650 years.


To encourage excellence in plumbing by:

  • Supporting and promoting the history of the craft
  • Supporting and recognising individuals, organisations and institutions who achieve excellence in plumbing standards, education and technical development
  • Influencing and raising the profile of key future plumbing developments related to safety, public health, sustainability and water conservation


To support the City of London and the Mayoralty by:

  • Supporting City and livery functions
  • Encouraging liverymen to actively participate in City elections
  • Raising funds for Lord Mayor’s Charities


To raise funds and be involved in charitable and educational work by:

  • All members contributing to the The Plumbers Charity
  • Providing bursaries and awards to support and encourage excellence in plumbing standards, education and technical development
  • Providing donations to City, water and plumbing related charities


To generate friendship in the company by:

  • Providing an active social calendar for like-minded people
  • Organising high quality company events which maintain the standards and traditions of the livery
  • Utilising the latest communication and publishing methods

Our activity is summarised below:

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The Aims and Composition of the Company