Court and Officers

Our new Company Officers at the Installation Lunch on 17th October 2023, at Vintners’ Hall: L-R Upper Warden Charles Brooks, Master David Adams, Renter Warden Sandra Raine

The Court comprises the Master, Wardens, Immediate Past Master, Past Masters who have not taken Emeritus Status, and Court Assistants.

Company Officers

Master David Adams

Upper Warden Charles Brooks

Renter Warden Sandra Raine

Immediate Past Master Air Cdre Paul Nash OBE RAF (Ret’d) with Consort Sue Nash

Past Masters

John Rae: Master 1982/83
Peter Brunner: Master 1997/98
John Lockyer: Master 2005/06
David Alexander: Master 2007/08
Prof Rodney Cartwright: Master 2008/09
David Hamilton: Master 2009/10
Lt Col Antony Paterson-Fox: Master 2011/12
Charles Yuill: Master 2012/13
Nick Gale: Master 2013/14
Stephen Hodkinson: Master 2014/15
Erica Stary: Master 2015/16
Brian Wadsworth: Master 2016/17
Robert Burgon: Master 2017/18
Dame Fiona Woolf DBE DL: Master 2018/19
Dr Peter Rumley MA DPhil MA FSA MCIfA: Master 2019/20 & 2020/21
Nicholas Jones: Master 2021/22

List of Masters and Wardens since 1593 – prior to 1611 there was no Master, and their function was fulfilled by two Wardens.

Emeritus Past Masters

Emeritus status is available to Court Members who wish to take a less active role, and no longer sit on the Court.

Geoff Marsh MBE: Master 1986/87
George Banks: Master 1993/94
Edward Hopkinson: Master 1998/99
John Mayfield: Master 1999/2000
Alec Moir: Master 2000/01
Michael Swallow: Master 2003/04 & 2006/07
Mike Samuel: Master 2004/05
Chris Sneath MBE: Master 2010/11

Court Assistants

Court Assistants are drawn from within the Livery, and reflect in its membership those disciplines needed for the Court to advise and help the Officers to run the affairs of the Company. Appointment to Court is for an unlimited period.

Senior Court Assistant: Janet Rivers – Appointed 2023; appointed to Court in 2017

Paul Flatt: Appointed 2012
Richard Soper CBE: Appointed 2015
Prof Mala Rao OBE: Appointed 2017
Martin Shouler: Appointed 2018
Kingsley Poulton: Appointed 2019
Mark Wheeler: Appointed 2019
Gary Wingrove: Appointed 2020
Michael Cooper: Appointed 2021
Damon Reynolds: Appointed 2022
Kevin Wellman: Appointed 2023


Senior Steward: Philippa Stary

Chris Saunders
Gary Lester
Kevin Thomas
John Wilson
Melville Gumbs
David Pearson
Jacob Ball

List of Stewards since 1984


Philippa Stary


Caroline Walsh

Clerk to the Company

Adrian Mumford MA MMus ARCM FLCM

List of Clerks since prior to 1623


Beadle Peter Thompson


Clerk’s Assistant Sharon Sibthorpe

Company Finance Debbie Abergil

Historical roles in the Company

Plumbers of the King’s Works from 1363 to 1441

Sergeant Plumbers from 1441 to 1784

Clerk and Surveyor of the King’s Works from 1653 to 1660