About our Company

We are one of the oldest Companies in the City of London but still actively supporting the craft, the City and those less fortunate. Number 31 in the order of precedence for Livery Companies, we were granted our Ordinances in 1365.

The Aims and Objectives of the Company were revised in 2010 and reflect our dynamic approach to the present and the future yet at the same time remembering our past heritage.

Like most Livery Companies, the Plumbers’ Company consists of:

  1. Liverymen
  2. Freemen
  3. Court of Assistants
  4. Officers of the Company: Master, Upper and Renter Warden
  5. Stewards
  6. Company Committees
  7. Clerk, Clerk’s Assistant, Financial Assistant and Beadle

The Court of Assistants is drawn from within the Livery and reflects in its membership those disciplines which are needed for the Court to advise and help the Officers of the Company to run its affairs. The Master and Wardens are installed annually in October and serve for one year.

Stewards serve for seven years and help to ensure the smooth running of functions and organise Company visits.

There are five major committees; Freedom and Livery, Finance, Technical and Education, Membership and Social, each chaired by a Court Member

The Livery Year

In addition to a wide variety of visits and social activities which are arranged throughout the year for members of the Company and their guests, there are certain Company formal functions and City events which are normally held in the following months:

October: Installation Service
November: Ladle Dinner
December: Carol Service
January/ February: Annual Lecture
March: Annual Banquet

Liveryman are also permitted and encouraged to attend the election of the Lord Mayor of the City of London in September and the election of Sheriffs in June.


A Royal Honorary Liveryman

HRH Duchess of Cornwall was admitted to the Livery on 26th January 2017

We also have an Almoner

The principal aim of the Almoner is to keep in touch with Liverymen who are unable, for a range of reasons, to participate regularly in the Company’s events and functions. Although the Company has enjoyed ad hoc arrangements for keeping in touch with Liverymen over many years, it is believed that this is the first time that the title of Almoner (which is used in several other companies) has been adopted.

Liveryman Caroline Walsh has been appointed as the Company’s first Almoner. Caroline, whose home is in Eltham, near Greenwich, has been a Liveryman since 2004 and is looking forward to developing this role. Liverymen who know others who might appreciate occasional contact from a representative of the Company are invited to pass on details to Caroline.

She can be contacted at almoner@plumberscompany.org.uk

Fun and Fellowship

There are a range of activities that members can join. Why not give one or more a try? Look up our forthcoming events.  If you would like more details, contact the Clerk.


Join the company

Every year, the Worshipful Company of Plumbers gives dozens of young trainees the leg up they need in their careers through bursaries, apprenticeships and awards. We’re proud to have been supporting the industry for over 650 years. Become a part of our history.

Find out more about the rewards of being a Liveryman and how to apply.