World Plumbing Conference 2019

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The triennial World Plumbing Conference offers a unique opportunity for the global plumbing community to come together for knowledge sharing, networking and professional development.

The conference program, which runs from 11 to 13 September 2019 in Melbourne Australia, will be structured around Four Pillars of Plumbing with content to suit a wide range of industry participants.

Liveryman Kevin Wellman, CEO of the CIPHE, Deputy Chairman of our Technical & Education Committee and the UK member of the World Plumbing Council is attending and has sent us three daily reports which you can see below. The closing address will be given by Shayne la Combre, CEO at the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre, Chairman of the World Plumbing Council and one of our International Members.

Shayne la Combre (L) and Kevin Wellman (R)

Our first report from Kevin:

The World Plumbing Conference has got off to a great start in Melbourne.

The inaugural presentation was given by a futurist who explained the advances in plumbing and how technology is being advanced at an alarming pace. Intelligent plumbing systems featured in the next presentation. Other subjects covered throughout the day included water efficiency and water labelling and the reasons behind plumbing failures. Renewable technologies were covered through a series of presentations on hydrogen. It is evident that robust standards need to be put in place when hydrogen is going to be produced and used in the domestic environment.

On a separate note I have been re-appointed to the World Plumbing Council Executive Board for a further term.

Our second report from Kevin:

It has been another fascinating day at the conference. Training and licensing dominated the proceedings and it was interesting to learn about the approaches made by different countries. Liveryman David Harper held an excellent workshop on Legionnaires’ disease which, not surprisingly, was oversubscribed. He addressed the main conference later in the afternoon. A heart wrenching presentation was carried out by a mother who lost her two children to carbon monoxide poisoning. Other issues covered included the call for mandatory CPD, concerns about the worldwide skills shortage, women in plumbing, asbestos awareness, backflow and scalding.

Our final report from Kevin

Today’s presentations covered safe water & sanitation, global water challenges including water scarcity and water management. It was reported that with 1.5 million children dying each year through drinking polluted water the plumbing world must collaborate more to safeguard the vulnerable.

Training, knowledge and education was covered and the joint project between CIPHE and CIBSE on Loading Units (LUNA) was promoted.

The World Plumbing Council’s Executive Board will soon be formulating its future strategy and will undoubtedly consider the presentations and findings over the last three days.