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The WaterSafe scheme is a nationally branded scheme aimed at ensuring compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations (Scotland Byelaws).

The WaterSafe Scheme was launched on October 8th 2013 and those registered with WaterSafe will benefit from the recognition associated with this scheme and will be promoted via the WaterSafe website, which will be promoted by Water Companies to consumers looking to employ the services of contractors who are competent to work in complaince with the Water Regulations (Scotland Water Byelaws).

Those currently registered as an ACP (Water Regulations Approved Contractor Person) with the CIPHE are being given the opportunity to be registered onto WaterSafe free of charge (an application form is required). For those not already registered as an ACP, membership of the scheme is currently free. In order to be eligible for ACP status members must be on the Register of Plumbers, must hold an accredited Water Regulations certificate and must hold public liability insurance for £2 million.

WaterSafe ACPs will be recognised by consumers as being competent to undertake Water Regulations (Scotland Water Byelaws) compliant installation work and will benefit from the credibilty associated with the nationally recognised WaterSafe branding.

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