Water Aid – An Exclusive Virtual Tour of Nepal

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See first hand how your donations are helping communities in Nepal. This exclusive virtual tour alongside Water Aid’s own staff in the country is at 1:30pm on Wednesday 21st July 2021 and lasts about 30 minutes.


Laura Dowse, Water Aid’s Philanthropy and Events Manager, has invited all members of the Plumbers’ Company to be a part of an exclusive tour with Water Aid’s own staff in Nepal, walking (virtually) alongside them as they visit the communities they are working with in Dolakha, Nepal. You’ll hear from the community affected most recently by a landslide and understand their determination to make this project succeed. You will be able to see and understand how your support is helping them continue this amazing journey towards clean water, decent toilets, and good hygiene. It will be taking place on Wednesday 21 July 2021 at 1.30pm and will last approximately 30 minutes. If you would like to join, please rsvp by email to virtualvisits@wateraid.org.