Visit to the RAF Midlands Museum Cosford

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The Master Paul Nash and his Consort Sue led a party of Liverymen from the Company, and their guests, on a visit to the RAF Midlands Museum at Cosford on Friday, 15th September, most appropriately “Battle of Britain Day”, and its 83rd anniversary.

The party in the Conservation Hangar in front of a restored Spitfire

On arrival, everyone met for coffee and croissants in the private meeting room, kindly allocated by Karen Dixon, the Museum Commercial Events Manager, and the staff.

Karen Whitting, the Museum’s Director of Contents and Programmes (which includes the sister site at Hendon, North London) then gave a very interesting and informative introduction regarding the museum, that set the high standard for the day. Karen is also daughter of Liveryman Ivan Whitting, who was in the party!

The group of around 20 people were then taken to see an extremely interesting and extensive display of aircraft and associated equipment on the morning tours, and were accompanied by very knowledgeable and experienced staff guides who added considerably to the tour.

Another restored Spitfire and a ME109 German fighter in the background

In particular, we were able to see the restored Wellington bomber in all its glory:

Master and Consort at the rear of the Wellington Bomber showing its unique geodetic construction

One of the most interesting areas for the group was the conservation hanger, not open to the public, where we were able to view some unique restoration projects and hear some of the incredible stories behind them.

We were then treated to an excellent lunch in the private dining room, enjoyed by everyone.

After lunch, there was the option to view more of the very extensive exhibits on show, which several members of the group took up.

Recovered German Dornier bomber in the Conservation Hangar

Altogether it was considered to be a very interesting and enjoyable visit forall attendees. The Company is extremely grateful to the team and staff at the RAF Museum for their warm hospitality, assistance. and advice on the visit.

Steward Chris Saunders


Spitfire cockpit