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Plumbing can save lives – Village by Village.

A new and exciting Company project that has been approved by Court and supported financially by the Trustees is a partnership for three years with the charity Village by Village. Village by Village goal is to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children living in poverty in remote rural African villages. Using the best of the “low or no cost” web based technologies they bring donors and recipients closer together to generate better mutual transparency, understanding and therefore trust. Not only are drinking water and sewage facilities built but also essential training on the maintenance of the facilities and on basic hygiene is provided. The Plumbers’ are proud to partake in this exciting and worthwhile work
For a donation of just £5,000 a year the Worshipful Company of Plumbers are sponsoring a village-based project, extending this life-saving programme to another 200 or 300 children and their families.
The hygiene and sanitation focus of this programme makes it a brilliant ‘fit’ for our Company and Charity. ‘Plumbers saving lives through improved sanitation’: what could be a more compelling charitable legacy?

These children now have clean water and sanitation thanks to Village by Village, a charity your donations are supporting.