The Summer Court Meeting July 2019

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The Court held its Summer Meeting prior to the Summer Festival in Stationers’ Hall.

Adam Brady receiving his Master Plumber certificate from the Master

This is the Court meeting when the election of the officers for the next year are held.  We now have Master Elect Peter Rumley,  Upper Warden Elect Nick Jones, Renter Warden Elect Paul Nash, Senior Assistant Elect David Adams; Adrian Mumford was re-elected as the Clerk and Peter Thompson as the Beadle.  The new officers will be installed on Installation Day on 23 October 2019. Towards the end of the meeting, six new Liverymen were clothed in the Livery and given a hearty welcome.

Our support for the craft and trade of plumbing was recognised by the presentation of a Master Plumber Certificate to Adam Brady, a practising plumber from Dublin.  Master Craftsmen were key people in the building crafts as far back as the 13th century. Records show that in the 16th century each Master Craftsman was responsible for his own work and the training of apprentices. For exercising such skill and supervision a Master Plumber would receive a shilling a day and an appropriate livery (distinctive clothing).  The modern Master Certificates were first introduced in 2001 by a partnership of City & Guilds, Livery Companies and Professional Bodies and as a result of much hard work by Past Master Geoff Marsh. The Master Plumber Certificate was followed by similar programmes for other Livery Company associated crafts.