Spanish Cheese and Wine Tasting

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Another really enjoyable virtual social gathering with some very tasty selections to nibble and sip. And we now know how to eat cheese properly!

Yes, cheese should be eaten slowly; put a piece in your mouth and allow it to melt on your tongue, releasing the various flavours on the palate; just like savouring wine. Combine the two together and you get even more different flavours!  With 6 cheeses and 2 wines, one red and one white, there were numerous combinations to try. Harry from Love Cheese in York, who hosted our evening, paired 3 of the cheeses with the white and 3 with the red as we went through the tasting session.  We’ve certainly discovered some new items for the fridge and larder.

Although it’s not quite the same as meeting face-to-face, it was good to see friends and colleagues again and we were delighted to wish Malvern Tipping’s mother Eileen many happy returns as she joined us on her 93rd birthday.

Don’t forget the next event, a fascinating talk from Past Master Professor Rodney Cartwright.