Report on the Masters’ and Clerks’ Lunch 2023

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Some eighty-seven attendees enjoyed a very successful Worshipful Company of Plumbers’ Masters’ and Clerks’ luncheon at Carpenters’ Hall on Wednesday, 26th April 2023.

Photos taken at the event by Marcus Jamieson-Pond, may be downloaded from Snapchat. Low-res versions are free, or open a Snapfish account for high-res versions (and the first few downloads are free).

April’s Court meeting was held at Carpenters’ Hall, where the Plumbers’ Company has its office on the third floor. The Court having concluded its main business early, enabled our beadle, Peter Thompson, plenty of time to present the new Liverymen for their clothing and admission. However, all having arrived early, the new Liverymen and their guests had decamped to a nearby Danish pastry shop. Ever being on the ball, our Beadle was aware of the situation and was able to recover them quickly.

Three new Liverymen clothed before the Court were: (L to R) Mark Chapman, Dr. Elaine Cloutman-Green and Jacob Ball:

They were welcomed by the Master, who spoke of the journey and the fellowship experienced by Liverymen.

It has become the Plumbers’ tradition for the April Court luncheon to be dedicated to invited Masters and their Clerks. Those invited were in the main from companies in the construction sector and trades associated with plumbing, but also the Clockmakers, who are the immediate neighbours of the Plumbers’ office, and the Wax Chandlers, who were our previous landlords. The official guests were formally presented to the Master and Wardens before joining the pre-luncheon reception.

Master Paul Nash with other Livery Masters

Diners were served three courses comprising smoked Banbury trout salad, breast of guinea fowl, and raspberry crème brulé. As ever in the Plumbers’ tradition, an excellent range of table wines and port accompanied the meal.

The guest speaker was Fran Findlater, the founder of the charity Bounce Back and CEO of its associated “No Going Back” Livery Initiative:

The charity and initiative provide mentoring and support to offenders looking to make a fresh start, especially with training related to the construction industry. The No Going Back Livery Initiative has been running for three years, with some thirty Livery Companies participating. The Worshipful Company of Plumbers is part of the initiative, supporting the scheme through its Charity. Amongst the many training with No Going Back, are three who are seeking to enter the plumbing trade.

The excellent turnout means that the Masters’ and Clerks’ lunch is all set to remain a regular fixture in the Company’s diary.

Beadle Peter Thompson leading out the procession

Senior Steward Malvern Tipping