Report on the Mansion House Dinner honouring Their Majesties

From the Master

Our new Master, just a day into the job, was at Mansion House on the evening of Wednesday, 18th October for a rare visit to the City of London by the King and Queen.

The Dinner was to “mark the contribution of the civic institutions of the City of London to the Coronation of Their Majesties The King and Queen”.

I was attending to represent the Plumbers’ Company, one of over 90 Livery Company Masters to join a guest list of over 300 comprising the Aldermen, Common Councillors, Sheriffs, and past Lord Mayors, et cetera.

Significant speeches were made by the Lord Mayor and the King. The Lord Mayor spoke of the major ties between the Monarch and the City of London over the centuries, and of the importance of London in global business and cultural terms. He praised the King’s leadership of the country since his accession. He also specifically told the gathering that the Queen is an Honorary Liveryman of the Plumbers. Here is the Lord Mayor’s speech.

The King’s speech was an excellent oration. He thanked the City and the Livery Companies for their contribution to the Coronation. He also spoke of the need for tolerance, mutual respect, and giving each other space, and the need to tackle climate change. I particularly liked the sentence: “Next, there is the breathing space we afford one another, leaving us able to think and speak freely. This well carries the politeness and respect we owe to one another; our willingness to put others first and treat them as we would wish them to treat us”. Here is the King’s speech.

Lastly, I was seated at the top of sprig C next to the top table, merely 10 metres away from Queen Camilla and approx. 13 meters from King Charles. I like to think I was given this excellent seat because Queen Camilla is a Plumber!

Master David Adams