Plumbers’ sell-out appearance at the Royal Albert Hall

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On 5th of February 2024, Liverymen and their guests embarked on a journey at one of London’s most esteemed landmarks, the Royal Albert Hall (RAH). Hosted by the Master, this excursion promised a blend of cultural interest, culinary delights, and exclusive behind-the-scenes access.

Here’s a recap of the day’s highlights:

Guided Tour of the Hall:

The journey commenced with a guided tour of the RAH, a venue steeped in history and architectural splendour. Attendees were treated to an exploration of the auditorium anti rooms and royal quarters. From its inception to its pivotal role in the world of music and entertainment, the tour provided fascinating insights into the Hall’s illustrious past. Some of our merry band even seized the opportunity to take the stage for a rare performance, though it was before a significantly reduced crowd consisting mainly of fellow plumbers.

Lunch at Verdi – Italian Kitchen:

Following the tour, guests indulged in lunch at Verdi – Italian Kitchen, situated within the Royal Albert Hall’s confines. The lunch was enjoyed by all. The Master offered some words of welcome to the happy gathering and thanked Gary Lester and Sharon Sibthorpe for the excellent organisation of the day.”

Backstage Tour with Facilities Manager, Andreas Hanack & Micheal from the Facilities Team:

Attendees were granted exclusive access to the inner workings of the Royal Albert Hall, courtesy of Facilities Manager Andreas Hanack. Venturing behind the scenes, guests gained insights into the technical equipment that orchestrated the Hall’s productions. From the intricate machinery to the logistical prowess required to run such a prestigious venue, this backstage tour was a rare opportunity.

Of additional interest during the behind-the-scenes tour was the remarkable array of equipment supporting the current production of Cirque du Soleil’s captivating presentation of Algeria: ‘In a new light’.

But perhaps the most memorable moment of the tour came when even the Master himself was drawn into the production preparation. With perfect precision, he wielded a very large spanner:

In conclusion:

It appears that the trip to the Royal Albert Hall was thoroughly enjoyed by the flood of plumbers in attendance. Not only did it commemorate the rich heritage of this iconic landmark, but it also provided insight into its vibrant present and promising future. The event fostered connections among old friends and new acquaintances alike. For those fortunate enough to participate, it was a day to cherish and reflect upon for years to come.

Steward Gary Lester