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Past Master Professor Rodney Cartwright gave a fascinating and thought provoking presentation on past and present epidemics through the company’s history and measures to control them, many of which involved “plumbing”.

Professor Rodney outlined and discussed the impact of various epidemics ranging from the Black Death, the Plague of London, the Spanish Flu at the end of WW1 and the current Covid-19 pandemic.


He showed how basic hygiene can help control the spread and where enhancements in sanitation and sewerage have made significant differences. Some were brought under control when infected water sources were identified and closed. All provided opportunities to develop a better world.

Over 60 members logged in, including some of our International members and colleagues from around the globe.

Our thanks to Rodney for a splendid presentation and to Adrian Mumford, our Clerk, for organising and running the event. You can see a recording of the presentation by clicking on the image below. We look forward to the next one.