Plum – Our Sponsored Medical Detection Dog

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Plum is the puppy, sponsored by the Company, who is training to become a Medical Detection Dog.

Plum will have her first birthday next month and will certainly have had a busy year! Over the last 6 months Plum has been out and about as she continues her assistance dog apprenticeship.
While most year-old doggies are learning to catch balls in the garden Plum is learning the art of being a Medical Detection Dog – so far mastering superb behaviour while shopping, visiting cafés and riding on public transport. Plum has all the basic behaviours well-rehearsed and is now moving on to some of the more advanced training such as retrieving to hand, off lead control and recall away from distraction.
We are now particularly focusing on confidence in busy public access environments as this is where additional work is required. Plum is nearing final stages of public access training and is joining the socialisers with all their daily activities, whether that’s a walk in a country park, the cinema, theatre or a restaurant. Plum very much enjoys coming to training class each week.

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