Persian Banquet

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A fabulous cultural and dining experience at The Place, sampling Persian hospitality, food and music.

Another exotic evening with the Master Nick Jones and his wife Kala to enjoy the ancient Middle Eastern Persian culture.

The evening began with champagne and canapés and a fascinating insight into the ancient civilisation of Persia, which has lasted for over two and a half thousand years, given by Narguess Farzad, the Senior Lecturer in Persian Studies at the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics of the School of Oriental and Asian Studies in London.

We then sat down to a sumptuous feast of Persian food, a rich mixture of meats, fresh herbs, fruits and spices, giving some tremendous flavours.

During the meal we were entertained royal with some typical Persian music.

Another fabulous informal social gathering and a unique experience. Thank you to our Master Nick Jones and especially his wife Kala for laying this on.