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The Statue of the Plumber’s Apprentice in Cannon Street Station has been given the ‘gift of speech’.

Plumbers' Apprentice Statue Cannon Street Station

To hear what he has to say simply swipe your smartphone on the nearby plaque, and get a call back from the statue. If you are accessing the plaque from the website, please note you can only hear the statue speak via your mobile phone. This means you will need to put the short URL into your mobile phone browser: Speak2.co/plumber

The Plumber’s Apprentice is the latest addition to Talking Statues London whose statue voices include: Prunella Scales, Jeremy Paxman,Hugh Bonneville and Sir Patrick Stewart.

The Plumber’s Apprentice has been voiced by 21 year old Dan Martins, ‘Plumber of the Year 2018’ and a gold award winning plumber’s apprentice. It is funded by The Worshipful Company of Plumbers, the livery company established to uphold this ancient and honourable profession.