Certification and Awards

The Company recognises and rewards excellence and achievement through its certification and awards.


The Company has a leading role in supporting the Livery Companies Skills Council in celebrating career development by recognising excellence in achievement through the Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Certificates.

Historically Master craftsmen were not only at the top of their trade; they were also a Master because they had an apprentice who was bound to them. Once released these apprentices became a freeman and could then sell their trade as journeymen aspiring to become a Master themselves.

Apprentice Certificate — for practising plumbers who have achieved NVQ Level 2, have appropriate work experience and are committed to proceed to NVQ Level 3.

Journeyman Certificate — for practising plumbers who have achieved NVQ Level 3, have appropriate further experience and are committed to further career development until ready to apply for the Master Certificate.

Master Certificate — the ultimate recognition for practising plumbers that will include determined individuals following skilled career paths and demonstrating an active interest in upholding professional standards.


The Company has supported the development of the profession for centuries and this objective is just as relevant today. The Company offers a variety of awards to recognise exceptional work and also recognises excellence in plumbing skills in the armed forces:

The Company awards include the following:

Gold Medalpreviously presented to students who have achieved the highest standard in NVQ Level 3 Certificate in MES Plumbing, it is now awarded to the winner of the plumbing & heating element of the Worldskills UK competition, who then goes on to represent the UK in the international competition

Silver Medal — for students who have achieved NVQ Level 2 Certificate in MES Plumbing or equivalent and demonstrated excellent endeavor and achievement.

J B Wilkinson Shield previously administered by the Newcastle branch of the CIPHE for students who have achieved the highest standard in NVQ Level 2 Certificate in MES Plumbing, this award is now being reconsidered following the closure of the Newcastle branch.

Plumbing Teacher Award for colleges that teach the winning student in each of the National Plumbing Competition elements of the National Skillbuild Competition.

Leonard Hearsey Award — for volunteer demonstrators at the company’s museum and workshop at the Weald and Downland Museum at Amberley.

St Michael Medallion  – The highest award given by the Company, it was created by the Court in 1951 to reward distinguished service in Plumbing, limited to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of plumbing in the widest sense.

Armed Forces Awards

Royal Navy — The award is for the best trainee qualifying in metalwork at the Royal Naval School of Marine Engineering, HMS Sultan at Portsmouth.

Royal Air Force — The award is for the best airframe technician who during further training receives the highest combined marks in Engineering Skills and Hydraulics at The Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering at RAF Cosford.

Army — The award is for best student qualifying in plumbing at The Royal School of Military Engineering at Chatham.

For further information on the various award schemes and how to nominate individuals please contact the Clerk