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Burst pipes can cause big problems- do you know how to turn the water off?

Published on Tuesday, 29th December 2015

Liveryman Colin Stainer, WaterSafe Plumbing & Heating Engineer, has seen it all- freezing houses, burst pipes and extensive water damage. Read on for his top tips by clicking here.

I remember being woken up in the early hours of one morning, about 3am, by my phone repeatedly ringing. I answered it to hear a lady in a frantic state – she was talking so fast that I couldn’t understand her. Still half asleep I told her to stop, take a few deep breaths and not to panic. She told me she lived on her own and had been in her bathroom washing her hands when the tap broke and she couldn’t stop the water running. She had tried to ring all the 24-hour emergency plumbers, but no-one was answering.

I told her to fill a kettle and a large pan with water, then to have a look under the kitchen sink to see if there was a valve. Hey presto, there was. I instructed her to turn it clockwise and, guess what, the water stopped! Her voice changed and I could hear the relief. At a slightly more reasonable hour I went to her house and she made me a cup of tea while I repaired her tap.
Anyway, the moral of the story – make sure you know where to turn off your water, and most importantly, keep calm and do not panic!
Knowing where to turn your water off can be vital in winter. Water pipes can freeze and burst and waste pipes can freeze and cause basins to overflow if taps are dripping or running – all leading to floods and winter blues if you don’t know how to turn your water off quickly.
The last couple of winters have been quite mild, but if we do get a cold winter with temperatures dropping to minus 10˚C it pays to be prepared.
My top tips are
1 Make sure you know where your stop tap is and check it is working
2 If you are going away, leave your central heating on as normal and put the room thermostat at 14˚C
3 Make sure all roof and vulnerable pipes are insulated and your boiler is serviced
4 Make sure you have the name and telephone number of your (WaterSafe) qualified plumber to hand. Keep it by the boiler or stop tap!
5 Get a neighbour to look in occasionally if you go away.
One of the most common problems these days is outside garden hose taps freezing. In the winter, turn off the inside tap that controls the garden tap, open the outside tap and leave it open until Spring is with us. Repairing these is now one of our most common winter call-outs.
In the past I have seen houses freeze and pipes burst, especially in roof spaces and garages, causing extreme damage, especially when it is very windy. The wind can blow into roofs and drop the temperature very rapidly. So make sure you are ready!
The good thing now is that we have better insulated houses with double glazing and most modern boilers have frost protection built in, so if the temperature drops to 5˚C the boiler will turn itself on for a few minutes to stop it freezing. Ask your heating engineer if your boiler has built-in frost protection when you have your next service.
But if the worst happens and you do get a burst pipe or leak, then remember my 3am lady – and DO NOT PANIC. Fill the kettle and a pan or bucket with water before turning off the stop tap and also remember to turn off your boiler and immersion heater if the central heating pipes have frozen. Then open all your taps, hot and cold to take off the pressure. Most importantly, KEEP CALM and call your plumber.

The work at the Plumbing Workshop at Singleton

Published on Sunday, 27th December 2015

A great NEW video illustrating the craft of Plumbing.  Click here.

Rebuilding London

Published on Tuesday, 22nd December 2015

The Chartered Architects’ Company invite Liverymen to attend a series of lectures in 2016 on the rebuilding of the City following the Great Fire of London and other devastations.  Click here for details and booking.

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The Annual Banquet

Published on Sunday, 20th December 2015
The Right Honourable The Baroness Hale of Richmond DBE PC QC FBA

The Right Honourable The Baroness Hale of Richmond DBE PC QC FBA

Our Banquet for this year will take place at the Mansion House on Monday 7th March 2016.  The Lord Mayor will abroad on one of his foreign visits that day and will therefore be represented by a Lord Mayor Locum Tenens, whose name is still to be confirmed.  Also attending will be Sheriff Dr Christine Rigden and her husband Stephen.  The Mansion House Duty Officer Neil Chrimes will also be attending.  Our guest speaker is The Right Honourable The Baroness Hale of Richmond DBE PC QC FBA, Deputy President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and she will be accompanied by her husband Julian Farrand.  The Master and Wardens invite you to join them and our distinguished guests for this special occasion. We are also looking forward to having The London Banqueting Ensemble to play for us during the reception and dinner and a Carpet Guard will be provided by the Richmond Sea Cadets.  It promises to be a wonderful evening.

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Congratulations to our Beadle

Published on Sunday, 20th December 2015
Peter and his wife at his Installation Dinner

Peter and his wife at his Installation Dinner

Peter Thompson, our Beadle, has been appointed President of the National Association of Toastmasters.  He took the reins at its Christmas Lunch in the Millennium Mayfair Hotel, Grosvenor Square.  They enjoyed a splendid lunch, for which they also received a letter of congratulations from Buckingham Palace.  Peter was accompanied by his wife, Gillian and the festivities finished with some great Christmas Carols supported by the local Salvation Army Band.

The Worshipful Company of Plumbers gives Peter their hearty congratulations. Installation photo click here.

Master’s Blog 9

Published on Friday, 18th December 2015

A relatively quiet week. Two carol services. Read about them here

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A relatively quiet week. Two carol services.

The first was the multi-livery carol service at St Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield. The church is the oldest surviving church in London and is much larger than St Magnus. It’s been in continuous use since the mid 1100s! And is well worth a visit. The Tax Advisers (the company of which I was a founder court member in 1995 and which acquired its livery status in 2005, the year in which I became its master) use the church as their livery church. The Rector, Martin Dudley, runs two or three carol services (which are also open to the public) each December. Ours this year was the first, and it was the traditional 9 lessons and carols. Each lesson was read by a different livery master or the Rector (who is also active within the livery). So we had the Tax Advisers, Farmers, Public Relations, Hackney Carriage Drivers, Builders Merchants, Founders, Woolmen, Fletchers, wonderful anthems and a jolly good sing. If you are free and want to visit for one of these services, there are unticketed carol services on 20th December at 1830, December 21 at 1800,  22nd December at 1300 and 1800, 23rd December 1800, and Midnight Mass at 23.45 on Christmas Eve. There is also some stunning art work at the church, including a Damien Hirst “Exquisite Pain” depicting the flayed St Bartholomew holding his skin. When it was first there it was ungilded, on its return it has been fully covered in gold. It a remarkable piece which I much admired in its pre-gilded state and it is even more arresting now.

The second was the joint carol service of the Arbitrators and the Solicitors (my Mother company). The Master Solicitor is, of course, our Court Assistant, Fiona Woolf. This service was held in St Mary Le Bow on Cheapside.  The readings were most interesting – not the usual tracts from the Bible at all: they included Edwin Muir’s poem “One Foot in Eden”, an extract from the Treatise of St Irenaeus (d AD 202) “Against the Heresies”,  and an extract from John Betjeman’s poem “Christmas” (he lived in Cloth Fair for a long time) as well as other Biblical readings. The church itself was destroyed in the Great Fire and is now a fine Wren church, though its steeple and its historic bells were badly damaged in the Blitz. The original Norman church had Romanesque arches, hence its name – le Bow is a corruption of “de Arubus”. It is this church’s bells which are the Bow bells within the earshot of which Cockneys are born and the current bells are the successors to those which caused Dick Whittington to turn back when he heard them. They were ringing joyfully as we arrived. On display in the altar area at present are two Coptic icons as well as a nativity display. In his sermon, the Rector told us that the Copts in London meet to worship at the church once a month, and he had recently visited the Copts in Egypt and many historical sites there. Of course, the Copts, being Egyptian Christians, are the successors of those Egyptians who gave succour to Mary, Joseph and their child when they fled to Egypt fearing the anger of Herod, so they are very special.

This is my last blog before the New Year. The office is now closed. Paul, Sharon, Debbie and Peter are having their much-needed and well-deserved breaks over Christmas before they return to the organisation which needs to take place in the new offices at Carpenters’ Hall in Throgmorton Avenue. I am taking myself off on a cruise up the Norwegian coast in the hope of seeing some Northern Lights and in the meantime I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderfully happy and prosperous and healthy New Year. And I look forward to seeing you in 2016.

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Diary Dates 2016

Published on Monday, 14th December 2015
1st February     Plumbers’ Table Ironmongers Hall.  An “open” occasion for great fellowship.  Bring a colleague or friend.

7th March         Annual Banquet.  The event of the year. A must for all Liverymen.  Booking now open.  Click here

11th March       United Guilds Service.  Join with ALL the Livery Companies

14th June         Annual Lecture.  Hear about the new London Super Sewer

8th July             Master’s Weekend Isle of Man.  A few places remain.  Book NOW,  Click here

For all dates go to the Calendar of Events

Master’s Blog 8

Published on Friday, 11th December 2015

Is this the last Blog before Christmas?  It features our Carol Service.  Click here for Blog 8 or for the Composite Blog click here.

Our carol service was at St Magnus the Martyr on Tuesday evening. We had over 60 adults attending and several children as well, which made it very special. Father Philip’s sermon focused on the importance of Mary, and reminded us that this was not always so – eg the Oxford area church where the church elders had clearly at some time determined that it was not appropriate to have Mary sitting at her son’s feet (despite the scriptures) at the Crucifixion, due to the Catholic connotations she had acquired, so replaced her face with that of a bearded man (but not her clothing which made it rather incongruous!). It reminded me of the renovations which took place some time ago at York Minster, and which included replacing a boss in an intersection of the vaulting. The original had been Mary suckling the babe, but our forefathers determined that that was too rude (despite the detail being seen with great difficulty with the human eye, the boss being so very high in the ceiling) so gave her a bottle with which to feed the child! The service was a very happy occasion, and many people lingered for quite some time afterwards over the mulled wine and eatables.
Then I attended a meeting of APHC at Millbank House (an offshoot of, and near to, the House of Lords) with Kevin Wellman and several other luminaries from our profession and craft. Here we discussed how to progress on representations to government on the need to enforce building regulations to ensure proper standards are kept and there is a fair playing field for those complying with the requirements. There are to be further meetings. So watch this space.

Another carol service, not livery, was for the Mission to Seafarers in the Wren church at St Michael Paternoster Royal, on College Hill. I was invited by my brother-in-law, a Master Mariner, who has spent his retirement years working for the Mission in various parts of the world, latterly New Zealand. The service was excellent, and was attended by the Princess Royal who stayed on afterwards to talk to everyone.

Finally, a fish and chip lunch at the City Livery Club with several other Masters in various areas of the building trade to discuss commemorations for the Great Fire 400th next year (did you know that following the Fire, the City Corporation issued the first ever set of building regulations imposed by a city (at least in modern times), and thus led to the creation of the profession of surveyors?), whilst I also emphasised the importance of ensuring that historic leadwork requiring repair should be just that – repaired by skilled plumbers, and not stripped and replaced, as happens far too often. The Architects and others are producing talks and walks, and we have our own walk scheduled currently for June 5. There was a suggestion that we might look at a discussion evening. A couple of the interesting things I learnt was just how useful it was that Canary Wharf allowed tall buildings, which impelled the City Corporation to change its views as to building height; and that all City new builds have to produce wind funnelling reports as part of their planning applications (you will be aware that tall buildings have the effect of disturbing wind patterns which may then result in draughts of colder air being wafted down to the street). I also learnt how lucky we are that we have a situation where there is regular renewal – compared with, say, New York where their buildings are seriously outmoded and unsuitable for modern business use and would be extremely difficult to demolish in the space available.

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The Plumbers’ Table at Ironmongers’’ Hall Monday 1st February 2016

Published on Wednesday, 9th December 2015

It’s back after six amazingly successful “Plumbers’ Table” lunches at Ironmongers’ Hall  (47 attended the last one) we are organising a seventh.      Open to all liverymen, their business and private guests, wives and partners.

Remarkable value and no need to book weeks in advance!

Click here for details.

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Master’s Blog no 7

Published on Wednesday, 9th December 2015

Winding down for Christmas?  Not for the Master.  Read her latest Blog by clicking here.

December opened with committee meetings, the last at Wax Chandlers, where we learnt that our membership had increased to 346, discussed further ways of encouraging students to apply for our awards and bursaries, set out the process for acquiring our new clerk, and generally had very fruitful discussions on a wide range of topics pertinent to the relevant committee. We started at noon, and finished just after 4.30. We are very lucky to have members who are prepared to give us their time, knowledge and experience, and hard work.

Wednesday was a real pleasure – dining with the Constructors’ Court and their Past Masters – who include the “lay” Sheriff Christine Rigden and her husband – in style in the judges’ dining room at the Old Bailey. I was invited by their Senior Warden. The evening was such a treat and we all had a wonderful evening.
Thursday, I lunched at Goldsmiths. This is strictly nothing to do with being Master and everything to do with having attended (and bought odd bits and pieces at) Goldsmiths’ Fair virtually every year since they started it some 30-35 years ago. Somehow, I was selected a couple of years ago with a few others to be a Goldsmiths’ Ambassador, the aim being to widen the net by getting us to encourage our friends, clients and others to attend the Fair – and, who knows, perhaps even buy something? We met the new clerk-in-waiting, who is our former Ambassador in Turkey, and after lunch some of us visited the Assay Office in the back of the building. That is a fascinating trip where they show you how they use touchstones and other mechanisms to ascertain the quality of metals, and what they do with substandard items – in short, destroy – and how they hallmark.
Friday was my first Carol Service – this being at St Lawrence Jewry with Candlewick Ward Club and thus also with our very own Alderman and Court Assistant, the late Lord Mayor Fiona, and her husband Nicholas. Afterwards we lunched in the Guildhall where Fiona and Nicholas gave another of their brilliant double act speeches. It may be a small ward, but that Ward Club is certainly thriving. I was invited by fellow Plumber, Barbara Abraham.
As a Northern lass, (who has lived down south for many years) I decided to support the northern initiative, Brigantes, and trained up to Howden (where I was met by livery friends) and chauffeured to Ripon. There was much water in the fields…. At Ripon, we were warmly greeted by the organisers, who include our own PM Nick Gale, fed well, and then bussed to the Cathedral. If you have not visited this, it is spectacular. Founded by St Wilfrid in 672, it still has its Saxon crypt with a stunning 14th century alabaster carving of the Resurrection, but the main building was rebuilt/added mainly between the 1100s to 1500s, and, as part of the works were interrupted by Edward VI dissolving the Chapter, it ended up with mismatched arches under the central tower. In the ceiling at the end of the south transept is a 19th c Cheshire Cat – a link to Lewis Carroll’s father (onetime canon there). The 15th c carvings in the choir stalls and of the misericords are exquisite (and include a rabbit being chased down a hole by a griffin, believed to have inspired “Alice’s” white rabbit). The evening event was a carol concert, with wonderful singing from the Cathedral choir, supported by fabulous organ playing (loads of the stops pulled out here), and the excellent Lowry Brass Quintet. Amongst the 100 or so livery and guild members from 37 companies and 2 ward clubs who attended there were three Plumbers.
That apart, I indulged myself with my old passion by attending the Addington Society on Monday – this is a tax dining club (named after Addington who revised Pitt’s original income taxes brought in to pay for the Peninsular Wars), where (four times a year) there is a talk and discussion before dinner. The topic was in essence how to tax the rich effectively. It seems there is nothing new here. We defined what “rich” meant, compared different countries’ approaches, asked what levels of tax produced the most tax – it is 40% top rate or less by the way – (research shows that once you take the level over that the tax take falls because many people would rather earn less than pay the higher figures in tax), and looked at so-called popular and unpopular taxes. Stamp duty and inheritance tax fall well inside the latter category.

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Avoid a Shadow over Christmas

Published on Monday, 7th December 2015

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Kaori Arakaki (Kay) visits Court Barn

Published on Monday, 7th December 2015
Kay casting a lead fire mark

Kay casting a lead fire mark

Admiring her work, with Liveryman Peter Cheesman, as it is secured to the structure of Court Barn.

Admiring her work, with Liveryman Peter Cheesman, as it is secured to the structure of Court Barn.

Kay is doing a post graduate diploma in Metal Work Conservation at West Dean College, Singleton, West Sussex.   This is the only College in the UK that offers this course. In 1997 Kay arrived in England from Okinawa, Japan, her mission to study English.   She was so successful that she decided to stay.

Kay has had good experience in plumbing starting in 2004 doing a plumbing course at Vauxhall College.   In 2006 she took a City & Guilds course 129 in Lead Work and in 2012 she joined the Historical; Building Course at Straford Building Craft College to complete a 2 year course.  As with all degree courses they require a research thesis and Kay’s chosen topic is corrosion in sheet lead.   Being so close to the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum it wasn’t long before Kay found that The Worshipful Company of Plumbers have a Museum where they carry out lead work demonstrations.  Kay made a visit to Court Barn when Peter Cheesman’s team were demonstrating and introduced herself.   Peter being an educationalist invited her to join the team and she has made two visits getting physically involved with lead casting.

The Plumbers’ Court Barn is situated in the Museum of Plumbing at the Weald and Down Museum at Singleton, West Sussex.  Further details can be found on our Charity page by clickig here.

News from the City

Published on Monday, 7th December 2015

The latest edition of City View is now available on line by clicking here.

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Christmas Greetings from Oboase

Published on Friday, 4th December 2015

Upper Warden Brian Wadsworth reports “Our first sanitation project with VillagebyVillage is now well under way at the community of Oboase Wawase in rural Ghana. (For a location map click here)

Diarrhoeal disease is one of the biggest causes of premature death in poor areas of rural Africa, with an especially distressing toll of childhood mortality.  The children of Oboase are pictured carrying the blocks needed to make the toilets, while Steve Mount, a volunteer bricklayer, starts work on the building.  Work still to come includes rainwater harvesting and hygiene education.

Involving the children from the beginning is crucial.  Their young minds are open to learning about the health benefits of good hygiene and their knowledge and enthusiasm percolates to their families and – in due course – passes on to their children, transforming health and life expectancy in poor communities like Oboase.

Your generous support is helping us to give the gift of life this Christmas!  Thank you”

The importance of sanitation and health was emphasised in the Plumbers’ Annual Lecture earlier this year and is a key programme of the WHO.  Click here for details.

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Published on Wednesday, 2nd December 2015


Lady Brewer OBE, Chairman of the Sheriffs and Recorder’s Fund is delighted to announce that, after the great success of last year’s carol concert at the Barbican, the City of London Choir will again be performing with Royal Philharmonic Brass under Hilary Davan Wetton at the Barbican, and have chosen the Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund as the benefiting charity.  Booking has just opened, for details click here.

If you do not kmow what the Sheriffs and Recorder’s Fund is,click here.
Special offer for supporters of Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund:
Tickets in the top three price bands (£30, £25 and £20) are available at a 10% discount to S & R Fund supporters:  quote 211215 when booking on-line or by phone.  These are subject to availability – please book early to avoid disappointment.

EITHER telephone the Barbican Box Office on 020 7638 8891 (10 am – 8pm Mon-Sat, 11am-8pm Sun) and quote 211215  OR book on-line at and follow instructions

Use of the promotional code MUST be used for your tickets to benefit the SRFund.  Booking fees apply.

A joyful celebration of Christmas with well-loved carols and music for all the family:  the City’s leading choir in festive spirit with sparkling brass and percussion from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra plus traditional audience-participation carols.

Tickets £30, £25, £20, £15, £10 plus booking fee.  Children under 16 half price-.

We are moving into our new offices

Published on Monday, 30th November 2015

Please give us a few days to get straight.  Business as usual from Monday 11th January

Worshipful Company of Plumbers
Carpenters’ Hall
1 Throgmorton Avenue
London EC2N 2JJ
Tel:  020 7628 8880       Fax: 020 7628 8881

Master’s Blog 6

Published on Friday, 27th November 2015

Goldsmiths’, Singleton and then the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.  To read the blog click here.

Master’s blog 6

A quieter week. Monday was a discussion lunch between 12 metal companies. This was hosted and organised by the Goldsmiths who want to see whether there is any merit and advantage in having a metal grouping, rather in the same way that we have the Wet 10, some of the modern companies have the Financial Services Group, and there are doubtless others. It was clear that there is a lot of common ground. Many ideas were put forward, some shelved almost immediately as being either too costly or time-consuming, but there are certainly possibilities and we have adjourned to consider how, if at all, to take it further forwards.

Wednesday was the AGM for the Plumbers Museum and Workshop Charity at Singleton. The workshop continues to be a popular exhibit, especially when the experts are there to show how it’s done. The charity now has its own video and we discussed how to make this more widely available – one suggestion was YouTube, and another to have an old laptop donated so that the video can be on permanent display – so if you have one you would like to donate, please let me know. We will also be looking at “pull ups” which are displays you can pack away very easily. The trustees would like to upgrade their furnace to a completely failsafe one and thus improve safety. They have made inquiries but there are no off-the-shelf furnaces of the right size available, so it must be bespoke. Donations for this would be very welcome. The Weald and Downland Museum representative told us about the new entry area and other facilities they are about to start building, thanks to a serious contribution from the Lottery Fund. This will allow them to have better (less soggy) parking facilities, a café, improved lavatories, etc.  There will also be much better displays, including space for the various trades there, such as ours – this area could be an ideal place for showing a permanently rolling video. The W&DM also run various craft courses. The relevant one for lead work next year is on May 19 from 9.30-5.30 and is an “Introduction to Lead Work”, price £110. If you would like to attend (it has been found useful for people who would like to know more about repair and renewal of old and/or listed buildings leadwork) please contact them at or phone 01243811021.
If you would like a trip to see our exhibit and watch the demonstrators, the next time they are there is December 4. So please go along to support them.
The planter which was presented to Fiona to mark her Lord Mayoralty has now arrived at the Guildhall where it will go on permanent display, and it is hoped to organise a special “opening day” event in the new year.
Finally, our IPM has just become a trustee, and will join other luminaries such as Edward Hopkinson (chairman of the trustees), David Hamilton and John Lockyer.
At the end of the AGM a vote of thanks was made to those hardworking leadworkers, Phil Mead and Peter Cheesman and their team who worked so hard to produce 65 lead planters for our 650th year and made some £9600 profit for our charity, and for their and the trustees’ dedication and hours of dedicated work to keep the Court Barn project such a success.

Finally, not strictly livery events, I attended the end of term concert by Opera students at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, in particular to watch and support a New Zealand singer known well to members of my family, and who has Kiri Te Kanawa as a mentor. It was a most impressive evening. There is such talent out there. It was also good to hear how good the acoustics are in the Milton Court studio theatre which was opened by the Lord Mayor in 2013. And I also went to the TV/E global sustainability film awards 2015 at BAFTA – its theme was “inspiring change” and the overall winner was HSBC with its work on “Troubled Waters” – a film about what has been done to help give safe lavatory facilities to an Indian family where in the past they had a dangerous journey over busy railway lines to get to bushes. The project they have in India is similar to that we support in Ghana.

Have you clicked on “Troubled Waters” above?

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More News from Singleton

Published on Thursday, 26th November 2015

Past Master Edward Hopkinson, Chairman of the Board of the Plumbing Museum and Workshop Trust, has written to say :”I am pleased to let you know that the IPM, Steve Hodkinson, has accepted an invitation to become a Director and Trustee of the Plumbing Museum and Workshop Trust. He was duly appointed as such during a full meeting of the Board held at the Museum on Wednesday the 25th November.”

Congratulations to Steve.  For more about the Trust and the other charitable work of the Company click here.

Raising Standards for 650 years

Published on Wednesday, 25th November 2015

Steve Hodkinson, the IPM, explains to the Heating, Ventilating and Plumbing Magazine how the the Worshipful Company of Plumbers is an ancient London Livery Company, which supports the industry’s aim of raising public health standards. He emphasizes that the Company still has a role to play.

Read the article by clicking here.

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Congratulating the Achievers – The Master’s Blog 5

Published on Tuesday, 24th November 2015

The Actuaries.The Solicitors and SNIPEF.  The Master highlights some of the latest functions and joins in congratulating some achievers  Click on header to read the Blog.

The Actuaries’ lecture this year was by the former MP and now peer, David Willetts – he who wrote the book “The Pinch: How the Baby Boomers Took their Children’s Future – and Why They Should Give It Back.” For the first time, I understood the magnitude of the numbers born during the postwar baby boom. The lowest annual birth numbers during that period were or exceeded the highest achieved in non baby boom years with most non boom years being considerably lower! No wonder that my generation (I am a war baby) also lost out! Sheer force of numbers dictated that they won everything. Gone, when I reached the right age, was the cult of the older and more experienced, it was replaced by the younger baby boomers, and, as they grow older, they also deny those younger than themselves as they take the power (and the money) with them. Completely fascinating. We had the graphs, the percentages, the money movements, the lot. I have not read his book but I expect it is equally as lucid as his exposition. Afterwards, a convivial meal at the venue which was at Staple Inn – a quiet enclave close to Chancery Lane tube. The current Inn, which dates from 1585, was one of the old Inns of Chancery (and would have been a student lawyers’ training school, like the other Inns of Court) and its name comes from the Wool Staple (being originally a place where wool was weighed and taxed, wool being very important to the English economy, as you probably know, and is why his Lord Chancellor was ordered by Edward III to sit on a wool bale now known as “the Woolsack” – I am told it’s very uncomfortable…). The Merchants of the Staple were granted a charter by Edward II in 1313 and became a livery company after a further charter in 1319, and were still meeting in the 19th century. The company was revived in 1948, and, according to its website, meets in Yorkshire and London. The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries now have their HQ at the Inn.

The clerk and I were invited to my Mother company’s livery dinner at Haberdashers’ Hall – it being the Solicitors, the current Master is none other than our own Senior Court Assistant, the late Lord Mayor Ald Dame Fiona Woolf. It was an event where the Wig and Pen prize was also handed out for pro bono (ie free) work by young recently qualified solicitors working in the City (this livery company was created out of the local law society for the City and members must work or have worked in the City, and/or also now Canary Wharf). In assessing who wins, the judges take into account the amount of time spent on the particular project, the candidate’s involvement in setting up innovative projects, a breakdown of time spent during working and “non working” hours, and that the client would otherwise have failed to obtain access to justice. An excellent meal followed plus three good speeches, including from the Master and from the guest speaker Sir Peter Hendy, CBE, chairman of Network Rail who gave an excellent outline of the Capital’s and commuters’ needs for better travel facilities and what was being done to ensure they got them.

Friday saw me travelling up to Edinburgh for the SNIPEF annual awards dinner. It was well attended and I was made very welcome, so welcome in fact that I did not manage to leave till about 2 am! Fortunately, I had arranged to stay at the venue. Again, there were prizes. Many of them. I was fascinated by the Jompy, which was invented by David Osborne, who was presented with the 2015 SNIPEF Merit Award. If you’ve not come across a jompy, it’s a gadget originally designed for water-purifying in the Third World (but is also brilliant for intrepid campers in the wild). It is, as good designs often are, deceptively simple. It’s a circular, thin, disk 29cm across, comprising a long aluminium tube which lets water in when attached to a water source, holds over 1 litre at any one time, and, if heated over a fire, the water which emerges at the other end is purified and boiling. Its design lets one use it as a stand for a pan so that one can simultaneously heat one’s water and cook one’s food. It can boil a litre of water in as little as 45 seconds. In the tests they did in Kandago, Uganda, there was only one case of a waterborne disease by the test families (49) over a three month period, as opposed to the non users (50) who reported many.  It was also shown to save 3kg firewood per day and the consequential wood collection time. Very impressive. The other prizewinners were Richard Wilson who won the SNIPEF SkillPlumb Apprentice Competition 2015; Michael Fraser (employed by William Wilson Ltd) who took the SNIPEF Merchant Customer Care Award 2015; and L W Haddow Ltd of Perth was awarded the SNIPEF Business of the Year 2015/2016. Many congratulations to them all.

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Bequest for the Plumbers’ Charity

Published on Monday, 23rd November 2015
The Trustees record with much appreciation the bequest to the Charity recently received from the executors of the Late Past Master Sir John Lea.

Have you remembered the Plumbers’ Charity in your will?  Find out how by clicking here.

Water Safety – It’s Choice not Chance!  3rd February RSPH

Published on Monday, 23rd November 2015

A Conference Organised by RSPH, with speakers from Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive, this meeting will provide delegates with information on:

*   Practicalities of implementing Water Safety Plans for the management of Legionella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other waterborne pathogens in the healthcare environment

*   How the Water Safety Group can function to make a real difference to water safety management

*   How innovation can ease the burden and improve water safety

*   What regulators expect

*   The role that risk assessments play in the formation, planning and implementation of Water Safety Plans.

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The Plumbers’ Charity – read how we enrich lives.

Published on Thursday, 19th November 2015
Letters of thanks have been recently received from Spires – a lifeline for homeless and vulnerable people in the City, YMCA East London and  More House School where we have helped in the development of their School of Engineering.  Read the letters by clicking here.

Are YOU supporting the Charity.  Click here.

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Welcome the latest International Member

Published on Wednesday, 18th November 2015
The Master, David Bramma, Assistant Paul Flatt

The Master, David Bramma, Assistant Paul Flatt

The Worshipful Company of Plumbers continues to expand its global reach with its latest International Member.  David Bramma, the Property Manager for Royal Dutch Shell plc covering the Middle East and West Africa, was sworn in at a ceremony in Wax Chandlers’ Hall on Tuesday 17th November 2015 by our  Master Mrs Erica Stary and the Clerk. We were able to catch David on a brief visit to the Uk from his base in Dubai to complete the ceremony, which was witnessed by his proposer Court Assistant Paul Flatt.

Prior to moving to the Middle East, David had many years’ experience working in the City of London and is looking forward to returning here when his contract in the Middle East is compete and strengthening his links with us.  We welcome David to the Company

Visit to St Bride’s Church and the City of London Distillery SOLD OUT

Published on Tuesday, 17th November 2015

On Wednesday 13 th January, you are invited to join the Master on Wednesday 13 January 2016 for a visit to the beautiful St Bride’s Church in Fleet Street, followed by a tour of the City of London Distillery situated in historic Bride Lane. Lunch will be taken at the Punch Tavern in Fleet Street.

Details and booking form click here.

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Wanted a plumber with a link to the East End of London or a strong interest in the area

Published on Monday, 16th November 2015

A television production company in London that has  made award-winning programmes such as Who Do You Think You Are (BBC One), Long Lost Family (ITV) and also is well-known for living history formats such as Turn Back Time: The High Street (BBC One), Time Crashers (C4) and the recent BBC Two hit series Back In Time For Dinner.

They have now been commissioned by the BBC to produce a big new living history series on the Victorian East End of London. The programme will meticulously recreate an East End tenement environment and inhabit it with people who will live, work and survive in 19th century conditions. They are looking for people with a link to the East End or a strong interest in the area – people who will relish being part of this landmark historical experiment.

One of the roles they are looking to find is a plumber with links to the East End. This could be that they work there today or have ancestral links they’d be keen to explore. Their programme will feature couples, families and individuals so they welcome plumbers to apply with their partners and children.

They will be filming next spring and can discuss loss of earnings compensation with all those selected to take part. There is no commitment asked for at this early stage – they simply would like to hear from people who are interested in finding out more.

Information on the programme can be found on their website: Click here..

Master’s Blog Lord Mayor’s Show

Published on Saturday, 14th November 2015

As expected, the skies were grey and it did not look promising which is a shame. Still, the four of us – Steve, our IPM, Brian, the UW, Paul, our clerk, and me – gathered at Wax Chandlers and put on our Plumbers’ overalls. PM John Lockyer, who is the current president of the Ward Club whose float we were supporting , also arrived and took his stored champagne and bucks fizz to the float for lunchtime morale boosting (in the unlikely case that we needed a boost). I decided that as it would be wet it would be better if I too wore overalls, rather than the Master’s gown. We were at the float, parked just north of the roundabout by the London Museum and Barts Hospital, before 10. The road was dense with floats so it was difficult to get good pictures. But there was good camaraderie.
The theme was the marketplace, Cheap being, as you know, the early English word for market. So the various float members had different items, such as eggs and even live fowl (for Poultry), bullion (no, not real) for the Goldsmiths, wood, bread and milk for Wood Bread and Milk streets, etc. The Plumbers carried gutters (for Gutter Lane). We had several Masters duly dressed in their own gowns, a lot of Goldsmiths with banners, several Chartered Secretaries, two Bee Farming apprentices duly protected from bees, and so on. the rear of the float had a mockup of the cistern which used to be at the west end of Cheapside, and which the Plumbers would have put up, having piped in the water from the Tyburn.
We began to make our way down to Gresham Street at about 1040, and after a 2 minute silence for the Paris Massacre, set off at 1102 on the usual route. Lots of people to wave to, children to clap hands with as we passed,  great music from the nearby marching bands. As float no 6 we appeared to go at a cracking pace, and at times almost had to run to keep up with the lorry.
We arrived for our break on the Embankment about 11.45! that shows you the speed we went. And in due course had our buns, champers, and time to wander round the nearish floats to us and chat. One of those I spoke to was Henry V – well preserved, you would say. He was dressed in partial metal armour partial well padded doublet (didn’t check the hose) and was with the Agincourt float, produced by the Bowyers, Fletchers, Armourers, etc. They had had a good battle with the French this summer in the 600 replay.
Then it was back along the Embankment, up to the Mansion House, back along Gresham Street to London Wall where we left, I to Moorgate. When I got back to Kings Cross, it was throwing it down. So all was timed, for us, very well.

Master’s Blog 4

Published on Friday, 13th November 2015
The Master with Martin Shirlaw,  Lesoco Award for excellence in NVQ3 Plumbing

The Master with Martin Shirlaw, Lesoco Award for excellence in NVQ3 Plumbing

What a week!n n Plaisterers’ for their Training Awards, City of London Girls’ school prize day, Horners annual lecture, Lewisham Southwark College, Lord Mayor’s Show tomorrow.

Click on header to read more

Monday, a gathering for splendid lunch at Plaisterers’ for their Training Awards. If you haven’t been to Plaisterers’ Hall, and the opportunity arises, do take it. They have, as you would expect, the most fabulous plasterwork in their dining hall. Well worth seeing. The aims of the awards are to encourage excellence in training, supporting and promoting heritage and modern plastering skills, and generally recognising excellence in the art and craft of plastering. They also, like ourselves, have bursaries to encourage the young to educate themselves further in the craft. It was a very good opportunity to discover much more about the art of plastering  – I was told (not yet sure whether this was with tongue in cheek) that the mix of plaster will be ready for use if you can lift it over your head and pour, but nothing comes out (my husband always averred that this was a test of a good pudding)! Also, that it takes about two months practice for a student to learn how to get the plaster to stick on all the wall, though it won’t necessarily look good at that stage. One of the winners was Lewisham Southwark College, about which more anon. There was also a Student of the Year award (with 3 finalists from round the country) which was awarded to Robert Johnson who represented the UK at Worldskills 2015 and achieved the highest marks ever achieved by a UK competitor. The awards were presented by the Lord Mayor and the event was extremely well staged.

Tuesday was a visit to the Guildhall for the City of London Girls’ school prize day. The school orchestra played for us whilst we waited for the dignitaries to arrive, we also had some excellent singing and piano playing by individual students. The prizes were presented by our very own late Lord Mayor, standing in as locum tenens, Fiona Woolf.  Fiona, as we have come to expect, gave a stunning speech to the girls, praising those who had won, but even more importantly encouraging those who had not with examples of those who had likewise failed to come first and yet had done so well in their later lives. There were indeed many prizes, and as is so often the case, multiple award winners. Finally, our afternoon was enhanced by a brilliant speech from the Head Girl. Afterwards, of course, there was our Ladle Dinner and I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. It was so good to see our IPM honoured for all the wonderful work he did in his year.

Wednesday saw the annual lecture from the Horners. This year the speaker was the enthusiastic chemist and Royal Society Foreign Secretary, Sir Martyn Poliakoff. If I recall correctly (it was not announced on our invites) he termed his lecture “Horn, Polymers and Polymaths” but I suspect there was an alliterative term for horn. He took us on an engaging romp through his life, showing how the enthusiast cannot be deviated from his course by bad or indifferent teaching. It was fun and illuminating. As indeed also are his university’s series of videos on YouTube entitled Periodic Table. Google, watch, see and learn. I have. Martyn expressed a wish to film one of his videos surrounded by diamonds (he managed one in the gold vaults belonging to the Bank of England) – so if you can help, let me know as I have his details. Afterwards there was a buffet supper and chance to meet and talk to the others there. I persuaded myself to buy the latest version of the Horners history, just published, and am looking forward to reading it.

Thursday was a trip to Lewisham Southwark College (Lesoco) for their annual awards evening. I did a vague look at a map and thought it would be fun to get there by DLR. Maybe I got off at the wrong station, but I ended up with a 15 minute walk through relatively dark streets to get there (thank heavens for a smart phone and its map app). Coming back I used the overground to Cannon Street and it was much quicker. Our reason for going was to present the Plumbers’ award for excellence in NVQ3, which was awarded to Martin Shirlaw. Martin was “gobsmacked” he had had no inkling that this was to happen and was really thrilled. He is currently thinking about earning money before restarting his training to go higher, and I extolled to him the virtues of further education and where it could take him. Chatting to the staff, they were still excited about the award from Plaisterers received the previous Monday.

Friday is a relaxing, catching up day before the Lord Mayor’s Show tomorrow. I have been advised to take waterproofs as torrential rain is threatened. Keep your fingers crossed.

To read the composite Blogs click here .

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A Liveryman on the Water Safe Blog

Published on Thursday, 12th November 2015
Read how Liveryman Colin Stainer was “woken up in the early hours of one morning, about 3am, by his phone repeatedly ringing” on the WaterSafe Blog.  Click here

The IPM receives his Ladle

Published on Wednesday, 11th November 2015

At the Ladle Dinner held in Barber Surgeons’ Hall, Steve Hodkinson received his silver Ladle from new Liveryman James Derry.  Click on the header above for a write up. For more pictures click here.  Ken Newnham also presented Michael Cooper with his badge as the new Senior Steward.

The speeches can be found in the members section My Company:From the Master and Clerk

Over 100 Liverymen attended the 2015 Ladle Dinner which was held in the magnificent Barber Surgeons’ Hall on Tuesday 10 November.  Held annually the event recognises the contribution the principal guest, the Immediate Past Master has made to the Livery during his year as Master. Unusually for Livery events the host for the evening is the Senior Steward.  The Dinner is called the ”Ladle” as miniature ladles representing plumbers’  ladles of old which were  used  to handle molten lead, play a key part in the evening’s proceedings.
A drinks reception was followed by an excellent dinner in the main Hall under the watchful eye of King Henry VIII. Painted by Hans Holbein in 1542 the huge picture “King Henry VIII and the Barber Surgeons” covers 11 oak panels.
Tradition was followed at Dinner with the Master Erica Stary serving  soup to the Top Table using a ceremonial ladle. Tradition continued to be observed immediately after dinner  with Senior Steward Ken Newnham  re-presenting those Past Masters  present with their respective  silver ladle. These are given to each Master to mark the end of their year.  There followed the toast by Past Master Alec Moir to the Immediate Past Master Steve Hodkinson. In a humorous  speech  PM Moir recounted episodes in the IPM’s working life and congratulated him together with his wife Jane  on so ably  steering the  Company through its 650th Anniversary Year. Following the toast Liveryman James Derry presented the IPM with his silver ladle.
In reply to the toast IPM Steve Hodkinson  said that it had been  a privilege to have been Master during such an important year.  He and Jane were grateful to all those who had worked so hard to support them. They had had a wonderful time with  memories that would remain with them for ever.
During the Ladle Dinner a collection is made. This year the beneficiary was Providence Row a charity focusing on the homeless in the City and East End.  A staggering £1310 was raised during the evening all of which will go to that good cause. The Dinner also marks the end of the incumbent Senior Steward’s term of office. So it fell to Ken Newnham to hand over the reins to his successor Michael Cooper and to wish him every success during his year.
The evening closed with everyone enjoying a stirrup cup with the Stewards.

Ken Newnham

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Visit the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

Published on Wednesday, 11th November 2015

The Worshipful Company of International Bankers invites the Plumbers’ to their First Event in  2016. Tuesday 19th January.   A private evening visit to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Parliament Square, London SW1P 3BD. 6.30pm – 8.30pm. Includes tour and reception. Places limited.

The Supreme Court is the final court of appeal in the UK for civil cases, and for criminal cases from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The accompanied tour will take in the Courtrooms, Lawyers’ Suite and magnificent Justices’ Library (not normally open to the public). For details click here.

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Liveryman Chris Northey honoured by CIBSE

Published on Tuesday, 10th November 2015
Nick Mead CIBSE President, Chris Northey, Steve Vaughan  SoPHE Chairman

Nick Mead CIBSE President, Chris Northey, Steve Vaughan SoPHE Chairman

At the CIBSE Presidents’ Awards Dinner held at 30 Euston Square on 9th October, Liveryman Chris Northey, IHEEM President and SoPHE Immediate Past Chairman, was presented with a Silver Medal by CIBSE President Nick Mead.

A Silver Medal is awarded to a Member who has shown outstanding service to the institution and shall be judged in the round by the individual contribution over a period of not less than 15 years in connection with representation on a national or international industry committee.

Read more about Chris’s achievements by clicking here.

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Master’s Blog 3

Published on Saturday, 7th November 2015

The Master represents the Company at St Paul’s Garden of Remembrance  and the annual SoPHE dinner.   Click here for her latest blog.

Fo previous Blogs click here.

November 2 saw the livery massing in the Garden of Remembrance outside St Paul’s for the annual planting of poppies on crosses ceremony. We were lined up in precedence order overlooking the sward where the planting takes place. Attending also were the Lord Mayor (locum tenens) and his wife, the Sheriffs and other city dignitaries.  It was cold and damp, but the threatened rain stayed away, at least for the necessary hour or so. As we (Paul and I) arrived, the band of the Coldstream Guards were practising and once the ceremony began, they marched in with members of the British Legion. Also present were the City of London Schools choir and the ceremonial squad of the London Ambulance Service. It was impressive and sombre. The processional hymn sung, the Dean led the prayers, followed by a further hymn and the Last Post. Then it was time to plant the crosses with the poppies on them. After the officials and other dignitaries had laid theirs, we went up in groups of 3. Fortunately, someone had already prepared the hard ground so it was relatively easy to put the cross into place – each one was named, so ours was for the Plumbers. When all was done, the service finished with the Kohima Prayer (When you go home, tell them of us and say, For your tomorrow, we gave our today), the National Anthem and the Blessing, after which the Band played the dignitaries away and then left themselves, and we all went on our way leaving the poppies standing bravely.

Tuesday was a splendid Carpenters’ court luncheon at their Hall. I was warmly welcomed, and made strongly aware of how delighted they all are that we will be moving there shortly, and I also met the Master Clockmaker, whose suite of offices are to be next to where ours will be. The food was delicious…. I am sure we will settle in well there once the legal niceties are completed. The Carpenters have a special link with the 4th Battaliion Rifles, which has recently been deployed in Afghanistan. The Company makes an annual award, which was presented at the lunch, to an outstanding rifleman, chosen by their Commanding Officer, who gave an excellent speech telling us about the exploits of his brave young men.

Wednesday evening I attended the Gardeners’ Autumn Court dinner at Fishmongers Hall. Again, really warmly greeted. The Gardeners always give their guests (and maybe the livery as well, not sure) a flower to wear. Mine was a beautiful white rose, which is now happily surviving at home. Those of us in the procession also had posies of sweet smelling herbs and flowers to carry – this, as I am sure you know, harking back to the time when it was believed that disease came from foul smells and if you were able to avoid the smell by the sweetness of your bouquet, you would be kept healthy.  The guest speaker was Roy Lancaster, who was absolutely entrancing, his enthusiasm for his plants undimmed after a lifetime’s work. The dinner was also an occasion for many other awards being presented by the Gardeners.

Thursday saw me at the 12th Annual Dinner of SoPHE (Society of Public Health Engineers) , which was held at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington. It was another occasion for awards, including one to our own liveryman Chris Northey for the work he has done over many years for the Society (he is now, as you know, president of IHEEM). There were, of course, several of our livery also present, and I was able to chat to many of them. I also had a fascinating discussion with David Harper about his work round the world in helping to find the sources of waterborne diseases, and with Nick Mead, CIBSE president, over a wide ranging set of topics. It was with difficulty I tore myself away at just before midnight, so it too was a very good event, and it was noticeable that the wine and beer were flowing with abandon – there is a two hour reception period to get people in the right mood!

After all that, you might have thought I had had enough, but I also took myself off to an fascinating and, as it turned out, emotional seminar and discussion which took place at Great Ormond Street Hospital on the topic of donor-conceived children. It had not occurred to me before (because I had never stopped to think about it) just how much these offspring, many of whom are now in their late 30s, desperately need helping to come to terms with their conception methods. Some, but clearly not many, parents tell them all about it, others let slip snippets of information, whilst others say nothing at all and their children find out when they find paperwork on clearing up their parents’ estates, or have major suspicions when they look like no-one in the family grouping. They want to know about the relevant donor, (some information is now available to those born after 2005), and also about their genetic makeup, which is quickly becoming more important medically with advancing science. Much food for thought there.

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Carols from St Paul’s – a brilliant Christmas present.

Published on Thursday, 5th November 2015

St Paul’s are delighted to announce the imminent release of the Cathedral Choir’s latest disc: Carols with St Paul’s Cathedral Choir.
The exciting new album features some of the nation’s favourite carols, including Silent Night and Once in Royal David’s City, alongside new works such as Philip Stopford’s setting of the 16th Century Lully Lulla Lullay, and the world premiere recording of Graham Jordan Ellis’s There Is No Rose. Andrew Carwood, Director of Music at St Paul’s, comments: “This is music for Christmas, and you can’t help but love the Christmas season and the music associated with it. This is their first solo recording with Decca – so it has only taken us nine centuries to get to that state!”  Without question, the disc will make for a brilliant Christmas present.

For more details click here

You may be interested to know that St Paul’s Cathedral helped to revive Christmas Carols in the 19th Century when its organist – Sir John Stainer – published ‘Christmas Carols, New and Old’, establishing lots of the favourites still loved today. Stainer raised the standard of choral singing at the Cathedral to new heights.

Will you help St Paul’s to celebrate this wonderful history by helping them get into the Christmas charts?  They are hoping, particularly, that Carol of the Bells (made famous by Home Alone) will be the #Christmas Number1! You can expect to hear this disc played throughout December on Classic FM. It will also be playing in the Cathedral shop, where it will also be available fur purchase from Friday 20th November.

The more pre-orders they get, the greater the chance of the Cathedral Choir making a chart appearance at the start of December, and they would be really grateful were you to get behind their campaign, which will raise the profile of the Choir and its work. The disc is available for pre-order now. Release date: Friday 20th November.

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Join us for some joyous Carols BOOK NOW

Published on Tuesday, 3rd November 2015

Christmas approaches and what a great way to celebrate with Livery friends by attending the annual Carol Service at 6.30pm on Tuesday 8th December 2015 at the Company’s church, St Magnus the Martyr, Lower Thames Street, London. The service will be conducted by the Company’s Chaplain, The Reverend Philip Warner. As usual we will be accompanied by the organist and choir of St Magnus.

Mulled wine will be served before the service and there will be a buffet supper with wine, coffee or orange juice afterwards. We do hope that you will be able to join in this annual celebration with your families and friends.

The Office will be moving before the Carol Service.  Do not give them extra work.  Help the office by booking NOW.   Obtain the booking form by clicking here

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Unveiling the Crystal Sceptre: Henry V’s Gift to the City

Published on Monday, 2nd November 2015

The unique and magnificent Crystal Sceptre will go on public display for the first time in 600 years at Guildhall Art Gallery this autumn. 24 October – 3 December 2015
Forming the centrepiece of an exciting new exhibition which marks the 600th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt, the Sceptre – a gift from Henry V to the City in recognition of its funding of the battle – can be viewed alongside a number of other fascinating artefacts, including Henry V coins, silver tankards and the Hedon Mace – made from a weapon likely to have been used in the battle itself.

Henry V’s Crystal Sceptre is as beautiful as it is mysterious.

Two shafts of spiral fluted and gold inlaid rock-crystal, with a jewel- and pearl-encrusted crown bearing the monarch’s coat of arms on parchment, the 43cm-long Sceptre was designed to the very highest standards. Over the last six centuries, only a handful of people have seen or touched the Crystal Sceptre (or Mace), and it has not been previously researched, exhibited, written about, or photographed.  And now, one of the City of London’s most iconic treasures will go on display at Guildhall Art Gallery to mark the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. According to recent research, the Crystal Sceptre was the gift given by Henry V to the City of London as a mark of his gratitude to the City for providing the funds to fight the historic battle.  The exhibition will be a unique opportunity to view the jewel and discover the story of the City’s financing of the Battle of Agincourt, it will also chart the pilgrimage made by the king following his victory paying homage to his chosen patron Saints. As well as the Crystal Sceptre, the exhibition will also display a small ‘Book of Hours’ (on loan from the British Museum) and the Hedon Mace, a weapon used at Agincourt and subsequently encased in silver-gilt.

City of London eShot

Published on Monday, 2nd November 2015


What is about to happen in trhe City?  Click here.

The Master Invites you.

Published on Tuesday, 27th October 2015

“Join with me in a voyage of discovery to the Isle of Man, a pearl in the Irish Sea, almost equidistant from England, Scotland, and Ireland, and slightly further from Wales.”  This will be an exciting and  fun packed Master’s Weekend.

Brochures have been sent to Liverymen by snail mail but a digital version and the booking forms can be downloaed by clicking here.

The booking form either in Word or Acrobat format can be filled in on your computer and emailed to the Master.  You may need to check in your download folder if you cannot find the files after downloading.

Fo those of you who have read the brochure and booking form you may have noticed that

* there are two addresses for returning the forms – either can be used.

* there are no instructions re dress code for the dinners.  The answer is lounge suits NOT black tie for any dinner.

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Installation Day EXTRA

Published on Saturday, 24th October 2015
The outgoing Master, Steve Hodkinson installs the New Master Erica Stary

The outgoing Master, Steve Hodkinson installs the New Master Erica Stary

News and pictures from Installation Day click here

Read the Master’s speech at the Installaion Lunch by clicking here.

Erica our New Master was installed in the Company Church of St Magnus the Martyr in a ceremony preceding the Installation serviceled by the Company Chaplain, Liverymen The Reverend Philip Warner.  In 1611 it was laid down “And for that the forme of the Oathes that are to be ministered to the Maister and Wardens and otherOfficers and Freeman of the saide Companye are not in theire said Charter sett downe in forme wee therefore do order and ordeyne that these Oathes shalbe ministered in manner and forme following”

The Oath of the Maister
You shall sweare to be true to our Soveraigne lord the kings Majestye his heirs and successors and you shall indeavour your self the best you can justly lawfully and indifferentlye to execute and cause to be executed your Office in every respect so farr forth as yu lawfully maye and in like manner shall observe and cause to be observed all the good and lawfull ordenances herin expressed without sparinge any person for affection meed dread or promise of reward duringe the tyme you shall remaine and be in the said Office of Maister And of all every such plate jewells sommme and sommes of money or any other thinge or thinges that by reason of your said Office shall come to your hands or possession you shall according to the lawfull ordenanaces herein specified make a good true and playne accompt in writing or els paye such ffynes as you shalbe ordered or ought to pay by the said Ordinances for your not so doing you shall not for malice nor for love or affection assess any person or persons in a greater or lesse somme then after the quantitye and qualytye of his offence according to your discrecion and according to the Ordenances of this Act or Mistery So helpe you God

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Six New Liverymen

Published on Saturday, 24th October 2015
Andrew Mason (Chartered Surveyor), James Derry (MD Mech Services Company), Martin Miles (Master Actuary), The Master, Gary Wingrove (Director BT Group), Anthony Venn (Chartered Surveyor), Philippa Stary (Art Historian)

Andrew Mason (Chartered Surveyor), James Derry (MD Mech Services Company), Martin Miles (Master Actuary), The Master, Gary Wingrove (Director BT Group), Anthony Venn (Chartered Surveyor), Philippa Stary (Art Historian)

At the Court meeting before Installation the then Master, Steve Hodkinson, conducted the admission ceremony when six new Liverymen were clothed in the Livery.  We welcome them all.

Andrew Mason (Chartered Surveyor), James Derry (MD Mech Services Company), Martin Miles (Master Actuary), The Master,  Gary Wingrove (Director BT Group), Anthony Venn (Chartered Surveyor), Philippa Stary (Art Historian).

City and Guilds of London Institute confers Fellowship on a Liveryman

Published on Friday, 23rd October 2015

The Council of the City and Guilds of London Institute has conferred its highest honour, a Fellowship, on Liveryman Kevin Wellman, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE).  Kevin was awarded Fellowship in recognition of his contributions to plumbing and heating.

Fellowship, as authorised by the Institute’s Royal Charter, was first awarded in 1882 and recognises outstanding professional and personal achievement in sectors and activities relevant to the work of the City and Guilds of London Institute. Fellows will have demonstrated excellence in their field, gained the respect of their peers, and are acclaimed as role models for their profession.

Speaking of Kevin’s Fellowship, Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group, said:  ‘Kevin’s career in plumbing and heating has been remarkable, and it’s a privilege to celebrate his achievements with Fellowship. He’s well-deserving of this honour, and I’m sure he’ll continue to have a significant impact in his field.’

The Plumbers’ Company fully echo this sentiment and send Kevin our congratulations.

We are moving!

Published on Thursday, 22nd October 2015

The Company Office will be moving at the end of November to Carpenters’ Hall.  This is not the first time the Carpenters have housed us. After our own Hall was destroyed in the Great Fire of London on 4th September 1666, the Court met until 1669 in Carpenters’ Hall which was one of only seven which escaped destruction in the Great Fire.

Life will be a bit difficult for the staff for the rest of the year so please be patient.  Details of the move and the new contact information will be published soon.

Plumbers’ Charity – Three thank you letters

Published on Tuesday, 20th October 2015

Our Charity not only suppoprts trainee plumbers but also those in the City who are training in other disciplines or who have fallen on hard times.  Click on the letters below and do not forget to read “Now is the time to act” under Latest News on the left.

Letters from Sheriff’s and Recorder’s Fund, St Paul’s School, Guildhall School of Music and Drama

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Now is the time to act

Published on Monday, 19th October 2015

Bring your will up to date, or if you have not got round to it make one now.  Please ensure that your updated will includes the following

“I give to The Worshipful Company of Plumbers Charitable and Educational Trust registered charity number 800043 the sum of …………………….pounds (or such larger sum as my Executors/Trustees shall assess so that its value at my death shall be the same value as at the date of this Will).   NB The words in ordinary brackets effectively index-link the bequest.

You may wish to link your bequest with a specific project in which case add    It is my wish without creating any binding or legal obligation that this gift be used to ” …………………………..*


STOP PRESS The Plumber’s Charity has received a generous bequest from the Late Liveryman Stanley Brand.

Prize Winning!

Published on Saturday, 17th October 2015
?? A title please.

?? A title please.

This photo won second prize in the ‘Faces” section of a photographic competition but has no title.  Why not help by sending your suggestion to the Clerk for him to announce it at the Ladle Dinner.  Click on Prize Winning to see a larger version

Tap Water and Health

Published on Thursday, 15th October 2015

Water UK in their latest news sheet “theView from Water UK”  state  “It was encouraging this month to note that tap water’s important role toward improving public health has been highlighted by two key institutions. The European Parliament, in its resolution following the Right2Water initiative, called on the Commission to do more to promote tap water. This is particularly noteworthy recognition from the top of the European tree. In the UK, the recent draft programme for the All Party Parliamentary Water Group held a space for Water and Public Health discussions. This is positive news, as Water UK has consistently promoted the fundamental public health role of tap water as a responsibility of all involved in the sector. ”

What is not mentioned is that good high quality plumbing is essential to ensure that the quality of the water coming from taps is not compromised.

Click here for the Water UK site.  Click here for Drinking Water Quality.   Click herefor European Parliament resolution on the follow-up to the European Citizens’ Initiative Right2Water

Tour of BBC Broadcasting House on Tuesday 6th October 2015

Published on Tuesday, 13th October 2015
In the World at One studio

In the World at One studio

A bit of radio drama

A bit of radio drama

On Tuesday 6th October 2015, twenty-five members of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers visited the BBC in Portland Place.
Our tour began in the entrance hall of the new building, which was opened in 2012 by the Queen. Six and half thousand people work there, three thousand on the news alone. It is also the home of radio drama and world service radio.
We then moved on across the Piazza to the One News studio and lastly into the old building, built in 1932 where members of the group presented the news and weather and performed a short radio drama.

The tour was arranged by Steward Daphne Barber

The Stewards Reunion at Ironmongers’ Hall

Published on Tuesday, 13th October 2015

Stewards and Past Stewards held their second reunion at Ironmongers’ Hall on Monday 12 October. Not only was the lunch well attended but we were delighted that the Master and his Lady were able to join us.

A champagne reception in the Hall’s Drawing Room followed by an excellent meal in the magnificent Banqueting Hall ensured that all present enjoyed the Plumbers’ usual standard of fellowship and good conversation.  So much so in fact that by common consent the reunions will be repeated next year.

Second visit to Aston Martin

Published on Friday, 9th October 2015

22 members and guests of the Company visited Aston Martin’s historical home at Newport Pagnell today.
Our first visit was so oversubscribed we managed to arrange a second visit which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.
We again visited the same key areas; the body shop, the paint shop, heritage showroom etc –  of course with a different set of vehicles this time.
The Newport Pagnell works can deal with modern, classic and historical vehicles. It is so impressive the way the modern vehicles are prepared and serviced for their mainly fastidious owners. Equally impressive is the way the historical vehicles are restored using the original skills handed down from one generation to another.
The visit concluded with an excellent buffet lunch and drinks.
Our thanks go to the Aston Martin guides and to Assistant Rumley for organising such an interesting visit.

Jonathan Lyons – The Wilkinson Shield Winner 2015

Published on Wednesday, 7th October 2015
Ron Telford – Chairman of North East Branch of CIPHE, Terry Stephenson – President of CIPHE,  Jonathan Lyons – Winning Apprentice,  The Master

Ron Telford – Chairman of North East Branch of CIPHE, Terry Stephenson – President of CIPHE, Jonathan Lyons – Winning Apprentice, The Master

The Master attended New college, Durham yesterday for the presentation of the Wilkinson Shield to the college and the certificate and cheque to the winning apprentice, Jonathan Lyons.

The Wilkinson Shield has, for over a century, recognised excellence by the colleges of the north East and the apprentices they train.  John Bell Wilkinson, a Past Master, recognised the importance of the proper training of apprentices in plumbing and in 1913 first presented the JB Wilkinson Apprentice Merit Shield Award.  Experienced and qualified members of the Newcastle and district Branch of CIPHE judge the winner and to this day the presentation is attended by the Master of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers and the President of CIPHE.

We congratulate the organisers but above all the college tutors and the winning apprentice.

The Plumbers’ Golf Society

Published on Tuesday, 6th October 2015
Mike Samuel, Chris Sneath  The Master, Graham Setterfield, guest and Don Munro.

Mike Samuel, Chris Sneath The Master, Graham Setterfield, guest and Don Munro.

The Golf Society has now completed its programme for the 2015 season with two events.

Firstly, our own golfing day at New Zealand Golf Club on the 31st July, followed by joining the Firefighters and Painter-Stainers at Wildernesse Golf club on the 4th September.

New Zealand was well attended with 39 golfers taking part. The Master and his Lady joined us for lunch and afterwards the Master presented the prizes to the competition winners.  Graham Setterfield retained his trophy with 36 points after a countback with Michael Munro.  The winner of the Guest’s Trophy was Chris Greet with 38 points and Bob Hart was runner-up with 37 points. An excellent day on a superb golf course.

Seven of our members played at Wildernesse. David Hannam has done well there on previous occasions and this time he won the nearest -the-pin competition. This is the third year we have supported this event and we have been asked to take charge of next year’s organisation. This course is one of the oldest in Kent and is used for qualification for major championships.

Next year’s programme is taking shape and there should be at least 6 events. If you are a golfer come and join your fellow livery golfers in 2016. Contact the Hon Sec, Don Munro (for details log in to My Company and see members list)  to be included on the mailing list.

To our Northern Brethren- the Brigantes

Published on Tuesday, 6th October 2015

The 2015 Brigantes Winter Gathering takes place on Saturday 5th December in Ripon, Yorkshire, which, as mentioned in the Livery Committee Diary, is open to all Liverymen of the City of London. The previous event, the Brigantes Breakfast in Manchester in May, was attended by 230 Liverymen and spouses/partners, representing 73 Livery Companies.

For the 2015 Brigantes Winter Gathering we shall be at the annual Christmas Concert in the Nave of Ripon’s magnificent Cathedral, led by its acclaimed choristers, preceded for those who wish by a reception and early supper at the nearby Ripon Spa Hotel.

If you reside in the North of England,   In this context, the North is defined as from Lincolnshire/Shropshire to the Scottish border, much of which is the area occupied by the Brigantes tribe in pre-Roman times, hence the name.

Full details including a booking and payment formcan be found by clicking here.  Liverymen are welcome to complete and send the booking form or simply email for the details.

We look forward to welcoming your Liverymen to a splendid evening of fellowship and music in beautiful surroundings.

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The Master Goes Agricultural

Published on Friday, 2nd October 2015
The Master and Mistress photo-bombed by the Master elect!

The Master and Mistress photo-bombed by the Master elect!

The Master took part in the annual Charitable Sheep Drive across London Bridge last month.   Sharon the sheep, seen forefront, joined them for what has become a very successful fundraiser organised by the Worshipful Company of Woolmen.

The Lord Mountevans, Jeffrey Evans (Alderman) next Lord Mayor

Published on Tuesday, 29th September 2015

Alderman Jeffrey Evans, a past Prime Warden of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights , has been a familiar figure in the City since he was appointed Sheriff of the City of London Corporation.  He will become the 688th Lord Mayor on November 13, taking over responsibility for running the City’s local authority.
Jeffrey has  said he would make innovation the theme of his year-long term. “Innovation is a key part of London’s success, not just in my field of maritime services and logistics, but also in other important world-beating sectors of professional services, skills and education,” he said.

He is a good friend of the Plumbers’ Company having attended many of our events with his wife Juliet.   The Plumbers send him hearty congratulations and pledge their support in his coming year.

What a Ball!!

Published on Monday, 28th September 2015


Dancing the night away

Dancing the night away

A Past Master and his Lady

A Past Master and his Lady

The Master & Mistress Plumber

The Master & Mistress Plumber

The Worshipful Company of Plumbers 650th Anniversary Ball, held in the imposing Prince Consort Rooms of the Honourable Royal Artillery Company, was enjoyed by nearly 200 Liverymen and their guests.  A Charitable Auction and a Tombola raised over £12,000 for the Company Charity.  We were very pleased that Neil Kerfoot, the Founder and Chief Executive of “Village by Village” was able to join us.  “Village by Village” is a charity that the Company is actively supporting to work with children and their families in poor, rural Ghana.(Click here).  We are helping them to provide inexpensive sanitation facilities and importantly, education in basic hygiene.  “Village by Village” dramatically reduces child mortality.  Plumbing in action does make a difference.

If you were not able to be present on Saturday but would like to help make a difference, please send a  Gift Aided contribution to our charity. – Click here.

See photographs of the evening by clicking here and or on photos. (Go to Livery Companies then Plumbers Anniversary Ball.)

A New Livery Briefing

Published on Monday, 28th September 2015


Read the latest news form the Livery Committee. Click here.


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Glaziers Art Fair Evening Civic Reception

Published on Thursday, 24th September 2015
Glaziers Art Fair Evening Civic Receptionat Glaziers’ Hall    

Tuesday 27 October 2015, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

The Master and Wardens of the Glaziers’ Company cordially invite you to this event at Glaziers’ Hall to celebrate the first-ever Glaziers’ Art Fair, in the presence of Alderman and Sheriff Charles Bowman, and the Mayor of Southwark Councillor Dora Dixon-Fyle.  Click here for details and booking.

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Ladle Dinner when you dine with your fellow Liverymen

Published on Tuesday, 15th September 2015

On the10th November the Senior Steward and Stewards invite you to join them in entertaining the Master and Wardens and in honouring the Immediate Past Master, Steve Hodkinson, at the 2015 Ladle Dinner and thanking him for all he has done in this our 650th Anniversary Year. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to dine at Barber Surgeons’ Hall, a short walk from either St Paul’s or Barbican Tube Stations in the City and close to the Company offices.

For details and booking form click here.

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The art and craft of “Plumbing” is recognised

Published on Saturday, 12th September 2015

Many in the Livery do not realize that our Coat of Arms depict tool used in lead roofing.  The principle “plumbing” or “working with lead” work when the Grant of Arms was awarded in 1588.  Lead work in it’s true sense is still very important and requires high standards and skills.  Two recent awards by Historic England exemplify this – one to Liveryman Doctor Jon Castleman and Michael Ibsen who made the ossiary for the bones of King Richard III (click here) and the other to Norman & Underwood Group Ltd for their works carried out on the roof at Attingham Park an 18th Century Mansion.   (click here)

The “Plumbers’ Table” at Ironmongers’ Hall 7 September

Published on Tuesday, 8th September 2015
The Master with the Bridge Ward Club's, Chairman, Colin Bird and their 2015 Norwegian Student, Mads Ronning.

The Master with the Bridge Ward Club’s, Chairman, Colin Bird and their 2015 Norwegian Student, Mads Ronning.

Another exceptionally well  supported “Plumbers’ Table at Ironmongers’ Hall” was held on 7 September. The Master accompanied by his wife Jane welcomed 47 Liverymen and their guests to a sparkling wine reception held in the Hall’s Drawing Room – a room noted for the country’s largest William Morris tapestry hung in place of wall paper. From there we moved into the magnificent Banqueting Hall for a delicious three course lunch with plentiful wine and coffee.  Needless to say the event held in such glorious surroundings was judged a great success.
The “Plumbers Table at Ironmongers’ Hall has become a regular feature in the Company’s social programme. The objective was to create a modestly priced, relaxed and informal social occassion which enhanced the Livery’s reputation for outstanding fellowship.  Moreover it was to be open to all Liverymen, their partners, friends and business associates and provide a way for new comers to find out more about the Livery.
Given the numbers that  regularly attend the “Table” it is clear that the formula works. More “Plumbers’ Tables” are planned. The next one will be on 18 January 2016. Look out for the flyer and if you have not been along do come and join us. You will not be disappointed.

More from this year’s Annual Lecturer

Published on Wednesday, 26th August 2015

Professor Jamie Bartram, Director, The Water Institute, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the speaker at the Royal Society for Public Health  webinar that will provide an overview and global picture of new threats to water safety and hygiene, covering recent achievements and innovations, future goals and current threats. This will include the international Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme and the effect that changing handwashing behaviours can have on public health.

To take part click here

A Memorable Court Dinner

Published on Saturday, 22nd August 2015
The July Court Dinner to which all Liverymen were able to attend was truly a very enjoyable occasion of fun and fellowship. The Master and the Mistress both addressed the assembled company and their words of enlightenment can be found by clicking here

For photos click here.  (Go to Livery Companies then our Court Dinner)

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Plumbing student scoops WorldSkills accolade

Published on Wednesday, 19th August 2015

The plumbers’ Company congratulates Gary Doyle, a Northern Ireland plumbing student who has scooped one of the top awards at a massive skills event in Brazil recently.  Gary  was one of a 41 strong team who represented Northern Ireland at the WorldSkills event in Sao Paulo earlier this month. He is a student at Southern Regional College and was presented with a gold medal in the Plumbing and Heating section.  For full results click here

The Plumbers’ welcome the New Chief Inspector of the DWI

Published on Sunday, 16th August 2015
Marcus Rink has been appointed as Chief Inspector of the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) for England and Wales by the Secretary of State for Environment, Elizabeth Truss, and the Welsh Government’s Minister for Natural Resources, Carl Sargeant AM.

Click here

He will take up this post from 1 August 2015 replacing Professor Jeni Colbourne MBE who has been in this position since 2003.

With nearly 30 years of experience working in health, environment and the water industry, Mr Rink has been with the Drinking Water Inspectorate since 2002. From 2008, he has been responsible for the operational regulation in England and Wales as Deputy Chief Inspector.

Currently Mr Rink is the UK member of the European Microbiology Expert Group and Chair of the Strategic Board of the Standing Committee of Analysts.

The Worshipful Company of Plumbers 650th Anniversary Whisky

Published on Monday, 10th August 2015

The Master Elect has made arrangements with the John Grant family, owners of the Glenfarcias Distillery, to have a limited number of bottles of their 15 year single malt whisky to be labeled in commemoration of the 650th anniversary of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers. To this day, Glenfarclas Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky is distilled and matured at the family owned and run distillery, which thanks to the foresight of their forefathers remains independent. Creating a great malt whisky is a time-honoured process. Here in the heart of Speyside, the family has cherished the skills and traditions of fine malt whisky making, handing them down through six generations.

The price to the Livery will be only £45 for each specially labelled bottle  We are offering the Livery an opportunity to pre-order these special bottles at £10 deposit each. If you would like to place an order please complete the proforma below and return it to the office. You can pay by BACS to sort code 16:00:15, account number 23161144, using the reference “Your surname and Whisky” or send a cheque made payable to “The Worshipful Company of Plumbers” with the completed profoma.  Please reply by 15th September 2015.

Click here for tasting notes and preorder form

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The Mistress Plumber has planted up an Anniversary Lead Planter.

Published on Monday, 10th August 2015

The Mistress Plumber’s Planter has planted up an Anniversary Lead Planter   Can you do better?  If so the Master will give a bottle of the superb Vilmart Champagne (from the Master’s Weekend) to the winning entry.

It will also be displayed on the web-site.  Please send all your photographic entries to Sharon ( in the office by 18th September and the winner will be announced at the Ball!

The Installation of A New Master 21st October

Published on Monday, 10th August 2015

A Personal Invitation from the Master Elect Erica Stary to join her on this most important day in the Company’s Calendar: Installation Day – Wednesday 21st October 2015

The new Master and Wardens will be installed in St Magnus-the-Martyr Church, Lower Thames Street, followed by the Installation Service on Wednesday 21st October 2015.  After the Service, the Master-Elect, Erica Stary, our first Lady Master, invites you to join her for a sparkling wine and canapé reception at Vintners’ Hall, Upper Thames Street. This will be followed by lunch with wine in the historic main hall, to which she would be delighted if you could join her.  Click here for details and booking form

A Personal Invitation from the Master Elect Erica Stary
to join her on this most important day in the Company’s Calendar:
Installation Day – Wednesday 21st October 2015

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St Michael’s Day Service and Lunch – Sunday 27th September 2015

Published on Monday, 10th August 2015

The Service of veneration to the Patron Saint of the Company, St Michael the Archangel, will be held this year at 11am on Sunday 27th September 2015 at St Magnus-the-Martyr Church, Lower Thames Street, EC3R 6DN. The Master hopes that as many Liverymen as possible will wish to join him and bring their families.

For details and lunch booking click here.

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Awards to Royal Navy plumbers.

Published on Friday, 7th August 2015
Petty Officer Engineering Technicians Hext and Laycock  are congratulated by The Master

Petty Officer Engineering Technicians Hext and Laycock are congratulated by The Master

“At a meeting of the Court of this Worshipful Company holden at the Ironmongers’ Hall, in the City of London on the 19th day of January 1989, it was unanimously resolved to make an annual Award to the best trainee at HMS SULTAN qualifying in Metalwork (comprising sheetmetal fabrication, coppersmithing, welding and brazing). The award includes a medal depicting the Company’s Arms awarded in 1588. The Commodore of HMS SULTAN has notified the Worshipful Company that Petty Officer Engineering Technician Martin Hext was selected for the 2014 award and Petty Officer Engineering Technician Michael Laycock was selected for the 2015 award. It was further resolved by the Court of this Worshipful Company that the said Martin Hext and Michael Laycock be invested with the Freedom of the Company.”

Choral evensong at St Magnus the Martyr, Monday 5th October at 6.00pm

Published on Wednesday, 5th August 2015

The Rector and Church Wardens of St Magnus the Martyr on London Bridge cordially invite you on Monday, October 5th at 6.00 pm to Choral Evensong (from the  Prayer Book of 1559) to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the reburial in St Magnus Church of the late Rector, Bishop Myles Coverdale.

To include a sermon preached by The Rev’d Charles Card-Reynolds, Incumbent of the parish of St Bartholomew, Stamford Hill and to be followed by a reception in the church.

Lord Mayor’s Election – come and vote for Jeffrey

Published on Tuesday, 4th August 2015

Election of the Lord Mayor – Tuesday 29th September 2015

Alderman Lord Mountevans (Jeffrey Evans), our Alderman for the Ward of Cheap, is standing for election this year and a strong support from the Company would be ideal.

Click here for details and booking form.

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Look at this!

Published on Tuesday, 4th August 2015


Click here


New Plumbers!

Published on Monday, 3rd August 2015
John Bell, Graeme Shaw, Alistair Walker, Mala Rao, The Master, Richard Holmes, Martin Jepson, Tony Peters and Michael Munro.

John Bell, Graeme Shaw, Alistair Walker, Mala Rao, The Master, Richard Holmes, Martin Jepson, Tony Peters and Michael Munro.

At the Court meeting in July the following were clothed in the Livery.   John Shaw Bell   (Plumber),  Graeme Roberts Shaw  (TfL Programme Manager), Alistair John Walker  (Architect), Mala Rao  (Professor of Public Health, Imperial College),  Richard Lewis Holmes  (Director Property Development Co), Martin Clive Jepson (Property Investment and Development) , Tony Peters  (MD Axflow) and Michael Munro  (Business Consultant).

We give them a heart welcome.

Drinking water: a journey to success

Published on Saturday, 1st August 2015

How good is our water?  In her  latest report the Chief Inspector’s takes the opportunity to reflect on the scale of the improvements over the past 25 years.   Yes we do have high quality water – there is no need to buy bottled water unless you like the bubbles.

Read all the details by clicking here.

New Quarterage Rates

Published on Wednesday, 29th July 2015
The Court agreed the following rates (click here) at their July meeting.

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Hot News from the Clerk – City Livery Go-kart Race

Published on Monday, 27th July 2015

I thought you all might like to know the result of the other Grand Prix held yesterday. It was a thrilling day, made all the better by the performance of your team!  The WET 10 team came second in the two-hour endurance race only 40 seconds behind the winners, the Lord Mayor’s team and some two laps ahead of the third placed team.  There were 26 teams in the race, so it was an outstanding success. Despite the damp weather, even the spectators said how much they enjoyed it and the plan is to repeat it next year, possibly even in the City.

Your drivers were Ruffus Dennis, Barry Dennis’s son, Liveryman Joe Kershaw from the Plumbers, Alex Gibson who works with Steve Hodkinson, the Master Plumber and me, your Clerk.

City View July 2015

Published on Monday, 27th July 2015

In this issue: How the City Corporation is pushing for high speed broadband for the City; an interview with co-founder of Innovate Finance Justin Fitzpatrick; why the City has its own dedicated Police force; this year’s voter registration campaign; and gladiatorial games in Guildhall Yard.To read click here.

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The Plumbers’ Table

Published on Saturday, 25th July 2015

The sixth Plumbers’ Table at Ironmongers’ Hall willbe held on Monday 7th September.  An ‘Open Table’ for all liverymen, guests, friends, relatives or any one else you wish to invite.  Book  direct with Paulina Sowa at Ironmongers’ Hall (0207 776 2302) by Wednesday 2 September – PLEASE MENTION THAT YOU WISH TO SIT ON THE PLUMBERS TABLE.  Pay on the day or you can be invoiced. Please let Paulina know at the time of booking.   Need more information?  Then click here or speak to either :  Paulina Sowa at Ironmongers’ Hall  (0207 776 2302) or Senior  Steward Ken Newnham (0208 642 8335).

See you there!

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Shrieval Chain Appeal Letters

Published on Saturday, 25th July 2015

In accordance with City traditions,  the Chain Appeal letters for each of the two Sheriffs-elect, Christine Rigden and Charles Bowman can be viewed by clicking here.


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The late Past Master Vice Admiral Sir John Lea

Published on Sunday, 19th July 2015
This extract from a letter sent to Past Master Antony Paterson-Fox from the daughjter of Sir John, is an example of how the Livery can enrich lives.

“Our Father was a pretty special chap.  Daddy was so proud to be a member of your wonderful Livery Company and enjoyed making so many thoroughly dear friends through it. He always particularly enjoyed events that included the wives. One of the reasons he so loved his time as Master was that it gave him an opportunity to include Mummy. As you know, they were a great team.  The thanksgiving service went really well and was attended by well over 200 people. Not bad for a man who was nearly 92 and who had outlived most of his contempories.
With love, and thank you.”

The world still needs Plumbers

Published on Monday, 13th July 2015

The report marks the 25th anniversary of the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme and is the final report on access to drinking water and sanitation ahead of the MDG’s. There has been significant progress but 91% of the global population uses an improved drinking water source, up from 76% in 1990 but 842,000 deaths from diarrhoeal diseases each year could be prevented by improved water, sanitation and hygiene.  Poor water, sanitation and hygiene are major contributors to neglected tropical diseases like schistosomiasis, trachoma and intestinal worms, which affect more than 1.5 billion people every year.Diarrhoeal disease is the third leading cause of death among children under five. We estimate that more than 340,000 children under five die annually from diarrhoeal diseases due to poor sanitation, poor hygiene, or unsafe drinking water – that is almost 1,000 per day.

To read full report click here.

Plumbers and Public Health – Designing our water systems

Published on Tuesday, 7th July 2015

Liveryman Martin Shouler and Livreyman Kevin McCallister recently contributed to a webinar on water hygiene organised by the Royal Society for Public Health.  Read a summary of Martin’s presentation here .You can also o view other water safety and healthcare presentations from the RSPH by clicking here.

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Golfing Plumbers

Published on Tuesday, 7th July 2015
Inter Livery Ryder Cup Team

Inter Livery Ryder Cup Team

Antony Lowe receives his prize at Sunningdale

Antony Lowe receives his prize at Sunningdale

The Golf Society has held two more events during the past week. Firstly we took part in the Inter-Livery Ryder Cup at Verulam Golf club on june 29th. Two days later we joined the Painter-Stainers at Sunningdale Ladies. Two lovely courses.

The first was organised by the Marketors and over a dozen Livery Companies competed. The above photo shows our team (l to r:   Stephen Kay, Anthony Lowe, Don Munro and John Thorp) Two of our team had just returned from the  Master’s Weekend in Reims the previous evening and our golf no doubt suffered from an over indulgence in the unlimited
champagne on offer. (Photo courtesy of  golfeventphotography )
The second on the hottest july day on record was more successful. Anthony Lowe won the prize for the best score with 42 Stableford points. An excellent round. His head had obviously cleared !  Paul Nash won the prize for nearest-the-pin.  His first shot of the day. Other team members were Geoffrey Barber and Don Munro.

Forthcoming events are:   New Zealand Golf Club on July31st       Wildernesse Golf Club on September 4th

All members of the Livery are welcome to join the Golf Society. If interested please contact Don Munro.

Past Master Vice Admiral Sir John Lea KBE

Published on Monday, 29th June 2015
Sir John at the Past Masters Lunch 2014

Sir John at the Past Masters Lunch 2014

Past Master Edward Hopkinson reports that the Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Sir John, was a very special and moving service. St. Mary’s Church, Hayling Island, is a particularly picturesque medieval church which provided an ideal setting for the Service. Sir John and Pat were members of the congregation for many years and the whole event was conducted in a very warm and intimate manner., There were a great number of people at the Church; I would estimate some 250.
During the Service, his son Richard spoke of his recollections of his Father, which confirmed that Sir John was a particularly gifted man who had a varied and interesting life. He was also very much a ‘family man’. Richard also spoke of his Father’s time as a Liveryman of the Plumbers’ Company and mentioned that the Company was represented at the Service.
Attending from the Livery were; myself, Geoff Marsh and his wife Ann, George Banks and his wife Hillary, Steven Schrier and his wife Sheila and Michael Lewis, Clerk to the Company 1970 – 1975, and his wife Christine.
The reception was held at the Newtown House Hotel.

The June edition of the bi-monthly electronic newsletter, Livery Briefing.

Published on Wednesday, 24th June 2015

The June edition of the bi-monthly electronic newsletter, Livery Briefing is now available by clicking here.

The content draws heavily on the News pages at the Livery Committee website, where you can find details and links to a host of livery related information.   Back numbers of earlier Briefings are in the Library at the website, as is this one.

Also at the Livery Committee website is a copy of the Committee’s annual report to the Livery, presented today at Common Hall.

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Wren Choral Marathon

Published on Wednesday, 24th June 2015
For those not going on the Master’s weekend the City festival is running a “wrenathon” around the 17 wren churches. Starts at 8am and there are concerts at more or less hourly intervals. Entrance free! Starts stmichael cornhill.

Web link

Erica Stary

Upper Warden

Let us go GoKarting!

Published on Tuesday, 23rd June 2015

The WET 10 is moving into pastures new (or perhaps I shouldn’t have said that as we want to stay on the track!).  The Glover’s Company is organising a fun day out at the Daytona Kart Track at Sandown Racecourse on Sunday 26th July all in aid of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.  The Lord Mayor is competing, as are the Sheriffs. And the WET 10 is entering a team; its secretary is one of the drivers (that’s me if you didn’t know!), together with Barry Dennis’ son (Barry is one of the co-Chairmen of the WET 10 if you didn’t know that either!) and two others (A secret! The Stig?).  Come along and support us.  Please click here for the booking form to apply for tickets and cheer us on.  Food and refreshments will be available in tented pavilions or you can bring a picnic.  The Master and Jane will be there.

Air Cdre Paul Nash OBE, Clerk, The Worshipful Company of Plumbers

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Time to decorate?

Published on Monday, 22nd June 2015
In recognition of the recent resurgence in the popularity of wallpaper and the fact that the Painter-Stainers’ Company played a leading role in its development and manufacture, which was first mentioned in a Company document of 1626 there will be an evening function entitled ” From Pomegranate to Apple.  Wallpaper design – Past, Present & Future”

Why not join the Painter-Stainers for this evening.  For details click here.

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New CIPHE President

Published on Monday, 22nd June 2015

Terry Stepehnson has been inducted as the President of the CIPHE for 2015-16 by the retiring President Kevin McCallister.  We look forward to welcoming him to Livery functions.

The CIPHE Board has a new Chairman

Published on Wednesday, 17th June 2015
Immediate Past Chairman Rodney Cartwright congratulates Nick Gale, the New Chairman

Immediate Past Chairman Rodney Cartwright congratulates Nick Gale, the New Chairman

At the Annual General Meeting of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering held in Chester on Saturday 20th June, Nick Gale was installed as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  Nick who is one of our Past Masters succeeds Rodney Cartwright who is also a Past Master.

The CIPHE and the Livery Company are two separate bodies but have some mutual aims.  The Livery responds positively in supporting the CIPHE when requested.

Congratulations to Nick.

We are mentioned in the World Plumbing Council Reveiw

Published on Friday, 12th June 2015

The Review isn concerned with the World Plumbing Day in March.  In states “The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) was in full swing in celebration of World Plumbing Day, with social media, press releases, journal blogs and a conference.  A London conference was organised by the Royal Society for Public Health and the Worshipful Company of Plumbers, in partnership with CIPHE, the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation, and the Society of Public Health Engineers.  It  attracted speakers from across the world,

To read the full Review click here.

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Celebratory Choral Evensong

Published on Thursday, 11th June 2015
The Original 1611 Charter

The Original 1611 Charter

We are 650 years old!!

We are 650 years old!!

On Tuesday 9th June the Temple Church was filled by the Plumbers’, the two Sheriffs and over 160 visiting Masters, their Consorts and Clerks for  Choral `evensong to celebrate the 650th Anniversary of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers.  Led by the Beadle, the Court fully gowned processed into the church followed by the Wardens, the Master, the Sheriffs of the City of London, the Clerk, the Choir, the Verger and the Clergy.  The service was conducted by the Rev Robin Griffith-Jones, Master of The Temple and Father Philip Warner, our Company Chaplain.  The choir excelled in their contribution to the service and the final hymn – “Thy hand, O God has guided thy flock, from age to age” reminded us that we have been a Worshipful Company for 650 years.

After the service, there was a reception in the gardens of Inner Temple.  A truly memorable evening.

Plumbers’ Tour of the Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell

Published on Wednesday, 10th June 2015

The Plumbers visit to the heritage home of Aston Martin in the year of their 60th anniversary in their works at Newport Pagnell included the heritage museum and the restoration and servicing facilities.

The Museum housed classic cars of various vintages and models, all in superb condition and some with fascinating history of motoring activity and owners.
This was borne out by the Bonham’s Auction held there on 10th May at which more than 50 cars and 170 lots of automobilia were auctioned. A 1962 DB4 Series IV Vantage Convertible, originally owned by Sir Peter Ustinov sold for £1.513m.

Click here for more.

The Trim shop housed a group of craftsmen/women within the atmosphere of real leather. Upholstery colour selection is to clients’ choice and sometimes could be described as eccentric!

The Body shop housed original Aston Martin body jigs to which the new sheets were individually molded to each body element by craftsmen using roller machines and handwork. These activities took many hours of painstaking work to culminate in a perfect complete body to be assembled on the new chassis.

The Paint shop, by contrast, housed the latest technology in its spray and drying booths to achieve at least six layers of paintwork which were manually buffed down between each layer as applied. This process achieves a perfect finish.

The Engine, final Fitting and Testing area was housed in a large open and spacious warehouse with rows of cars at various stages towards completion. Each car had individual staff bent over the engine or interior to finalize and test the finished vehicle.

Discussion with individual craftsmen in each workshop highlighted their family histories at Newport Pagnell, from grandfather to father to son providing their expertise at each stage of production.

The visit concluded with an excellent buffet lunch and drinks.

Our thanks to the Aston Martin staff and superb guides, and to Assistant Peter Rumley for organizing the visit.

Liverymen may be interested to view a short video on  Mr Porter Video showing the workshop process.


PM Alec Moir

Resource and water scarcity – future-proofing the City of London

Published on Wednesday, 10th June 2015
The Worshipful Company of Water Conservators presents their annual lecture on 2nd July when Martin Baggs (CEO, Thames Water), Sarah Mukhergee (Environment Director, Water UK), Mark Lane (Chairman, British Water) and Tim Curtis will be considering a challenge that faces us all.  Come and hear them.  For details click here.

Martin Baggs (CEO, Thames Water)
·         Why are Thames water concerned by the impacts of climate change?
·         Outline the direct risks and impacts to Thames Water operations and supply chain in particular to focus on:
o   Water resources
o   Flood risk and its impact on infrastructure and key assets.
·         How are Thames Water building resilience and what measures are they taking to adapt?

Sarah Mukhergee (Environment Director, Water UK)
·         How is the water industry considering these risks in their supply chains?
·         How is the sector aiming to protect customers and maintain security of supply
·         What can customers do?

Mark Lane (Chairman, British Water)
·         How are the supply chains responding to these risks?
·         What needs to be done and what can be done?
·         The role of green infrastructure – what are the opportunities for London?
·         How can London become an exemplar city?

Tim Curtis
·         Water resources beyond London

From the Grant of Ordinances to the Plumbers, 1365

Published on Wednesday, 10th June 2015
38 Edward III. A.D. 1365. Click here

“May it please the honourable men, and wise, the Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen, of the City of London, to grant unto the Plumbers of the same city the points that here follow.-

“In the first place,-that no one of the trade of Plumbers shall meddle with works touching such trade within the said city, or take house or apprentices, or other workmen, in the same, if he be not made free of the City; and that, by assent of the best and most skilled men in the said trade, testifying that he knows how well and lawfully to work, and to do his work; that so, the said trade may not be scandalized, or the commonalty damaged and deceived, by folks who do not know their trade.

“Also.-that no one of the said trade shall take an apprentice for less than seven years; and that he shall have him enrolled within the first year, and at the end of his term shall make him take up his freedom, according to the usage of the said city.

“Also.-that everyone of the trade shall do his work well and lawfully, and shall use lawful weights, as well in selling as in buying, without any deceit or evil intent against anyone; and that for working a clove of lead for gutters, or for roofs of houses, he shall only take one halfpenny; and for working a clove for furnaces, tappetroghes, belfreys, and conduit-pipes, one penny; and for the waste of a wey of lead when newly molten [he shall have an allowance of] two cloves, as has been the usage heretofore.

“Also,-that no one for any singular profit shall engross lead coming to the said city for sale, to the damage of the commonalty; but that all persons of the said trade, as well poor as rich, who may wish, shall be partners therein, at their desire. And that no one, himself or by another, shall buy old lead that is on sale, or shall be, within the said city or without, to sell it again to the folks of the said trade, and enhance the price of lead, to the damage of all the commonalty.

“Also,–that no one of the said trade shall bur stripped lead of the assistants to tilers, laggers, or masons, or of women who cannot find warranty for the same. And if anyone shall do so, himself or by his servants, or if anyone of them shall be found stealing lead, tin, or nails, in the place where he works, he shall be ousted from the said trade for ever, at the will and ordinance of the good folks of such trade.

“Also,- that no one of the said trade shall oust another from his work undertaken or begun, or shall take away his customers or his employers, to his damage, by enticement through carpenters, masons, tilers, or other persons; as he would answer for the damage so inflicted, by good consideration of the Masters of the said trade.

“And if anyone shall be found guilty under any one of the Articles aforesaid, let him pay to the Chamber of the Guildhall in London, for the first offence, 40 pence; for the second, half a mark; for the third, 20 shillings; and for the fourth, 10 pounds, or else forswear the trade.”

Election Addresses for the Shrieval Candidates

Published on Tuesday, 9th June 2015
The Election Addresses for the Shrieval Candidates, Alderman Charles Bowman and Dr Christine Rigden,  can be found by clicking here.

Downloadable documents

Successful Launch for the London Liveries Brigantes Breakfast

Published on Monday, 8th June 2015

The Late Sheriff, Past Master Actuary and staunch Lancastrian Adrian Waddingham CBE was in the chair at the inaugural Brigantes Breakfast, the northern luncheon for City of London Liverymen, which was held at The Midland Hotel in Manchester on Friday 29 May. Two hundred and thirty Liverymen and guests attended, from over seventy Companies, including many current Masters and Past Masters.

Click on header for more details.

The response from Liverymen to this first northern function was so great that it had to be moved to a larger venue from the one originally booked. Among the official guests were Mrs Amada Parker JP, the High Sheriff of Lancashire, Mr Richard Clowes, Trustee of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum, and the Venerable Cherry Vann, Archdeacon of Rochdale and Chaplain for the Day, who said Grace.

Around 1,200 City of London Liverymen are resident in the North of England which, for this purpose, runs from Leicestershire/Staffordshire to the Scottish border. Forty one Companies have ten or more Liverymen in the area. In 2015, the North of England is home to seven Livery Masters, up from four in 2014.

From discussions with a number of Masters and Clerks last year there is a recognition that some northern Liverymen, whether working or retired, find it difficult to attend City-based Livery events regularly and can become less engaged from the Livery. In a move to redress that situation, and with the full support of our Lord Mayor Alan Yarrow and his predecessor Dame Fiona Woolf CBE, the Brigantes Breakfast born.

Following a light-hearted operatic interlude, and while proposing the toast to the guests, the Late Sheriff explained that a name was required for the northern luncheon, embracing the main elements of who, what and where. After some head-scratching, the geographical area under consideration was found, fortuitously, to coincide with that occupied in pre-Roman times by the fearsome Brigantes tribe, and thus the Brigantes Breakfast was born.

The Principal Speaker was Alderman Sir David Wootton, Lord Mayor in 2011/12. Sir David made no secret of the pride in which he holds his Bradford roots and Yorkshire generally.  In emphasising the ever-closer bonds between the City of London and the North of England, Sir David highlighted the prominence given to the North in the Queen’s Speech two days earlier and the vision of the Chancellor of the Exchequer in a Northern Powerhouse for economic growth based around the cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Hull.

The other speakers were Nicholas Woolf, Past Master Tax Advisor, deputising for the Late Lord Mayor, Dame Fiona Woolf, who was abroad on business, and David Bentley, Immediate Past Master Baker, who presented Sir David with a donation to the Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal on behalf of those attending and announced that the 2016 Brigantes Breakfast would be on Friday 20 May at Cutlers Hall in Sheffield.

A selection of photographs of the 2015 Brigantes Breakfast can be found by clicking hereand a full gallery is online at in Galleries/City Clubs and Associations – or directly at Also, particular thanks go to The Marketors Company for their creation of new Brigantes branding.

For more information, or to make suggestions, or to be included on the mailing list for future northern events, please email one of the four organisers :

Adrian Waddingham CBE, Late Sheriff and Past Master Actuary. Lancashire

Charles Cowling, Immediate Past Master Actuary, Lancashire,

David Bentley, Immediate Past Master Baker, Yorkshire,

Nick Gale, Immediate Past Master Plumber, Lancashire,

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A bicycle made for two!

Published on Saturday, 6th June 2015

Dear Friends, Romans, Countrymen Friends, Liverymen, Freemen and generous colleagues,

The Sheriffs of the City of London have decided to share everything this year in a spirit of collaboration. We’re a sort of double-act and we take our role very seriously but not ourselves….. a combination of Wallace and Gromit and Laurel and Hardy! We are raising funds for the wonderful Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund that helps ex-offenders. We are going to ride a tandem bike around our great City and we would really like you to sponsor us. BUT PLEASE DO NOT SPONSOR US FOR MORE THAN £5 – this is really important as we want to break a record for the number of sponsors and not hurt any individual wallets. Also if you give us more than £5 the person following you on the Just Giving website may not donate if they see that you have been so bounteous. What we would really like you to do is pass this on to 10 of your fellow Freemen, Liverymen or friends; there are over 30,000 Liverymen, just imagine if we could get you all to give £5!

Click on The Sheriffs’ Tandem Bike Ride to donate.

We support Richmond Sea Cadets

Published on Wednesday, 3rd June 2015

The Richmond Sea Cadets, with whom the Company has had a relationship for nearly a decade,  held their Annual Review at TS Goodwin, their land-based ship in Richmond, on June 2. It was a really good evening where they showed their skills and knowledge to the Deputy Area officer, Lt Commander Lewis, and also to the helpers, parents and others, including the Upper Warden, who attended. Prizes, awards and badges were also handed out to the boys and girls who had successfully completed the particular part of their training, and one who has just left (due to being 18) was presented with his BTech certificate for public services. His proud father told me that the Sea Cadets had been a wonderful thing for his son to have done, and as a result of all he had learnt he was now a sail training instructor, so could earn money, even before going off to Uni this Autumn. There was also an excellent quiz where the questions ranged over ability to tie knots correctly and say what they were designed for, semaphore, map reading, famous naval battles and a whole host of other areas. The Cadets beat the adult team by a short head, or should it be a canvas? The Upper Warden admired the cups won by the crew which are on display in a splendid cabinet, along with the cup presented to them by PM Mike Swallow around the time he forged the links with the Cadets. The Upper Warden was made extremely welcome by all.

Royal Reception to Congratulate Bursary Award Winners

Published on Tuesday, 2nd June 2015
Princess Anne talking to the Master, Russell and Freddie.

Princess Anne talking to the Master, Russell and Freddie.

Liveryman Peter Cheesman, Russell’s father; Russell Cheesman; the Master, Steve Hodkinson; Freddie Newbery; Freddie’s girlfriend, Poppy; the Clerk, Air Cdre Paul Nash

Liveryman Peter Cheesman, Russell’s father; Russell Cheesman; the Master, Steve Hodkinson; Freddie Newbery; Freddie’s girlfriend, Poppy; the Clerk, Air Cdre Paul Nash

Princess Anne talking to the Clerk and Poppy

Princess Anne talking to the Clerk and Poppy

On 26th May 2015, City & Guilds held a reception in Fishmongers’ Hall in the presence of HRH Princess Anne to congratulate Livery Company Bursary and Apprenticeship Award Winners that had been supported by City & Guilds.  Two of our latest Bursary recipients, Russell Cheesman and Freddie Newbery, who each received matched funding from City & Guilds, were invited together with a private guest each and the Master and Clerk.   The Chairman of City & Guilds, Sir John Armitt and HRH each spoke to congratulate every recipient and thank the Livery Companies for the support they give to training and education, before meeting each guest individually.


Livery Golf 2015

Published on Saturday, 30th May 2015
 David Hannam, Anthony Lowe, Richard Harvey and Graham Setterfield

David Hannam, Anthony Lowe, Richard Harvey and Graham Setterfield

The golf season has now arrived and our first two fixtures have now taken place.
On May 21st our team of four competed in the Prince Arthur Cup at Walton Heath.  A photo showing the team members admiring the magnificent trophy.(L to R   David Hannam, Anthony Lowe, Richard Harvey and Graham Setterfield) will be posted when the WebMaster returns from his holiday!
This prestigious competition involves 54 Livery Companies playing 36 holes of golf with a substantial lunch between the two rounds. The event started in 1927 and is very challenging. Our only success to-date was in 1971 when we were runners-up.
Our hopes for this year were dashed and we were in the lower half of the final table. The Leather Sellers won for the third consecutive year.Obviously they can play golf as well as sell leather! We could only plumb the depths.  (Click on header for more)

David Hannam was playing here for the first time and his comments show his frustration and enjoyment:-
”As Wallace and Gromit would say ”Wot a Grand Day Out” – Thank you so much for your spirited company.
The fightback on the Old Course to go into luncheon as the leaders in our tee time. The 7 (lunch) courses we consumed with gusto…the finest Adnams ale to power and recharge us for the afternoon v the devilish New Course.
The apres lunch fightback from Heather (feisty lady)who gripped our balls tighter than a thingy in a plumber’s vice…crowned with Don supporting us to finish +1 for the last 5 holes.
We who did the derring do look forward to 2016 and hopefully Don will select us again.”

On May 28th 13 members gathered at Brookmans Park Golf Club. Our new captain, Past Master Chris Sneath ,introduced us to the club where he has been a member for 67 years! A sunny ,slightly breezy, day which was much enjoyed on a lovely course. After lunch our captain entertained us with tales of his experiences during his membership there.
We plan to visit again next year.

Further golfing days are planned this year at Verulam, Sunningdale Ladies, New Zealand and Wildernesse.
Members of the Livery who are interested please contact Don Munro


Death of Past Master Vice Admiral Sir John Lea KBE CEng

Published on Thursday, 28th May 2015
It is with great sadness we have to announce the death of Past Master Vice Admiral Sir John Lea KBE CEng who passed away peacefully at his home on 20 May 2015 aged 91 years.   Sir John was a Liveryman for 35 years, having joined the Company in 1978 and was elected Master in 1988.  A Thanksgiving Service will be held at St Mary’s Church, Church Road, Hayling Island, Hants, PO11 0NT at 2pm on Friday 26 June. Unfortunately the Master and many of the Livery will be abroad that day and the Company will be represented by Past Master Hopkinson. If any other members would wish to attend the Service, please let the office know so that we can inform the family.

This book is the Wizard’s guide to the land of Oz

Published on Sunday, 24th May 2015
The City of London Freeman’s Guide. Magna Carta Edition (2015)

The definitive concise pocket guide to the Freedom, the Livery Companies and the City of London’s ancient offices, ceremonies and customs. The guide signposts the civic, ceremonial and social aspects of the City as they are to be found today along with the City and Livery Company links to Charity, Industry, Education, The Church, Armed Forces and Royal Family.

Ever wanted to stay overnight in a Livery Hall, attend the Ceremony of the Quit Rents, Drive sheep across London Bridge, visit the Court of Chivalry, join a Ward Club, find out if your ancestor was a Freeman of a Livery Company, stand for election as an Ale Conner, or enjoy a curry lunch on HQS Wellington? These and hundreds of other facts associated with the City, Livery and Freedom in modern times are to be found in this handy pocket guide which every Freeman should own.

Now available for purchase in full colour hardback from Amazon, The City Information Centre, Daunt Books (Cheapside), St Paul’s Cathedral Shop, or the Guildhall Library and the Guildhall Art Gallery, priced £12.50.  Also available as an eBook for PCs, Apple Macs, Kindle, iPad and iPhone priced £5.99 from Amazon and the Apple iBook store.

Farewell Greg, Hello Barton

Published on Wednesday, 20th May 2015
Liveryman Ken Whitcombe who many of you will have seen with his dog Greg writes

“Guide Dog Greg is now over 10.5 years Old, having  worked for me for nearly 9 years, you will have seen Greg at many Livery events over the years, being very generous with his Blond Coat, leaving samples on any dark suit nearby, he left so much behind him it’s a wonder he never went Bald.   In Greg’s Retirement he will become Paula my Wife’s Pet, being allowed to sniff  on walks & leave his mark on the local Lamp Posts.   Greg’s replacement is a Black Labrador  named “Barton”,  I am sure there will be much joy amongst the Liverymen  in our Company that they will no longer have to put up with seemingly Blond Hair on their suits, having to explain to their Partners, it’s Dog Hair, not the hair  of a Lady of the night.”

We look forward to welcoming Barton

Plumbed In For a Great Year!

Published on Tuesday, 19th May 2015
Dame Alderman Fiona Woolf , Plumbers Court Assistant with the IPM Nick Gale at Singleton Museum, and the replica of the lead planter presented to HM Queen

Dame Alderman Fiona Woolf , Plumbers Court Assistant with the IPM Nick Gale at Singleton Museum, and the replica of the lead planter presented to HM Queen

Emerging from Purdah the Late Lord Mayor Looks Back with a personal reflection on 2014…….

People keep asking me what were the highlights of my year as Lord Mayor and my reply is that it was all about the people and the things we did together. The other frequently asked question is about whether we had enough time in a year to accomplish everything that we wanted to achieve. The answer to that is that Nicholas and I are amazed at how much we were able to do and what we accomplished – it was all in the planning!

The Plumbers feature in both responses.  I cannot tell you how touched I was by all the interaction that I had with the Plumbers in the planning and throughout the year. The support for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and all the events was significant and very visible. The Plumbers are a shining example of a Livery Company that continues to polish up its role to be relevant to society and I am proud to be one of its Liverymen.

For the full article click here.



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First across the line but have we won? Unfortunately not.

Published on Saturday, 16th May 2015
The Crew

The Crew

The Crew

The Crew

Crew & Supporters

Crew & Supporters

At 1751 the Clerk reported “First over the finish line again by a considerable margin but will have to wait and see how the handicap works out. Beautiful sailing weather.”

2225  “Second place; Lightmongers first; Innholders third and fourth”

The Annual Banquet

Published on Tuesday, 12th May 2015

Some 300 Plumbers and their guests celebrated the 650th anniversary of the grant of Ordinances to the Company by the Aldermanic Court in the sumptuous surroundings of the Mansion House last night. Their official guests included a full Civic team, several presidents and chairmen from Plumbing Engineering and Teaching bodies, senior members of the Armed Forces and seven Livery Masters, whilst there were many other Masters and Past Masters also present as private guests of the Livery. The stair guard was provided, as is usual for the Plumbers, by the Richmond Sea Scouts, whose commodore, John Porter, is about to retire after over 50 years of service of which 23 have been as commodore. The meal was delicious, accompanied by excellent playing from the London Banqueting Ensemble who gave a spirited rendition, to the delight of their audience, of the Post Chase Gallop (Koenig, Arr. Geary) The Master’s speech welcoming the Lord Mayor also put the celebrations into context with a wide ranging speech, during which the Lord Mayor (and also the principal guest) were presented with replica 17th century lead weights. The Lady Mayoress was also presented with one of the Plumbers’  650th anniversary stoles which arrived last week (and are now available to members on sale – please contact the Clerk for details). The Lord Mayor gave an excellent response, after which it was the turn of the Upper Warden to give her speech welcoming the guests and in particular the principal guest, Martin Baggs. Martin, CEO of Thames Water, was in fine form. He opened with a glass of Thames tap water in his hand, extolling its virtues. He put water delivery into context with references eg to water courses from the 13th century, the creation of the New River, the Bazelgette sewerage installations,  the need for at least one new reservoir for London, none having been built for over 40 years. Like the other speeches, it was a tour de force and we were all delighted that he had been able to accept our invitation. Afterwards, there was a stirrup cup before everyone went home. The clerk and his team are to be congratulated on working so hard to ensure everything ran so smoothly, and the stewards likewise for their great assistance during the evening.

Fo photos click here.

Our 650th.  Celebrating in style.  Book now

Published on Tuesday, 12th May 2015

As part of our programme of events and functions in this our Anniversary Year a very special Choral Evensong will be held on Tuesday 9th June 2015 at Temple Church, Temple, London EC4Y 7BB to be followed by a Champagne Reception in Inner Temple Hall to celebrate the 650th Anniversary of the granting of our Company’s Ordinances by the Court of Aldermen in 1365.

For downloadable flyer/booking form with map click here.

The evening will commence at 6.00pm with the Court of Assistants processing into Church with the Clergy and hopefully the Sheriffs of the City of London for the Choral Evensong conducted by our Company Chaplain and the Master of Temple Church. Sadly, the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress will be unable to join us. Our original Book of Ordinances from 1365 and our Royal Charter granted by King James 1 in 1611 will be on display in the Church coupled with a special display on the Magna Carta as part of its 800th Anniversary celebrations. The display will be open from 5.30pm. Following the Service we will be holding a Champagne Reception with canapés and bowl food in the Inner Temple Hall Gardens overlooking the Thames, weather permitting, or in the Hall if not. A map of Temple is attached, showing directions to and the location of Temple Church, Inner Temple Hall and its Gardens.  Dress for the evening is lounge suit or equivalent.

The Master and his wife Jane very much hope that you, your partner and family can join them on this very special evening.  Click on header for more.

For a map showing the location and travel suggestion click here.

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The Master’s Day Out at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum Sunday 14th June 2015

Published on Tuesday, 12th May 2015

Join the Master and his family in experiencing a unique day out in glorious Sussex countryside. The Plumbing Museum is located within the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum of historic buildings, which is set in fifty acres of the stunning South Downs National Park. The Museum was used by the BBC when filming ‘Life on a Tudor Monastery Farm’. It is a very special place where you can wander amongst a fascinating collection of nearly fifty historic buildings, dating from the 13th to the 19th century, many with period gardens. Woodland walks and a picturesque lake can also be enjoyed.

For full details and booking click here.

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Election of the Sheriffs – Wednesday 24th June 2015

Published on Tuesday, 12th May 2015

Liverymen who were admitted to the Livery before 31st May 2014 and who wish to vote for the Sheriffs and other Officers should note that you are summoned to meet at the Guildhall on Wednesday 24th June 2015 by 11.45am. The Lord Mayor will take the chair at 12 noon precisely.

The Worshipful Company of Pewterers have kindly invited us to join them for lunch afterwards on the 24th June.  Names by 11th June at the latest.  For details and booking form click on the heading.

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Celebrating 650 years at the Mansion House

Published on Tuesday, 12th May 2015

The Plumbers Annual Banquet held at the Mansion House on Monday 11th May was a great occasion with lots of good fellowship.  It was however a “Different Banquet”, a fact recognised by our own Company Chaplain,  Liveryman The Revd Fr Philip Warner who led us in giving thanks at the start of the evening.

It was at a different banquet,
But in this very same place
When the Master said to me:
“Chaplain; write us a rhyming grace

For our Plumbers’ banquet, where we sit amid our plate and treasures.
But ensure that you include a reference to “weight and measures.”

Yes, our company is in its 651st year
A fact which to our eyes brings many a manly tear
Of pride, for all our company has in the past achieved.
And all it will do in the future, if our Clerk is to be believed.

So Friends, before we sit to sup
Our sumptuous banquet, which will conclude with the loving cup,

Let us send up our thanks to the Lord our God,
and praise him with heart and thought
For the starter, fish course, main course, pud,
and the Late Bottled Vintage Port. Amen



Liverymen are invited to a Private Reception At Glaziers Hall 6th July

Published on Tuesday, 12th May 2015

Commissioned by Past Master Glazier Peter Doe and his wife, Liveryman Janet Doe, this stunning, large-scale work was designed by award-winning stained glass window designer and Glaziers’ Court Assistant Helen Whittaker of Barley Studios, York. The wall hanging (measuring 21.5ft X 5ft) is a complex tableau of glass-like embroidery and applique, and took prisoners, ex-offenders and volunteers engaged with Fine Cell Work’s textiles training programme 4,000 hours to create. It celebrates the relationship between the Glaziers Company and the River Thames and depicts the iconic landmarks bordering its banks from Tower Bridge to the Palace of Westminster.

The Master and Wardens of The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass and the Directors of Fine Cell Work invite you to a private reception at Glaziers Hall  to celebrate the dedication of a spectacular wall hanging designed by Helen Whittaker and produced by fine cell work, in the presence of the Lord mayor and Lady Mayoress and Sheriffs, accompanied by their consorts.

For details click here.

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Lead Planters – Made at Singleton

Published on Thursday, 7th May 2015
Phil Mead and Peter Cheesman

Phil Mead and Peter Cheesman

The Demonstration

The Demonstration

The Master went down to Singleton with PM Hamilton and PM Hopkinson to meet Liverymen Mead and Cheesman to have a look at the progress with the anniversary Lead Planters. He was pleased to say that they are nearly all ready and will be available to collect at the master’s day at Singleton. We are looking forward to a good turn out as both Phil and Peter will be demonstrating how the planters have been made. The planters are very heavy (47Kg) so if this will create any difficulty for anyone please let the Office know.

The pictures show Phil and Peter with the planters and  visitors watching a demonstration at the workshop.   To see bot pictures click on the article header.

Supporting the Bridge Ward Club

Published on Thursday, 7th May 2015

The Company was well represented at the Bridge Ward Club’s St Georges Day Banquet at the Mansion House. Being the Lord Mayor’s Club it was a special occasion with the full civic party in attendance.  The Clerk and Sue were also in attendance.

If you are interested in joining click here.

Get Up and Go! Past Steward Mike Horwood Rides for The Plumbers’ Charity

Published on Thursday, 7th May 2015
A long way from home

A long way from home

Yes, he is at it again and with your support (financial that is) keen cyclist Mike is aiming to raise at least £2,000 for the Company’s Charity to help its support to plumbing apprentices, injured Servicemen, deprived Children and other worthy causes..

This time he is off to Mongolia and the Gobi Desert to pit himself against some of the most inhospitable conditions in the world. Over a period of eleven days starting on the 24th June 2015 he will pedal exhaustingly somewhere between 45 and 82 kilometres per day camping out overnight each day. The route traverses desert, mountains and vast open plains, where most riding surfaces will include dirt roads,sandy patches, rocky descents and tracks through the grass steppe. He hopes to return to UK on the 11th July.

In the Company we have about 330 Liverymen and for Mike to raise the £2,000 he is aiming for, it only needs a contribution of at least £10 from every Liveryman to easily exceed his target. Please support him. You can make a BACS payment to the Charity, Sort Code number 16:00:15, account numbet 23161802, using the reference ‘24Jun15 and your surname’.  Alternatively you can send a cheque to the office made payable to ‘The Worshipful Company of Plumbers Charitable and Educational Trust’. If you could do so before Mike sets off on the 24th June, we will be able to give him a great boost.

A final thought – if Mike can show this initiative to raise funds for our Charity, perhaps you, might also think up some way in which you too could do something similar. Our Charity is in your hands.

Learn more from experts in our Company

Published on Tuesday, 5th May 2015
RSPH Summer Series of Water Webinars

A chance to hear and see on screen some experts who are also members of the Worshipful Company of Pumbers

Following the success of their 2014 webinar series, the Royal Society for Public Health is continuing their water hygiene education programme with a further webinar programme this June.

There will be five free 60 minute webinars which will bring together international experts to debate and share best practice from a global perspective and offer delegates the opportunity to ask questions. Each will focus on a different aspect of water safety, with many sessions exploring issues with a much wider application, including water fittings regulations and private water supplies.  For details click here.

 New Threats and Emerging Diseases  Wednesday 10th June, 1-2pm BST

Speaker: International Freeman Professor Jamie Bartram, (the speaker at the Plumbers’ Lecture this year),  Director, The Water Institute, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Chaired by: Dr Susanne Lee FRSPH, Director of Leegionella Ltd and Chair, RSPH Water Special Interest Group, UK.

Designing our Water Systems Wednesday 17th June, 1-2pm

Speakers: Liveryman Martin Shouler, Global Skills Leader for Environmental Services Engineering, Arup. Robin Levien RDI, Product Designer and Director, Studio Levien

Chaired by: Liveryman Kevin McCallister Eng Tech MCIPHE RP, National President, The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering

Clean Hands need good Plumbers

Published on Tuesday, 5th May 2015

Webinar on Hand Hygiene in Health Care Facilities: Tuesday 5 May, 15:00 Central European Time
The Global Public Private Partnership for Hand washing will be hosting a webinar in conjunction with World Hand Hygiene for Health Care Day.  Hear from experts from the World Health Organization, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Johns Hopkins University on the importance of hand hygiene, the current state of practices and lessons learned from the recent West Africa Ebola Outbreak.  You can join the discussion by clicking here.

Save lives: Clean Your Hands Campaign, Tuesday 5 May 2015
This year’s annual day to recognize hand hygiene among health workers commemorates ten years of the WHO Clean Care is Safer Care programme (2005-2015).  Hand hygiene is an important element of infection prevention and control . WSH is working to support and complement such efforts through improving water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities.  To join the campaign and learn more click here.

A Springtime Metamorphosis!

Published on Tuesday, 5th May 2015
Liveryman Paul Nash and his wife, Sue.

Liveryman Paul Nash and his wife, Sue.

Our Clerk, who you may know as Air Commodore Paul Nash underwent a transformation at the Court meeting on 29th April.  Shedding his gown as Clerk he took his place at the end of the Court table and solemnly read the Oath of a New Liveryman.  The Beadle, Peter Thompson, then followed the instructions of the Master and clothed Paul as a Liveryman.

Paul had been proposed by the previous Clerk, now a Past Master, Antony Paterson-Fox and seconded by Past Master David Hamilton who appointed Paul as our Clerk.  The ceremony was witnessed by Sue, Paul’s wife.  The members of the Court gave Paul an enthusiastic welcome in his new guise.

In an address to the Court, Paul admitted that joining the Livery was his second best decision.  Find out what came number one by clicking here.

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New Liverymen

Published on Tuesday, 5th May 2015
Andy Leigh, The Master, Paul Nash

Andy Leigh, The Master, Paul Nash

At the Court meeting on Wednesday 29th April, Paul Nash a Livery Company Clerk, (proposed by PM Antony Paterson-Fox, seconded by PM David Hamilton) and Andy Leigh an IT Training Consultant (proposed by Lvy Nick Garai , seconded by Lvy David Beckway )were clothed in the Livery.  We welcome them both as Liverymen in our Company.

The UN World Water Development Report 2015, Water for a Sustainable World

Published on Thursday, 30th April 2015

The WWDR 2015 demonstrates how water resources and services are essential to achieving global sustainability. Taking account of economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability, the report’s forward-looking narrative describes how major challenges and change factors in the modern world will affect – and can be affected by – water resources, services and related benefits. The report provides a comprehensive overview of major and emerging trends from around the world, with examples of how some of the trend‐related challenges have been addressed, their implications for policy‐makers, and further actions that can be taken by stakeholders and the international community.

To download a copy go to the UNESCO website by clicking here.

April Livery Briefing

Published on Thursday, 23rd April 2015
The April Livery Briefing from the City of London Livery Committee can be found by clicking here.

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The Stewards recognise the IPM

Published on Thursday, 16th April 2015
Terry Wells, the IPM, John Carnaby, Ian Puddick, David Attwood, Peter Brown, Ken Newnham

Terry Wells, the IPM, John Carnaby, Ian Puddick, David Attwood, Peter Brown, Ken Newnham

Nick Gale, the Immediate Past Master, was recognised by the Stewards and Past Stewards at a recent luncheon in Ironmongers’ Hall.

Tutored Wine Tasting at Wax Chandlers’ Hall on Tuesday14 April

Published on Tuesday, 14th April 2015
Inhale the bouquet

Inhale the bouquet

A good evening

A good evening

More wine, Sir?

More wine, Sir?

Do you know your Chablis from your Marsannay? The Master and his lady together with 25 other Liverymen and their guests do following a splendid tutored wine tasting evening at Wax Chandlers’ Hall.

Once again we were fortunate to have Chris Davy Managing Director of O W Loeb Ltd to guide us through the delights of Burgundy wine with a selection of 4 “reds” and 4 “whites” from the region.

But like all good things the evening came to an end far too soon. However it did confirm – if confirmation was necessary – that experiencing  fine wines such as Auxey- Durresses or Rully Premier Cru with the help of an expert really does make a difference.

Plans are in hand to have another wine tasting evening next year. If you were not able to be present this year make sure you do not miss the next one. You will not regret it! Click here for more pictures.

Back in His Box

Published on Friday, 27th March 2015

The new lead coffin made for Richard III’s reburial is a reminder of the many uses of the metal.  Its creation coincides with an important anniversary, as Court Assistant Peter Rumley explains in the latest issue of Country Life pages 68 & 69.  Well worth buying a copy.

More pictures click here.

Hospital Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in developing countries – A challenge for plumbers.

Published on Wednesday, 25th March 2015

Complaints about NHS hospitals are on the news most days but what about developing countries. The WHO has just published a report “Water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities Status in low- and middle-income countries and way forward” .  One of the two authors is Prof Jamie Bartram of the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. who delivered our Annual Lecture this year.  Click on the header above for the 10 key findings and here for the full report.

WHO/UNICEF Report: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Health Care Facilities: status in low-and middle-income countries and way forward.  The 10 Key Findings

1. THE FOUNDATION FOR SAFE, PEOPLE-CENTERED HEALTH CARE: Improving the safety and quality of health care globally requires water, sanitation services (WASH) in all health care facilities.
2. THE LIMITING FACTOR: In low resource settings, WASH services in many healthcare facilities are absent.
3. THE QUALITY ISSUE: Estimates of water coverage in health care facilities decrease when reliability and safety of supplies is taken into account.
4. THE INEQUALITY ISSUE: Large disparities in WASH services in health care facilities exist between and within countries.
5. BEYOND HOSPITALS – WASH AT EVERY LEVEL OF CARE: Primary healthcare facilities have significantly lower WASH coverage than hospitals.
6. WHAT’S THE PLAN? National plans for WASH in health care facilities are lacking.
7. THE RIPPLE EFFECT: Improving services and WASH behaviours in health care facilities is achievable, and has positive ripple effects both for increased use of these facilities and on WASH practices in homes.
8. BETTER DATA IS NEEDED: Very little data is available, especially for sanitation and hygiene.
9. SECURING SUSTAINABILITY: International recognition of the need for global monitoring of WASH in health care facilities against an agreed global target may spur the establishment or revision of national targets.
10. TAKING ACTION: Urgent action is needed to address this situation.

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The End of a Victorian Sewer

Published on Tuesday, 24th March 2015

A vist was made to the Crossness Engines Trust by a group of plumbers and their wives led by the Master and Mistress Plumber.  It was 150 years ago that Joseph Bazalgette designed and built the sewage system of London.  On the southern side of the Thames the raw swage made it’s way to Crossness where it was necessary to install huge steam engine driven pumps the raise the effluent so it could enter the Thames Estuary.  Now long replaced by modern machinery, the original pumps are being restored by the CET.

We were all left in awe by he size of the pumps that contributed so greatly to the health of London.  To read more click here  and for pictures taken during our visit here.   Click on the last picture with a white camera showing – wait a few seconds.

Legionella Risk Assessment

Published on Monday, 23rd March 2015

The BSRIA have published their latest guide on “Risk assessment for Legionella”

Read a perspective by Reg Brown Head of Energy and Environment at BSRIA here. (page 14)  Access the download for the guide by clicking here.

Death of Liveryman Stanley Brand

Published on Monday, 23rd March 2015
It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Liveryman Stanley Rodney Brand. He was 91 years old and had been a Liveryman for 52 years; our fifth longest serving Liveryman.  Stanley was a great supporter of the Company and still regularly attended all our functions.  He passed away on 20 February after a short illness. We have just been notified by his daughter and at his request a small, private funeral has already been held. The Clerk has passed on our condolences; he will be missed.

Death of Liveryman Jonathan Brooks

Published on Wednesday, 18th March 2015
It is with much sadness that we have to announce that we have just been informed of the death of Liveryman Jonathan Patrick Marcus Brooks, who passed away on 27th February 2015. He had been a Liveryman since 2001.  His funeral will be held at Epping Forest at 2.00pm on 31st March 2015 and the Company will be represented by the Master.

Click on header for a contribution from Past Steward John Carnaby

“Sorry to hear about Jonathan.  Although I proposed him into the Company the last time I saw him was at the Ladle Dinner couple years ago.

Below are some brief details about him for your information, from his LinkedIn site.From Jonathan………….

Teaching has always been an important aspect of my work, and I have taught full time for the last 12 years in schools, colleges, and private training centres in the United Kingdom. I started my career with my own business and was in transport. I built up a liner service, owned ships, and went on to partially develop a new and original innovative idea to rationalise the distribution of LPG; in addition to greatly reducing the instances of road casualties, the scheme diverts the costs used to fund unnecessary lorry movements to educational values. I produced this scheme in 1986 at the instigation of the Health & Safety Executive and a copy is in the British Library. It was entitled ‘The Interdependency of Health & Manpower Potential In Heavy Labour Industries’.I teach Electrical Installation, and some Plumbing, construction related skills, and general science.

There is a song to the effect ‘I would like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love..’. These essentially are my objectives, through education, to use industry as a vehicle to create wealth and opportunity for all mankind, regardless of race, colour or creed. I am currently developing a new and innovative training scheme called ‘Ability & Potential Training’. This scheme will enable individuals to acquire all the skills to build a new house, and to recover the costs of the training from an actual practise construction, in countries such as Hungary or Bulgaria.”


Liveryman honoured by the CIPHE

Published on Saturday, 14th March 2015
John Smartt receives his Honorary Fellowship from Prof Rodney Cartwright, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

John Smartt receives his Honorary Fellowship from Prof Rodney Cartwright, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

At the dinner following the Annual Lecture, Liveryman and St Michael Medallion holder, John Smartt was recognized by the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering.  The Board Chairman, Past Master Prof Rodney Cartwright presented John with a certificate of Honorary Fellowship in recognition of his leadership and inspirational work for plumbing and the Chartered Institute.

Click on the header to read the citation

The citation reads

“In recognition of his outstanding commitment, dedication and service to the Institute over a period of more than 40 years and for his devotion to improving educational standards within the plumbing and heating industry.  Also, for his unprecedented tenure as Chief Expert in plumbing residing over four WorldSkills competitions.

For his outstanding work in the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Institute serving as National President in 1999, as Chairman of the Executive Council in 2000, for his experience and technical input to the work of disciplinary activities and his leadership of the Conference Committee.

In acknowledgement of his experience in assisting the training of Professional Standards Inspectors, for introducing the inaugural Level 4 advanced plumbing mechanical services course in 2007 and more recently for his expertise in facilitating meetings as Chairman of the Election & Enrolment Committee.

It is the opinion of the Board that John is a most worthy candidate for this award.

Given under the Seal of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering”

Four New International Freemen of the Company

Published on Saturday, 14th March 2015
Stuart Henry, Russ Chaney, Jamie bartram

Stuart Henry, Russ Chaney, Jamie bartram

Assistant Robert Burgon welcomes Shayne Le Combre

Assistant Robert Burgon welcomes Shayne Le Combre

Following the conference on Plumbing for Health the Master inducted as International Members and Freemen of the Company

Stuart Henry from Perth Australia.  Principal Consultant at Aqua Global Consultants, Secretariat at World Plumbing Council, Owner/Principal at Aqua Global Consultants LLC, previous Managing Director at International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials R&T (IAPMO) Oceana

Russ Chaney from the USA. Past Chairman World Plumbing Council, previous Executive Director/CEO American Society of Plumbing Engineers, previous Chief Executive Officer International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials,

Jamie Bartram from the USA,  Don and Jennifer Holzworth Distinguished Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Director, The Water Institute at UNC, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

We welcome them all.   For more pictures click here.

At the recent meeting of the World Plumbing Council in Germany, Assistant Robert Burgon welcomed Shayne La Combre from Australia into the Company as an International Member and Freeman.  Shayne  is the Deputy Chair of the World Plumbing Council.  He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC).  PICAC is a unique facility offering world class training.  Prior to this Shayne held many senior plumbing positions including Director of Plumbing at Victoria’s plumbing industry regulator, the Plumbing Industry Commission.

How do we get such good photos of Livery events?

Published on Friday, 13th March 2015
We have many excellent photographs on the web site that have been taken at Livery functions.  They are the work of one of our Freeman who is also the Company photogreapher Michael O’Sullivan.  We thank him for all his support and all Liverymen are encouraged to visit his website by clicking here  Go to Online Gallery at the bottom of the page, then Livery Companies and then find our functions.  Not only will you see a wide range of pictures but will also have the opportunity of ordering prints for your own photograph album.

A Challenge in Packaging – The Annual Lecture

Published on Friday, 13th March 2015
the Master and Prof Jamie Bartram

the Master and Prof Jamie Bartram

The speaker at this year’s Annual Lecture, Prof Jamie Bartram from the  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill both informed and stimulated the audience at the Royal College of Physicians.  He left us with the thought that we cannot continue to use increasing volumes of water to flush away human excreta from our homes and buildings.  The water supply is not limitless and many large cities already have supply problems.  The challenge is to think outside the box for sustainable ways that we can use for the disposal of excreta.  Can we treat in our homes and package up solid material for collection?

Challenges were also presented at the conference on Plumbing for Health held during the day in conjunction with the Royal Society for Public Health, CIPHE, SNIPEF and SoPHE.  Some of the feed back can be found by clicking on the header.  For pictures click here.

A well organized and educational event. It would be my pleasure to participate in future such events for the betterment of health and safety of the public via the Plumbing Industry collaborative efforts.

Billy Smith, FASP, Executive Director/CEO, American Society of Plumbing Engineers

It really was marvellous and would have raised our profile significantly as a result.  The quality of the presenters was one thing but the quality of the audience was also excellent. It’s credit to us in attracting such high calibre people.

Steve Hodkinson, The Master, Worshipful Company of Plumbers

It was an excellent day

Seán Kearney, WorldSkills Foundation

I really enjoyed yesterday and learnt a lot.  The whole day was a great success

Ant Wilson BSc(Hons) CEng FCIBSE FEI FSFE MSLL, AECOM Fellow 2011, Director – Sustainability & Advanced Design – Building Engineering

We’ve had so much positive feedback on the conference

Janice Constable, Membership and Events Director, Royal Society for Public Health

Yesterday was a memorable event for all the right reasons.  The programme was really stimulating and thought provoking.

Dr Susanne Surman, BSc PhD MIBiol CBiol FRIPH FIFST MWMSoc, Leegionella Ltd

I had an excellent day, awkward questions included! It was thoroughly thought provoking and inspiring. I particularly enjoyed Jamie’s lecture; the Q&A afterwards and the vision for the future of plumbing for health, that emerged.

Steve Currid, Head of New Product Development, Pegler Yorkshire Group Limited

Aston Martin Visit 30 April FULLY BOOKED

Published on Monday, 9th March 2015

2015 marks the 60th anniversary of Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell. It is the historic home of the sports car maker and the place where 15,000 cars were hand-built between 1955 and 2007. Now an approved global heritage service and restoration facility as well as a new car dealership it is possible to view, purchase, service and restore cars from every era of the marque’s 101 years at Aston Martin Works.

For flier and booking click here.  Waiting list ONLY

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United Guilds’ Service – St Paul’s Cathedral – Friday 20th March 2015

Published on Monday, 9th March 2015
St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral

Lunch at Plaisterers' Hall

Lunch at Plaisterers’ Hall

The Annual United Guilds’ Service will be held in St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday 20th March 2015 at 11.15am and the Company has received its limited allocation of tickets for the Livery Company’s reserved seating area as usual. If Liverymen wish to attend and occupy a seat in the Company pew, please click here, complete and return the slip as soon as possible.

Wives and partners are very welcome to attend the service, but seats for them are in a separate area and are not reserved.  Please do note this as it causes embarrassment if we have to move individuals from reserved seats.  There should be no entry to the reserved seating area without a ticket and everyone must be seated by 10.55am.

After the Service, the Worshipful Company of Plaisterers’ Hall has kindly invited us to join them for lunch in their Hall.

Costs are: Service only – £10.00. (Donation to the Cathedral)
Service and Lunch £70.00 (including VAT)

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Tower Bridge Visit 2

Published on Saturday, 7th March 2015
The group behind the steam driven hydraulic pumps

The group behind the steam driven hydraulic pumps

The group in the control room

The group in the control room

“The second behind the scenes tour of Tower Bridge took place on Thursday 5th March 2015 with a group of twelve Liverymen and their guests. A sincere thanks to Steward Daphne Barber for organising both trips which were thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. An early dinner afterwards in St Katherine’s Dock proved very successful.”

St Magnus Patronal Service 16th April

Published on Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Join the Lord Mayor, the Master and Clerk  at this important  service of Solemn Vespers at our church St Magnus the Martyr.  Click here for details

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650th Anniversary Banquet – Monday 11th May 2015

Published on Monday, 2nd March 2015
Martin Baggs

Martin Baggs

Our Banquet to celebrate our 650th Anniversary will take place at the Mansion House on Monday 11th May 2015.  I am delighted to say that The Lord Mayor The Right Honourable Alderman Alan Yarrow will be attending accompanied by The Lady Mayoress, together with Sheriff Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley and his consort and Sheriff Fiona Adler and her consort.

For details click here.

The Mansion House Duty Officer Tim Rolph will also be attending.  Our guest speaker will be Martin Baggs, the Chief Executive of Thames Water.  Prior to taking up the role of CEO of Thames, he was an Executive Director with the Macquarie Infrastructure Funds with responsibility for the portfolio of utility investments across Europe. Martin has a long career in the water industry with previous roles including Managing Director at South East Water and Operations Director at Southern Water. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a member of the Worshipful Company of Water Conservators.

The Master and Wardens invite you to join them and our distinguished guests for this special occasion. We are also looking forward to having The London Banqueting Ensemble to play for us during the reception and dinner and a Carpet Guard will be provided by the Richmond Sea Cadets.  It promises to be a wonderful evening.

This Banquet is the highlight of the Company’s year. The Egyptian Hall of the Mansion House is a spectacular venue and offers those who wish to attend the chance to dine with their family, friends and business associates at the official residence of the Lord Mayor.  The evening will start with a sparkling wine reception, with the opportunity to have your photograph taken with your guests, followed by dinner with wine and port and concluding with a stirrup cup. Those who have attended previous banquets will know what a special event it is, with a mixture of formality and the warmth of our Company.

There are no restrictions on the number of guests, except there is an overall maximum of approximately 300. May I remind you that this is an ideal opportunity to introduce potential Liverymen, holders or former holders of public or civic office, or professional or business colleagues. Liverymen may also bring their partners and adult family members as guests.

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Behind the Scenes Visit to Tower Bridge

Published on Sunday, 1st March 2015

On Thursday 26th February 2015, liverymen and guests met at Tower Bridge to take the “Behind the Scenes Tour.”  Gunta our guide explained it would be a tour in three parts, first was the walkways and new glass floors. Glenn was our guide for the control room, the hydraulics and Bascule chambers,(see photo).  Finally Gunta gave us a tour of the Engine rooms, which were followed by dinner. Past Master Alec Moir gave the vote of thanks.

Plumbing for Health

Published on Sunday, 1st March 2015

We are almost there!!  Have you booked your place for this fantastic conference and the Annual Lecture.  Expert speakers for the UK and the USA.  Do not miss this opportunity to get CPD credits.

For details click conference or lecture.

Master’s Weekend – Visit the Champagne Country

Published on Sunday, 1st March 2015

The Master says “Continuing our 650th celebratory theme this year we will travel to Reims in the heart of Champagne, visit the key sites in this beautiful city and of course, visit champagne houses and enjoy some tastings. On the Saturday evening we will dine in a private villa on the estate of a famous champagne house in Reims.”

Click here for coloured brochure and here for a booking form.

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Do Plumbers get confused or was it the SatNav?

Published on Wednesday, 25th February 2015

A bus stop near Guildford has recently acquired some new facilities.  After a full investigation the parish council reported that they have no idea who put the items there, so therefore have nothing to go on!

News and pictures by kind permission of The Guildford Dragon News (  Click on header to see bigger picture.

Out of the frying pan!! – Update

Published on Tuesday, 17th February 2015
The Team plus a supporter

The Team plus a supporter

The Master's daughter , Molly

The Master’s daughter , Molly

Livery Pancake Race Guildhall Yard

This is not a formal report but the Master was in the final race, so was his delightful daughter for the Ladies, but sadly whilst in the lead at first point of tossing the pancake I had a major calf strain on account of  excessive acceleration from stationary and lunging, so can hardly walk.  So I hobbled the rest of the way.  A great day and sun was lovely….f

Court Assistant Peter Rumley

and from the Clerk

The Master and his daughter Molly each won their respective heats, but were beaten in a photo finish in each of their finals.  Peter as you can read above unfortunately hobbled in last in his heat; but at least he didn’t fall over this year despite his cheap shoes! Ian Puddick, who was our fancy dress entry, sadly had to pull out at the last minute due to work commitments, so we will never know what he was going to wear! Nevertheless, it was another fun event in glorious sunshine.  Why not come along next year and support our team, it’s held every Shrove Tuesday, which next year is 9th February 2016

Kings and Plumbers

Published on Friday, 13th February 2015

Liveryman Jon Castleman Makes Richard III’s Lead Coffin
Liveryman Jon Castleman, Chairman of Norman & Underwood Ltd,  has just completed the fabrication of the lead ossuary to take the remains of Richard III, and will  be interred in Leicester Cathedral on 26th March this year.  The ossuary will have a  softwood cradle constructed around the lead casket to keep the lead away from the coffin’s oak, as the tannin in the oak will corrode the lead over time.  The maker of the oak coffin is Canadian born Michael Ibsen, a direct descendent of Richard III’s eldest sister Anne of York, Duchess of Exeter (1439-1476),  who is a cabinet maker working in London. Michael was discovered through DNA sampling.  The casket is 1.7m long, 350mm wide and 255mm deep.

Update  See full article in March 25 Country Life. on p 68 Now on sale

United Guilds’ Service – St Paul’s Cathedral – Friday 20th March 2015

Published on Tuesday, 10th February 2015

The Annual United Guilds’ Service will be held in St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday 20th March 2015 at 11.15am and the Company has received its limited allocation of tickets for the Livery Company’s reserved seating area as usual. If Liverymen wish to attend and occupy a seat in the Company pew, please click here.

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Our Annual Lecture plus a Conference – Plumbing For Health

Published on Tuesday, 10th February 2015

Plumbing for Health

The Plumbers’ Annual Lecture given by Professor Jamie Bartram, an international leader in water, sanitation and health, on World Plumbing Day 11th March.  For details and booking form click here.  Information on our lecturer can be found here.

NOTE Please Pay by BACS (internet transfer) to sort code 16-00-15 account number 23161802 using reference “Lecture – Your Surname” and send e-mail to to confirm payment. Alternatively you can pay by cheque made payable to “Worshipful Company of Plumbers, Charitable and Educational Trust

This year we are also pleased to invite you to partake during the day in conjunction with the Royal Society for Public Health, CIPHE, SNIPEF and SoPHE, in opportunity to hear expert speakers from the UK and the USA on a range of topics concerning health, plumbing design and plumbing manufacturing. Reduced rates for Liverymen.

For details and booking click here.  The days programme click here

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Two New Master Plumbers

Published on Monday, 9th February 2015
Bryan Clark, The Master, Tracey Richardson

Bryan Clark, The Master, Tracey Richardson

At a recent meeting attended by the Lord Mayor Alderman Alan Yarrow, Master Plumber Certificates were presented to Bryan Clark Eng Tech MCIPHE RP and Tracey Richardson Eng Tech LCGI MCIPHE RP.  Many congratulatiopns top them both.  For details of the scheme leading to Master Plumber click here.

New Liverymen

Published on Monday, 9th February 2015
Roy Steptoe, Dean Manning, Geoffrey Etherington, The Master, Fred Busch, Janet Rivers and Joe Kershaw.

Roy Steptoe, Dean Manning, Geoffrey Etherington, The Master, Fred Busch, Janet Rivers and Joe Kershaw.

Six new Liverymen were admitted at the Court meeting last week.  We welcome them all.

Roy Steptoe (CEO Foreman Roberts), Dean Manning (MD Structuretone International), Geoffrey Etherington (Rtd Director Danfoss Randall) , Fred Busch (MD Leo Fittings), Janet Rivers (MD Plumbing Company) and Joe Kershaw (Snr Engineer Design Consultants)

Visit to Crossness Pumping Station 24th March

Published on Wednesday, 4th February 2015

As part of the 650th celebrations the Plumbers’ Company has a Special Private View to visit this cathedral of Victorian engineering and to see one of the massive beam engines in steam and the restoration project.

NOTE Corrected mobile number for Assistant Peter Rumley  Correct number 07920 400017

Whilst the Victorian Kew Bridge steam engines pumped Thames drinking water, Crossness steam engines spewed sewage to the east into the Thames, to be sucked away at high water. In essence, London acted as a massive human digestive system in-between. Beneath London Sir Joseph Bazalgette designed 165 miles of main sewers with 1,100 miles of local sewers, including interceptors; this being one of the great engineering achievements of the Victorian age.  The mighty Crossness engines (with village) were opened by the Prince of Wales in April 1865. Abbey Mills pumped sewage to the northern Barking outfall opposite. Most of the London system worked on gravity.  Whitstable oysters must have tasted ‘orrid…!

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1770 -The year of Past Master Warren

Published on Sunday, 1st February 2015


Click here

“Plumbers” are needed.

Published on Saturday, 31st January 2015

A major refurbishment of the Bridgenorth Cliff Railway is requiring the expertise of plumbers, reports Liveryman Dr Malvern Tipping,  Chairman of The Bridgnorth Castle Hill Railway Company Limited.

Click on the header above to see more.

The company has owned and operated Bridgnorth Cliff Railway since its incorporation in 1891. The railway opened on 7th July, 1892.

Presently, a specialist building conservation contractors, Stuart Preece & Sons of Ludlow, is undertaking a major refurbishment of the front elevation of the cliff railway’s Bottom Station. This work includes replacing some of the old Grinshill sandstone with new stone from the original quarry and the renewal of old brickwork to match the original.

The architect, Philip Belchere of Shropshire Council, has recommended that the vulnerable parts of the stonework be dressed with lead.  This is being undertaken but is taking much longer than expected but the results so far have been impressive and show that good “plumbers” in the true sense of the word (i.e those trained and working in the craft of leadwork)  still have a place in the modern world.

For more pictures of the leadwork click here and for the Company website  click here

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Another Reason to visit Cannon Street

Published on Thursday, 29th January 2015
Sir John Hawkshaw

Sir John Hawkshaw

See the plaque at the new Wetherspoons at Cannon Street that opens on 10 February.  The Plumbers have a mention on the plaque at the pub explaining why it is called the Sir John Hawkshaw.

Click on header to see plaque.

An Invitation to St George’s Day Civic Banquet

Published on Wednesday, 28th January 2015
This years President of the Bridge Ward Club is  Alderman Alan Yarrow, the Lord Mayor, and the Club is delighted to be able to celebrate this with a banquet at Mansion House on Thursday 23 April. The Club would like to see all who are involved in our Ward and an invitation is extended to all Liverymen in the Worshipfu lCompany of Plumbers.  Click here for full details.

Bookings are direct with the Bridge Ward Club

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Master Educator’s Seminar Series 2015

Published on Monday, 26th January 2015
The Company of Educators’ Master’s Seminars series aims to address an important educational topic each year.  This year’s series examines aspects of the internationalisation of education, some of which have been in the news very recently.   Peter Williams CBE, Master of the Company, would like to extend an invitation to the members of your Company to join us at this year’s seminars.   An outline of the programme can be viewed by clicking here.

There is no charge for the seminars and we welcome members and their guests.  All that we ask is that people let me know that they will be attending so we have an idea of numbers.

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A Past Master Constructor aims to become a Non – Aldermanic Sheriff

Published on Thursday, 22nd January 2015

Dr Christine Rigden , Past Master Constructor, a Liveryman of the Masons and the Tylers & Bricklayers Companies and a Freeman of the Educators Company, has declared her candidacy for election as Non-Aldermanic Sheriff in 2015.  You can read her involvement in the City and her professional life as a consulting engineering geologist by clicking here.

The Master and IPM visit BPEC

Published on Wednesday, 21st January 2015
The Master, Frank Glover, Paul Johnson and the Immediate Past Master

The Master, Frank Glover, Paul Johnson and the Immediate Past Master

The Master, Steve Hodkinson, and the Immediate Past Master, Nick Gale, visited Frank Glover, Chairman BPEC and Paul Johnson, Chief Executive at their Derby headquarters today.
The meeting discussed the changing training needs of the industry in light of the regulatory and technical developments and how our two organisations can better work together in the future.
The Master and the Immediate Past Master also introduced BPEC to our new Corporate Membership category.

Pancake Day is here again.  Support our team

Published on Wednesday, 21st January 2015

Thirty Livery Companies are taking part and our team members for the 4 categories of races are:

Masters’ Race         – The Master, Steve Hodkinson
Liverymen’s Race   – Assistant Dr Peter Rumley
Ladies’ Race            – Molly Hodkinson (The Master’s daughter)
Novelty Race           – Steward Ian Puddick (we look forward to seeing what fancy dress he will be wearing this year!)

Come along and watch the event – it’s great fun and all in aid of charity.  Bring your family and friends as extra supporters and show them the fun of the Livery . The races start at 12.00 noon and last for just over an hour.  Hot soup and a buffet lunch will be provided after the races  for spectators to purchase – watching the races is free.  You must buy your soup/lunch tickets in advance direct from the caterer, cost £25 a head.  Please call “The Cook & The Butler” (the caterers) on 020 7620 1818 or e-mail: to make the booking

Golfers – get your Clubs ready

Published on Wednesday, 21st January 2015

Don Munro once again has put together an exciting and challenging set of matches for Livery Golfers.  Great fellowship and the opportunity to win a trophy.

Click here for details.  Have your diary ready.

Our own events:-

28th May  Brookmans Park Golf Club   This is a new venue for us. Our new captain, Past Master Chris
Sneath, is a member here and has kindly organised this date. It will take the place of the West Essex
event we have held for the past few years.
Entirely informal. An opportunity to meet and play with your fellow livery golfers.
Bacon roll, 18 holes and lunch.

31st July  New Zealand Golf Club  Our main event for members and guests.
18 or 36 holes with lunch and afternoon tea.Bring some friends and support the society.

Inter-Livery events

21st May  Prince Arthur Cup   Walton Heath  36 holes   Teams of 4
The most prestigious inter-Livery competition with 54 Livery Companies taking part.
We need 4 golfers who can handle 36 holes and a memorable lunch. Ideally handicaps less
than 20. Entries need to be completed by the end of March. A day to remember!

29th June  Verulam Golf Club  18 holes   Teams of 4  The Inter-Livery Ryder Cup
This popular competition has grown in size over the past few years, but I understand that
this year entries will be somewhat restricted. However our entry has been accepted.
An enjoyable day organised by the Marketors.

1st July  Sunningdale Ladies Golf Club a singles competition over 18 holes
A friendly outing on a charming course.Organised by the Painter-Stainers.

23rd July  Hartley Wintney Golf Club 18 holes organised by the Airline Pilots
A charity golf day.

4th September  Wildernesse Golf Club  18 holes   Singles.
Organised by the Firefighters and Painter-Stainers.   One of the oldest courses in Kent.
Last year David Hannam came 2nd after finishing 3rd the previous year. A win is due!
Fuller details will be available in due course. At this stage it will be helpful to know the expected
level of support.

Let me know which events interest you. The annual subscription remains at £10.
Don’t forget we now have a Livery golf shirt which can be bought from the Livery Office
for £25.
Contact:-            Phone  07799451088
address     38 Beaufort Lodge, Grove Road, Woking   GU21 5FG

Please support the golf society during the Livery’s 650th Anniversary year.

Record Numbers Dine at the “Plumbers’ Table”

Published on Tuesday, 20th January 2015
It was a sell out!  57 Liverymen and their guests joined the Master Steve Hodkinson and his wife Jane at the magnificent  Ironmongers’ Hall  for lunch on Monday 19 January. A  sparkling wine reception was held in the Hall’s Drawing Room – a room noted for the country’s largest William Morris tapestry hung in place of wall paper. From there we moved into the delightful Banqueting Hall for a delicious three course lunch with plentiful wine and coffee.  Needless to say the event held in such glorious surroundings was judged a great success.

The “Plumbers Table” was in fact the fifth lunch to be held at Ironmongers’ Hall – a fixture that seems to have become a regular and extremely popular feature in the Company’s social programme. When it was originally mooted the “ Table’s” aim  was to create a modestly priced, relaxed and informal social event which would enhanced the Livery’s reputation for outstanding fellowship.  Moreover it had to be open to all Liverymen, their partners, friends and business associates and provide a way for new comers to find out more about the Livery.
Given the numbers that the event now regularly attracts it is clear that the formula works. More “Plumbers’ Tables” are planned, the next one being on Monday 7 September. If you have not been along do come and join us.

Snr Stewar Ken Newman

Ask the Master or Clerk – What is that yellow badge you are wearing?

Published on Wednesday, 14th January 2015

No, the Master and Clerk have not become members of the local train spotting club but are proudly declaring to everyone that the Worshipful Company of Plumbers is 650 years old.  Now for the really good news – YOU can get a badge at no cost.  Yes, no cost to you at all, just contact the Clerk NOW and wear your badge with pride.

The Web Master does, however, remind you that this would be an ideal opportunity to make a donation to our own charity.  For details click here.

The Master and Clerk visit the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering

Published on Wednesday, 14th January 2015
The Master, the CIPHE Chief Executive and the Clerk

The Master, the CIPHE Chief Executive and the Clerk

The Master and Clerk are invited annually to visit the CIPHE offices in Hornchurch.   Wide ranging discussions are held with the purpose of exploring ways in whch we can work together and support each others programmes.  After today’s visit the Master stated ” I had a very interesting and informative visit to CIPHE headquarters this morning with the Clerk. We met their Chairman, Past Master Rodney Cartwright and the Chief Executive Liveryman Kevin Wellman. The CIPHE is a marvellous organisation doing great work in promoting excellence in our industry. I was particularly impressed with their  new e-learning courses which provide a great facility for ongoing technical development of practicing plumbers.”

The training of Plumbers is changing

Published on Monday, 12th January 2015
Liveryman Kevin Wellman

Liveryman Kevin Wellman

Read the recent article by Liveryman Kevin Wellman, CEO of the CIPHE by clicking here.

Downloadable documents

Death of Liveryman Kenneth Evans

Published on Monday, 12th January 2015
It is with much regret that we have just learnt of the death of Liveryman Kenneth Evans on 28th August 2014.  Kenneth joined the Livery in 1998 and was a member for 16 years; he had retired to Yorkshire.  The Clerk has passed on condolences from the Company.

When will London Flood?

Published on Wednesday, 7th January 2015

This time last year the UK was facing the worst floods it had seen in years.  Fortunately for London, its defences weren’t breached; but how safe are we?

The WET 10 Group of Livery Companies invite you to join them at this year’s City Water Debate at 6.00 for 6.30pm on Monday 2 March 2015 at Glaziers’ Hall to discuss this.  We are extremely fortunate to have 2 eminent speakers to lead the debate, Dr Paul Leinster, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency and Prof David Balmforth, President of the Institute of Civil Engineers and Independent Advisor to Thames Water and the GLA on flooding in London.
The event is free and following the debate, there will be a drinks and canapé reception at about 7.45pm, with carriages at 9.00pm.

Places limited see flyer and apply NOW

Downloadable documents

Doing anything on Burns Night?

Published on Monday, 5th January 2015
Once again, the Painter Stainers will be celebrating the life of Robbie Burns at Painters’ Hall with a traditional Burns Night Supper which will be held at Painters’ Hall on Wednesday, 21 January 2015.  They invite members of other Livery Companies to join them.  For details click here.  NB Applications to Painter Stainers NOT our office.

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Plumbers’ Court Assistant becomes a Dame

Published on Thursday, 1st January 2015

The Members of the Plumbers’ Company are delighted that Court Assistant Alderman Fiona Woolf  has been honoured in the New Year’s Honours and will become Dame Fiona Woolf.  A well deserved recognition of all her work for the legal profession and the City.