Master’s Visit To Amberley

Company News From the Master

The Master visited the Plumbers’ Museum Workshop Trust on Wednesday 28 August 2019 with her family.

The Master casting lead with (L to R) PM John Lockyer, a Director of the Plumbers' Workshop Trust; Richard Vernon, Chairman of the Amberley Craft Museum; PM Edward Hopkinson, also a Director of the Plumbers' Workshop Trust and volunteer demonstrator Liveryman Peter Cheesman

The Master recounts her “visit yesterday with my family to Amberley and our magnificent facility in the Gin Building. We could not have had a more interesting and exciting time. The granddaughters (7 and 5) were fascinated by the lead casting of their hands. I had no idea that the molten lead was four times hotter than boiling water. Everyone can feel very pleased and proud – it looks very inviting from the outside and is full of interest and style on the inside.

We all loved the rest of the Museum and the other crafts and exhibitions – full of variety and things to do, press and ride on. It was very hard to drag ourselves away. This was a great day out for us at all ages (especially my engineer son-in-law)!

Thank you all for the time you spent with us. Amberley really deserves to be better known!”

Why not pay it a visit too? It’s very easy to get to and even has its own railway station – just click on the link above to see what’s there and how to get there.