Master’s Blog 14

City News From the Master

Pancakes in the rain! Read all about it.


Organised by the Worshipful Company of Poulters (in collaboration with “The Cook and Butler), the Inter Livery Race was something that the Mistress Plumber and I were looking forward to. However, it was only a few weeks ago that the organisers confirmed that the Plumbers could enter a full team this year (we had not participated last year).

Unfortunately, the weather forecast proved to be accurate this morning and we arrive at the Guildhall Yard in rather damp and extremely cold conditions to be advised that there would be no running this year. For the first time in the history of the race, the “British Weather Clause” is invoked and the race around the Guildhall Yard is replaced by the alternative competition of seeing how many pancakes can be tossed in a fixed time.

The Plumbers’ team is ably led and organised by Clerk’s Assistant Sharon Sibthorpe and consists of the Master, the Mistress (who participates in the ladies’ event), Assistant Janet Rivers, who competes in the Liverymen “race” and Steward Damon Reynolds who bravely agreed to participate in the Novelty Race. Damon offered a choice of costumes (which either had to reflect the Lord Mayors’ charities or his Livery Company, both of which are shown in the photos attached. Damon is shown in the group photo as the most famous plumber in the world, Super Mario. His other outfit, which he wore in the competition, represents the “Sugar Plumber Fairy”.
It is good to report that all members of the Plumbers’ team demonstrate appropriate skill in the art of tossing pancakes (some of which disintegrate during the competition). None of us are winners in our respective groups but we all have a great time and are glad that we have had the chance to participate. It was also good to be cheered on by Past Master Antony Paterson-Fox and his wife, Diana, Steward Clive Sofaer and his wife Sheila, our Clerk Pieter and Liveryman Joe Sibthorpe.

The “Race” is followed by a lovely buffet lunch in the Guildhall Crypts.