Master Visits The Fatberg

Company News

Taller than Tower Bridge and the weight of 14 double-decker buses- that was one description of the mass of waste discovered in the sewers in Whitechapel which became known as the Whitechapel Fatberg. Consisting of fats, oils, wet wipes and various other unmentionables which had found their way into the sewage system, this was the largest such mass discovered to date. The curators at the Museum of London came up with the idea of preserving two small portions of the Whitechapel Fatberg as part of an exhibit which seeks to educate the public about things which should not be flushed or put down drains.

Following a grant from the Company’s Charitable and Educational Trust to assist in mounting this exhibition, the Master and Liveryman Peter Cheesman (with Peter’s wife, Debbie) visited the Museum on Friday 11 May 2018 and were given an explanation of the project and the processes used in preserving the samples for safe display to the public. While there, they chatted to visitors about the importance of treating our drains better!

It is understood that a stage musical is planned based on the story of the Whitechapel Fatberg- watch this space for further details as they emerge.