Master and Wardens Re-Installed Virtually

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The Court met virtually on 22 October 2020 to re-instal the Master and Wardens virtually; a first in our history.

The Virtual Court


Despite valiant attempts by Adrian our Clerk to get the Master, Wardens and IPM together at least for the ceremony under the “rule of six” regulations, the latest lockdown restrictions prevented even that, so it all had to be done from the comfort of our own homes.

The other unusual aspect was of course the fact that we were re-installing Dr Peter Rumley as Master, Nick Jones as Upper Warden and Paul Nash as Renter Warden for a successive year in office. This has happened 37 times before in our 655 year history (others have served more than once, but not in successive years), but never virtually. At the end of the Court meeting and with the gowns locked away in the office, the Clerk began the ceremony with the Master and Wardens wearing their jewels, only for the Master’s internet link to break! So the ceremony was completed with the Master on his mobile phone calling the Clerk on his mobile phone with the speaker switched on and the Court members watching and listening by video link over the internet. What an interesting start to the new livery year!

In another first, we also admitted Liveryman Gary Wingrove to the Court virtually as our latest Assistant. Gary can be seen third from the top in the left hand column of the image of the Court above. He is a key player in our corporate membership scheme and brings much expertise and enthusiasm to the Court; welcome Gary.

Despite setting history, the Master concluded by saying he hoped very much it would be the last virtual ceremonies we have to conduct.