Jailed & Bailed: my last stand as Master

Company News

On 31st January, Immediate Past Master Nick Jones doned the Master’s accoutrements for a final stretch [sorry IPM] at the postponed Jailed & Bailed from September 2022.

Centre back: IPM Nick Jones

What a way to finish my time as Master! Hauled up before the Sheriff, Alastair King, in Court number 3 at the Old Bailey, with 30 other Masters all facing outrageous trumped up charges, which emerged from a mysterious source!

Following the conclusion of the court hearing, we were all condemned to wear a ball and chain, loaded onto a Red Routemaster bus, and driven on a tour of the East End before landing up at the Tower of London.

Here we were taken into the HQ of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers where we were forced to consume copious quantities of Pol Roger Champagne (the sponsors of the event) and eat a hearty meal in the Regimental Restaurant guarded by Beef Eaters. My fingerprints were taken, and I had to accept this black mark for the sake of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers.

Finally, I was set free based on payment of my £1,020 bail, raised through generous support from members of the Company.

The event raised a total donation to the Red Cross in excess of £40,000, which I am sure will make a difference to a great number of people in distress, particularly in Ukraine where the Red Cross is deeply involved in relief efforts.

Immediate Past Master Nick Jones