Court Meeting – 28 January 2021

Company News

The Court held its first meeting of 2021, once again via Zoom, and in a first, installed five new liverymen virtually.

Once again, the Covid pandemic prevented the members of Court from meeting in person, but in a now well tried and tested procedure, we were able to meet virtually and conduct all our business very effectively. For those of you familiar with Zoom, the Clerk had control of the “Mute All” button, which ensured even greater effectiveness!

Although this was our third virtual meeting, we were able to instal five new liverymen virtually. In fact for four of them their whole admission process had been conducted remotely – we look forward to meeting them and their partners “in the flesh” as soon as possible.

Our new liverymen are:

Dr Adrian Buica.

Karl Chamberlain.

Alison Flint.

Bill McHenry:  an International Member returning to the UK and wishing to be a full Liveryman.

Victor McLachlan.