COP27 and the Climate Crisis

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Two Liverymen recently bumped into each other returning from COP27 in Egypt.

Professor Mala Rao and Martin Shouler returning from COP27

Liveryman Martin Shouler and Liveryman Professor Mala Rao had both been attending the international summit forum at which countries negotiate international climate agreements, particularly the Paris Agreement, which commits countries to try to limit global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial temperatures.

COP is the annual Conference of the Parties to the UN’s climate change framework and was held from 6th to 18th November 2022 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Much of the effects of climate change are, and will be felt through water – too much, too little, and will impact on public health.  Martin shared his experience building water resilience in countries across the Global North and the Global South including cities such Cape Town, Kigali, and Miami. Whilst Mala presented on the connection between health and climate change, especially for those in the most vulnerable communities.

This is an area of growing importance to the Company, and the Plumbers are members of the Livery Climate Action Group.

Liveryman Martin Shouler