Clerk’s Assistant, Sharon Sibthorpe is leaving

Company News

The Master has announced that Sharon Sibthorpe is leaving her position as Clerk’s Assistant. All of us who know Sharon will miss her hugely for her warmth, enthusiasm, and professionalism, as a welcoming and friendly presence in the office and at events.

Last day in the office, L-R Adrian Mumford, Sharon Sibthorpe, Debbie Abergil

Says Master David Adams:

I am sorry to tell you that the Clerk’s Assistant, Sharon Sibthorpe, has decided to leave her employment at the Worshipful Company of Plumbers. Her last working day will be the 25th of June 2024. We will all be saddened by this news, for sure, but we fully respect Sharon’s wish to move on in search of new challenges.

On behalf of all at the Plumbers Company, I thank Sharon for more than twenty years of diligent service to the Company. She has made a significant contribution and will be missed by many Liverymen and their families. Indeed, many of us have become good friends with Sharon over the years, and whilst we may be a little shocked by her decision, we wish her much success and happiness in the times ahead.

We regret that Sharon will not have the opportunity to work with our new Clerk, Debbie Abergil who takes up her later in the year, particularly since we know that Sharon has been excited and positive about Debbie’s appointment.

Sharon became an Honorary Freeman of the Plumbers’ Company in 2023 as a recognition of her twenty years of commitment and service. Today we reiterate that respect for that dedication to the Plumbers over many years. We will all hope to see Sharon and Joe at many Plumbers’ events in the future; they will always be very welcome.

I am pleased to say that Sharon and Joe will be at the Master’s Break on the Isle of Wight next week! This will give us a lovely opportunity to celebrate Sharon’s years of service, and to share good memories of this major period of her life.

Once more, we offer Sharon the heartfelt thanks of everyone at the Plumbers’ Company, and our warmest good wishes for her future health and contentment, and that of her family.