Catchpole & Rye – Showcasing the business

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Introduced by the Master Dr Peter Rumley, Liveryman Tony O’Donnell the MD of his family business took us on an on-line tour around the Catchpole & Rye showroom in Kent displaying his bespoke sanitary ware produced and manufactured for the luxury market.

Tony outlined the evolution from chamber pots to toilets with running water in the 19th century, the basic design of which has not altered.

An on-line shot of the antique ceramic toilet display

All of Catchpole & Rye’s products are modern developments of Victorian and Edwardian sanitary ware produced for their market which encompasses the whole world.  Clients include the famous and luxury hotels.

Their latest product, a copper heart shaped bath for two

A Zinc bath with the Harrods’ crest

A bespoke shower with rainwater head and surrounding spray jets

Tony gave us a fascinating presentation on the development of his business, the impact of the pandemic and his plans for the future as the markets start to open up again.  We were privileged to have him share this with us and to see some some stunning bathroom furniture.