Calling All Female Liverymen

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Your Charity Needs You!

For 15 minutes of your time we will donate £5 to the Plumbers’ Charity

Women in the livery (WIL), a working group of the Plumbers’ Membership Committee, is tackling diversity. We want more women to share the benefits of membership, but we need to find out why so few of us are joining at present. We invite you to share your experience by completing a short survey in order that we learn lessons on how to attract more women to join the Company.

The survey will take around 15 minutes and a link will be sent via email to all female members of the Company. You can complete it anonymously, but we welcome further feedback if you want to get involved. Not only will you be helping the Company, you will be helping those in need, for every survey completed, £5 will be donated to the Company Charity.

The survey will run for the month of February so look out for it appearing in your Inbox.

Thank you

WIL Members,


Sandra Raine Caroline Walsh       Julie Spinks         Janet Rivers  Sarah Oliver