A new message from our Almoner

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Caroline Walsh, our Almoner, has sent a new message to everyone as we enter the next phase of the coronavirus outbreak.

Dear All,

Hoping you are keeping safe.

As we head into the next phase of this pandemic I wanted to send you a little update and reach out for you. Thank you to all who have been in touch. Sharing both sad & happy times. I am here for you. I would like to hear your lockdown and easing into new normal stories.

Lockdown for me meant online volunteering with the local YOS service up to twice a week and a local church Food Project (also up to twice a week but on different days). I have also been supporting local charities like our local dementia charity (Age Exchange) partaking in Zoom quizzes and a virtual balloon race for Coronation Day in June (the Walsh’s did rather well virtually travelling the furthest before our virtual balloons burst😂)

I also got involved in the 2.6 challenge for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal wheeling 3 challenges of 2.6 miles or more in 3 days. I also informally took part in the Lord Mayor’s Appeal in July challenging us to run/ wheel over a mile a day for 31 days. As we ease into the new normal I have been able to return to swimming…but in the local lake. So far enjoying wild swimming. All so I can complete the Swimathon 2020.

During lockdown I honed my photography using my iphone. I have attached one for you to enjoy😎.

I also attempted to teach myself using clay…work in progress I am sure you will agree😂.

Please get in touch with your news & stories:


Mobile: 07789743333

Take care

Caroline xxx