A summer message from the Master

From the Master

The Master, Peter Rumley, updates the company on the latest news including plans for Company meetings and the re-scheduled Master’s Weekend.

Dear Livery,

After months of lockdown we appear to be lightening the regime which can only be good for business. Recently, the Clerk and I had a Zoom meeting with the Lord Mayor and several other Livery Company Masters. I was surprised to learn that some 75% of businesses in the City are SMEs. Such businesses included sandwich bars, gift-shops, restaurants, gyms etc., all of which are under threat of closing given C-19 and a lack of trade – the City is almost a ghost-town. Whilst there is a risk of spreading infection, it is important this is balanced with the economy and jobs.

Other Zoom meetings have taken place with the Clerk, Upper and Renter Wardens. And earlier this week there was a further Zoom meeting, hosted by the Lord Mayor, about the new Museum of London to be housed in the old Smithfield Meat Market. The meeting was chaired by Tim Marlow the Director of the Design Museum, discussing the project with the architect, Asif Khan, and Sharon Ament, the Direction of the London Museum.

Our Company business is conducted as normal as it can be with a Court meeting via Zoom next week.

The St Mawes Master’s Break is now set for 2021: –

  • Arriving Tuesday 28 September for two nights
  • Leaving Thursday morning 30 September.

There is a slight price increase on the room rate. The original booking was made over up over three years ago, such is the demand, and September is the only available slot. We are still having preferential rates, not to mention there has been no expense this year – a saving! The itinerary will be much the same – at least the sea will be warmer. Final details to be announced.

Given we were full very quickly, it is only right I should I offer places to the same people for a period of 1 month. If I have not received confirmation by those who originally signed up by the last day of July 2020 I will open it to the Livery.

I am delighted to see our Liveryman Melville Gumbs has been elected President of the CIPHE, following on from Liveryman Christopher Northey. I wish Melville an interesting and joyous year, and to Christopher, I congratulate him on having had a successful year as President.

We are still uncertain of the Company events and we will keep you all informed accordingly, and I very much look forward to seeing you all again soon.

In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful summer; a summer that may take us abroad..!

With every good wish, and as the saying goes – stay safe. I do not understand why the slogan was not “Coughs and Sneezes Spreads Diseases”. I was taught that at Kindergarten.