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Craft & Industry Work

We continue to strongly support the craft of plumbing and the associated industries. The support of education at all levels is a key part of this work. Plumbing is a live and advancing craft that is an essential requirement in modern society.

The Plumbing Journey - Proud to be a Professional

Would you like to find out more about the journey from leaving school to becoming a plumber and on to be a Chartered Engineer? There are different pathways for a rewarding career.

The Plumbing Journey: Download

A New Award - A Silver Medal

The recipients of the Silver Medal will all be trainee plumbers who have been outstanding whilst training.

Silver Medal Leaflet: Download

Worshipful Company of Plumbers Bursaries

A booklet describing available bursaries


Financial Assistance & Bursary Application Form

You may be eligible for financial assistance from the Plumbers’ Company through a bursary.

Bursary Application Form Open with Acrobat reader: Download

The J B Wilkinson Shield

The Centenary of the JB Wilkinson Shield was held by the Newcastle Branch of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering on behalf of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers on 17th October 2013. The Shield was awarded to new College Durham for the portfolio of Craig Milburn.

The Master of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers, Mr Charles Yuill, presented the J B Wilkinson Shield to a lecturer from the college and presented Craig with his awards, his certificate and a cheque for £200.


Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Plumber Certificates

Ongoing education and developments of skills is strongly encouraged. In partnership with the CIPHE and City & Guilds there is an active programme with over 250 Master Plumber certificates having been awarded.


St Michael Medallion

The Court in 1950, resolved to establish the St Michael Medallion award for distinguished service in Plumbing, limited to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of plumbing in the widest sense. The criteria and process for making an award were revised by the Court in 2001 and are attached.


Recipients of the St Michael Medallion

An Important Heritage Initiative The Conservation of Decorative Plumbing Leadwork Training

Our precious historic leadwork is under constant threat of theft, with some seven historic buildings having lead stolen on a daily basis. Just as alarming, a more silent covert threat has being working away for generations, which has, until now, been totally ignored by the heritage sector, and potentially affects every owner of an historic building, the lack of traditional plumbing craft skills.

Read more in the attached file


The WET10

Our involvement with WET10, and other livery companies related to water issues is another initiative we are active in. Visit the WET10 website.

Master Plumber Certificate presentation ceremony

Master Plumber Certificate presentation ceremony

We support plumbers and the plumbing industry in many ways.


Financial Assistance  - Bursaries provided by the Company are for student plumbers who would benefit from financial assistance as a direct result of progressing from NVQ Level 2 MES (Plumbing) to undertake NVQ Level 3 MES (Plumbing). 

Royal Navy - The award is for the best trainee qualifying in metalwork at The Royal Navy, HMS Sultan at Portsmouth.  

Army- The award is for best student qualifying in plumbing at The Royal School of Military Engineering at Chatham.

Royal Air Force - The award is for the best airframe technician who during further training receives Engineering Skills and Hydraulics at The Royal Air Force at RAF Cosford.


The Worshipful Company of Plumbers have supported the development of the profession for centuries and this objective is just as relevant today. The company offers a variety of awards to recognise exceptional work and bursaries to support trainee plumbers.
The Company awards include the following:

Gold Medal - for students  who have achieved the highest standard in NVQ Level 3 Certificate in MES (Plumbing). 

Silver Medal - for students who have achieved the higheststandard in NVQ Level 2 Certificate in MES (Plumbing).

J B Wilkinson Shield - administered by the Newcastle branch of the CIPHE for students who have achieved the highest standard in NVQ Level 2 Certificate in MES (Plumbing).

Plumbing Teacher Award - for colleges that teach the winning student in each of the National Plumbing Competition elements of the National Skillbuild Competition.

Leonard Hearsey Award - for volunteer demonstrators at the company's museum and workshop at the Weald and Downland Museum at Singleton.


Master, Journeyman and Apprentice Certificates Celebrating Career Development by Recognising Excellence in Achievement

Master Certificates were first introduced in 2001 by a partnership of City & Guilds, Livery Companies and Professional Bodies. The Master Plumber Certificate was soon followed by similar programmes for Carpenters, Joiners and Shopfitters.

Over 250 Master Certificates have now been awarded and it was felt that the pathway to "mastery" of a career founded on a specific skill required attention. Thus, two preliminary landmarks were introduced to encourage those who embark on a route to skilled employment to complete the journey.

The first of these is the Apprentice Certificate. This is an award for people who qualify by study, training, assessment or examination at NVQ Level 2, or equivalent, and thereby also obtain necessary work experience. Successful applicants also commit themselves to proceed to NVQ Level 3 as required by the "charge", or undertaking, that they accept on award of the Apprentice Certificate.

The next step is to reach the Journeyman point on the career pathway. At this position the skill traveller has achieved success at NVQ Level 3, or equivalent, and will be setting out to accumulate further experience. This will include supplementary qualifications and demonstrating an active interest in upholding professional standards. Therefore, the Journeyman's charge incorporates a pledge to continue with career development until ready to apply for the Master Certificate.

The precise details for Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Certificate awards are contained in folders provided for those who wish to follow this career path. The intention is to support national and public interest by encouraging students, trainees and apprentices to give of their best by recognising their achievements. At the same time, these awards confer status on individuals that has been earned.

Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Certificate Awards provide a compatible way for City & Guilds, City of London Livery Companies and Professional Institutions to work in partnership supporting Sector Skills Councils, Further Education establishments and industry. We are sure that determined people on skilled career paths will respond to a scheme that recognises excellence.