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Through our charity the Plumbers' help many people to live a better life

Our Charity

The Charity part of the Company (known formally as The Charitable and Educational Trust of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers) strives to change lives for the better. The trustees concentrate on plumbing projects and helping trainee plumbers. In recognition of being in the City of London they also support educational activities within or related to the City. All applications for assistance are considered. In the last year more than £23,356 was distributed in awards and grants.

Details of the Charity can be found on the Charity Commissioners website. Charity No 800043

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Awards and Bursaries for Trainees plumbers are described in the downloadable leaflet below.

For other requests to the Charity write to or telephone the Clerk Adrian Mumford Worshipful Company of Plumbers, Carpenters’ Hall, 1 Throgmorton Avenue, London EC2N 2JJ Tel: 020 7628 8880 Fax: 020 7628 8881

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Our Plumbing Museum and Workshop Trust in 2015 assisted in the training of a Japanese Plumber.

Kay is a post graduate student studying Metal Work Conservation at West Dean College, Singleton, West Sussex has received some specialist tuition at the Plumbers' Barn. Read the downloadable file.

In partnership with Village by Village

In partnership with Village by Village

Latest News from The Charitable and Educational Trust of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers

It was reported to the Court in January 2019 that the Trustees at their last meeting had drawn up a strategic plan to:

• Raise the fund to £1m to allow more giving
• Liaise more closely with the Plumbers’ Museum Workshop Trust at Amberley. This included providing an annual grant to cover its operating costs
• Forge a long-term relationship with three suitable charities, including Village by Village.

The following Giving Plan for 2019  was adopted by the Trustees:

£1,500 Armed Forces Awards - £500 x 3
Royal Navy - The award is for the best trainee qualifying in metalwork at The Royal Navy, HMS Sultan at Portsmouth. 
Army- The award is for best student qualifying in plumbing at The Royal School of Military Engineering at Chatham.
Royal Air Force - The award is for the best airframe technician who during further training receives Engineering Skills and Hydraulics at The Royal Air Force at RAF Cosford.
£1,000 Richmond Sea Cadets
£500 Sheriff and Recorders' Fund
£1,000 Guildhall School of Music and Drama
£500 Gold Medal for students  who have achieved the highest standard in NVQ Level 3 Certificate in MES (Plumbing).
£300 Silver Medal - for students who have achieved the highest standard in NVQ Level 2 Certificate in MES (Plumbing).
£3,000 Bursaries
£2,000 Master's Discretionary Fund £15,000 Charities (£5,000 x 3) £8,000 Grants
£3,500 Museum Trust £1,000 Lord Mayors Appeal
£37,000 Total

The Trustees are all Court members and one trustee retires each year and a new trustee is appointed.  Together they bring a wide experience of the trade and the City.  The present Trustees are Past Master Yuill (Chairman), Past Masters Hamilton & Paterson-Fox,  Assistant Brooks & Rivers, Past Steward Cooper, Liveryman James Dalton.

Plumbing can save lives.

A new and exciting Company project that has been approved by Court and supported financially by the Trustees is a partnership for three years with the charity Village by Village.  Village by Village goal is to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children living in poverty in remote rural African villages.  Using the best of the “low or no cost” web based technologies they bring donors and recipients closer together to generate better mutual transparency, understanding and therefore trust.  Not only are drinking water and sewage facilities built but also essential training on the maintenance of the facilities and on basic hygiene is provided.  The Plumbers’ are proud to partake in this exciting and worthwhile work
For a donation of just £5,000 a year the Worshipful Company of Plumbers will sponsor a village-based project, extending this life-saving programme to another 200 or 300 children and their families.
The hygiene and sanitation focus of this programme makes it a brilliant ‘fit’ for our Company and Charity.  ‘Plumbers saving lives through improved sanitation’: what could be a more compelling charitable legacy for our 650th year?
Read the paper presented by the Master to the July Court by clicking here.
In 2013, the Trustees supported the Rotary Club of Great Yarmouth Haven in their project with the RC of Panaji , in building a new toilet block at Our Lady of Merces High School in Goa.
The WHO We estimate that more than 340,000 children under five die annually from diarrhoeal diseases due to poor sanitation, poor hygiene, or unsafe drinking water – that is almost 1,000 per day.

The Plumbers’ Company Museum and Lead Craft Facility is situated in the the Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre, Near Arundel in West Sussex.  Plumbing is often thought of in terms of pipe work for drinking or waste water but historically is the craft of working with lead.  The term dates from ancient times and is related to the Latin word for lead, "plumbum".

We have regular live demonstrations of lead craft demonstrating how in skilled hands lead can be shaped and moulded into many shapes and forms.  Plumbing was essential when we were founded in 1365 and continues as a living craft today.
A video of the work at the previous Plumbing Museum at Singleton can be seen by clicking here,  Much of this work continues at Amberley.

Click here for information about Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre.

The Plumbers, and Tinsmiths' Shop at Blist Hill forms part of the Ironbridge Industrial Museum complex.  It was largely created by the Institute of Plumbing with their Past President and Liveryman Raymond Hall and with financial support from the Worshipful Company of Plumbers. It is manned by volunteer plumbers who are in period costume. More assistance and items for exhibition would be welcomed.