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  • The Summer Festival

    Published on Wednesday, 17th July 2019

    The final formal function of the Plumbers’ livery year is the Summer Festival.  This year it was held in the magnificent and historic Stationers’ Hall.  The hall was begun in 1670 but later underwent many alterations and improvements including a major restoration in 1857 due to wartime damage.
    We assembled in the delightful garden to enjoy a glass of champagne in the ward summer weather. Dinner was held in the Livery Hall with musical entertainment provided by Hamish Dustagheer, British pianist, organist and choral director.  Most recently, Hamish has directed chapel music at Lancing College.  He was previously Maestro di Cappella of the Archdiocese of Malta, resident at St John's Co-Cathedral, the Conventual Church of the Knights of Malta. 
    The Upper Warden elect, Nick Jones, welcomed our guests and the reply was given by Patrick Jenkins who was appointed Financial Editor and Assistant Editor at the Financial Times in January 2014.  In this role, Mr. Jenkins shapes the FT's overall financial coverage, with a focus on financial services and investment. He gave us some interesting insights into the world of journalism.  The Master, Dame Fiona Woolf, concluded the evening by looking back over the livery year and thanking all those who had made it such a success.

    Photos of the evening can be obtained from the photographer by clicking here,

  • The Summer Court Meeting

    Published on Wednesday, 17th July 2019
    Master Plumber Adam Brady with the Master

    Master Plumber Adam Brady with the Master

    The Court held their Summer Meeting prior to the Summer Festival in Stationers’ Hall.  This is the Court meeting when the election of the officers for the next year are held.  We now have Master elect Peter Rumley,  Upper Warden elect Nick Jones, Renter Warden elect Paul Nash, Senior Assistant David Adams and re-elected Clerk Adrian Mumford and Beadle Peter Thompson.  David Adams will become the Senior Assistant at the Ladle Dinner in November. Towards the end of the meeting, six new Liverymen were clothed in the Livery and given a hearty welcome.

    Our support for the craft and trade of plumbing was recognised by the presentation of a Master Plumber Certificate to Adam Brady, a practising plumber from Dublin.  Master Craftsmen were key people in the building crafts as far back as the 13th century. Records show that in the 16th century each Master Craftsman was responsible for his own work and the training of apprentices. For exercising such skill and supervision a Master Plumber would receive a shilling a day and an appropriate livery (distinctive clothing).  The modern Master Certificates were first introduced in 2001 by a partnership of City & Guilds, Livery and as a result of much hard work by Past Master Geoff Marsh. Companies and Professional Bodies. The Master Plumber Certificate was followed by similar programmes for other Livery Company associated crafts.

  • Visit tio the Science Museum Tuesday 17th September 2019

    Published on Tuesday, 16th July 2019

    The Master, as a Trustee of the Science Museum Group, has arranged a special tour of the two new galleries in the Science Museum in South Kensington.  ‘Science City 1550-1800’ shows some of the ideas, knowledge and techniques that preoccupied London in a period of transformation while the spectacular new Winton Gallery looks at the fundamental role of mathematics in today’s world.
    The event starts at 1030 with refreshments and an introduction: guided tours of the two galleries (in two groups of 20) will wrap around a light lunch.  Later, there will be time for individual exploration.
    Please click here for the attached flyer and application form – to be used for all applications, mailed or scanned to the company office.  Note that numbers are limited to 40, so early application is recommended.

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  • Never to old to work with lead!

    Published on Saturday, 13th July 2019

    We welcome many and varied groups to the Plumbers’ Workshop in the “Gin” (short for engine) building at the Amberley Craft Museum. There are coach parties for schools, holidaymakers and various groups such as the University of the Third Age. There are also family groups such as parents or grandparents with children of all ages, married couples or the experts finding out more about their craft.  Read about 82 year old Michael achieving an ambition at the Plumbers Workshop by clicking here.

    A Lifelong Ambition - Casting Lead at Amberley

    We welcome many and varied groups to the Plumbers’ Workshop in the “Gin” (short for engine) building at the Amberley Craft Museum. There are coach parties for schools, holidaymakers and various groups such as the University of the Third Age. There are also family groups such as parents or grandparents with children of all ages, married couples or the experts finding out more about their craft.

    All are welcome but none more so than those who are either current or retired plumbers or metal workers, who show great interest in our display and who reminisce. As a non- demonstrating volunteer I am very much put on my metal (!) when answering detailed technical questions but it is surprising how much I have learned this year after I have later asked the technical experts Phil Mead and Peter Cheesman.

    Recently we were visited by Michael Miles, aged 82 from Kettering, who was staying with and accompanied by his son, Ian.  Michael was a metal worker who had worked with several metals as a welder and pipe fitter all over the world. This included work in hospitals where work in operating theatres had to be very precise. However he had never worked with lead, the best metal to work with, and he had always dreamt of doing so.

    They had come a few days earlier but they also came again at opening time on 26 June, armed with a plastic “pattern” of an Egyptian Pharaoh on the off chance that some demonstrators would be there. They were lucky to find that there were two, Peter Cheesman and Eddie McCourt. They helped Michael achieve his ambition and Peter worked with him to sand cast some lead using the patter. Ian and Michael then went home with their pattern and a lead bust of the Pharaoh. We hope they enjoyed their day and we hope to see them on future visits.

    John Lockyer

  • Welcome to six new Liverymen

    Published on Wednesday, 10th July 2019
    William Frederick Poole-Wilson  (Architect) , James Stephen Foster QBE  (Chartered Accountant), Jason Clark  (Lift distribution company) , Prof. Timothy Edward Gocher  (Investment Fund) , Dr Susanne Lee  (Consultant Clinical Scientist)  & Mark Killy  (Water Regulations Manager) .

    William Frederick Poole-Wilson (Architect) , James Stephen Foster QBE (Chartered Accountant), Jason Clark (Lift distribution company) , Prof. Timothy Edward Gocher (Investment Fund) , Dr Susanne Lee (Consultant Clinical Scientist) & Mark Killy (Water Regulations Manager) .

    At the Court meeting on 9th July 2019, the following were clothed in the Livery - William Frederick Poole-Wilson  (Architect) , James Stephen Foster OBE  (Chartered Accountant), Jason Clark  (Lift distribution company) , Prof. Timothy Edward Gocher  (Investment Fund) , Dr Susanne Lee  (Consultant Clinical Scientist)  & Mark Killy  (Water Regulations Manager).  We give them all a hearty welcome.  They bring to the Company a wide range of knowledge and skills illustrating one of our strengths in not being restricted by the craft, profession or trade of our Liverymen.  Could you become a Liveryman in the Worshipful Company of Plumbers?  Click here to find out more.

  • Good News. Good News. Good News. Good News

    Published on Monday, 8th July 2019

    Caroline Walsh The Worshipful Company of Plumbers Almoner has successful abseiled down the side of the Barclay's Building, Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, London on Friday 5th July 2019 on behalf of the Plumbers for the Lord Mayor's Charity..  Click here for details with pictures.

    Well done Caroline.  Support Caroline's achievement through her JustGiving site - click here

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  • Livery Golf - Snaffle the Raffle

    Published on Wednesday, 3rd July 2019

    Our Golfing Plumbers enjoyed a splendid day out at Verulam Golf Club on the occasion of the 14th Annual Marketors Fellowship Golf Day. After bacon rolls and coffee the two teams of four led by Mike Samuels and David Hannam battled the slippery slopes on the tricky greens, finishing just outside of the team prizes. However, Tony Peters won Nearest The Pin on the Par 3 (which we won last year); Mick Munro finished runner-up in the charity putting (which we did last year) and Richard “Raffles” Harvey won the top prize in the raffle donated by Shangri-La Hotels Group (which we won last year). In fact last year Richard also won the 2nd prize. “Snaffle The Raffle” is now a new Golf Society tradition. A great day out and well run as always by Michael Harrison and the Marketors. Anyone interested in joining in the golfing fun, please contact Liveryman Mick Munro.

  • Her Majesty’s Commission of Lieutenancy for the City of London

    Published on Wednesday, 26th June 2019

    Her Majesty's Commission of Lieutenancy for the City of London - Modern and Relevant - Another Piece of City History! As Liverymen, we love the history of the City and its institutions but know that their success depends upon remaining modern and relevant. Her Majesty's Commission of Lieutenancy for the City of London is another, little known example, with a history and modern role of using what, today, we might call soft power and collaboration.

    Read more from the Plumbers' Master, as published in the June edition of the Livery Committee’s newsletter "Livery Briefing", by clicking here.  For complete Briefing click here.

    The City Lieutenancy is unique in that it is the only Lieutenancy where all the members are named by the Crown
    as Lieutenants within the City of London in Letters Patent under the Great Seal, signed by the Queen to serve from Christmas Day to Christmas Day! There are no Lord Lieutenant or Deputy Lieutenants as such, but the Lord Mayor fulfils a similar purpose.
    The City Lieutenancy predates the Greater London Lieutenancy by nearly 250 years. It owes its origins to the Second Militia Act of 1 662 which recognised the role of the Militia in restoring the monarchy to the throne in 1 660. It is the sole remaining Authority still empowered to levy a Trophy Tax which it does for the benefit of the descendants of the Militia. Under the 1662 Act, Lord Lieutenants had been vested with full power and authority to array, arm and munition a Militia and to pay for its Trophy Money was levied locally. The amount of the tax in the City is £4666 13s 4d and has remained at this amount since 1820. The successors of the Militia are the volunteer units of Reservists and Cadets of the City who apply for grants, mainly to finance training expeditions and the purchase of equipment.
    The challenge, obviously, is to use the scarce resources efficiently, avoiding duplication with other institutions. The Trophy Tax may not amount to much, but it can make all the difference to volunteers (and the parents of Cadets) who are giving up time and, usually, money in order to make a valuable contribution to our Reserve Forces and Cadets. However, we all have other resources that we can use, even though we may be time poor, to promote effective engagement with these volunteers and help recruitment. We might call this "soft power" - the power of communication, networking, convening and gently influencing (if only at dinner). The City Lieutenancy is keen to collaborate to generate information and ideas to help institutions, businesses and Livery Companies to promote effective engagement with these volunteers and to promote this kind of volunteering to others.
    There are many examples of simple things that we can do, building on the laudable military and Cadet affiliations
    that Livery Companies have created, recognising the rich diversity. We can continue to pay visits to training sessions, summer camps and competitions such as Ex Sharp Shooter in which City firms and organisations take part in a military skills competition run by Reserves and Cadet units. In this way we can not only demonstrate that we care, but also obtain input as to what form of engagement would be most effective given current needs and recruitment challenges.
    We celebrate our affiliations with "stair guards". We could use that opportunity to talk to them at our receptions as well as admiring their polished boots! It is a great way of finding out what they get out of being a Reservist or Cadet, so that we have better arguments to champion the cause. It is also an opportunity to promote adult volunteering with Cadets which does not require a military or Cadet background and can be every bit as fulfilling as any other form of youth engagement. Some Livery Companies hold evening "speed dating" events for Liverymen, apprentices and Cadets to meet each other. Another thought - we often hear young people championing the cause at a charity fundraiser. How about asking a Cadet to say a few words at the beginning of a dinner!
    Dame Fiona Woolf DBE, DL
    Chair City Livery Committee Standing Committee 

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  • Read about the City in Cityview

    Published on Monday, 24th June 2019

    You can download the latest edition of Cityview by clicking here.   In this issue: Wholesale markets proposed consolidation, Plastic-Free City, Fantastic Feats and 30 years of managing Hampstead Heath.

  • The Master’s Weekend - 2

    Published on Monday, 24th June 2019

    Trains – huge and small, dinner on station platforms 4 & 5, boats on the river in beautiful sun, a soaring cathedral and a moving evensong, dinner with two Lord Mayors – one current the other our Master, a visit to Mansion House.  All this happened in York at the Master’s Week End.  If you missed out book early in the future, every year is different.  We had a great time with tremendous fellowship, renewing friendships and forming new ones in the Company.  Click here for more.

    The weekend began with a special visit to the National Railway Museum.  The Museum Director, Judith McNicol, welcomed us and took us through the history of the museum.  This was followed by a tour of a special display of historical documents and photographs then round some of the engines in the Great Hall.  Gosh what an experience from the small replica of Stephenson’s Rocket to the immense and evocative locomotives from the end of the steam age. Then onto electric and diesel trains followed by high speed trains and Eurotunnel.  A pause for tea in the station hall before a presentation of the royal carriages from Queen Victoria’s era through to today.  The craftmanship was of the highest quality.  The afternoon ended with a short time to wander through the museum on our own after the public had left.
    We regrouped in the Station Hall for a welcome glass of champagne before dining on platforms 4 & 5.  We were entertained with some amusing anecdotes by Frank Paterson, who joined the railways straight from school as a junior clerk and ended up in charge of a third of them. He ran the network stretching over 18 counties from the Thames to the Tweed at his York headquarters – a florid, confident building in a prominent spot near the end of the track of the city's original station and now a hotel where we stayed for the weekend.  Frank is now President of the Friends of the National Railway Museum.
    Saturday was a lovely sunny day as we gathered at the riverside for a boat trip along the River Ouse.  Then we had some free time to wander round the beautiful city of York before meeting in the Minster for a highly informative tour of a building dating back over two millennia yet with modern parts such as the restoration following the fire in 1984.   Some of the party then remained for a moving choral evensong.
    In the evening we gathered in Bedern Hall which was originally part of the College of the Vicars Choral. The hall was the refectory (or dining hall) for the college from the 1390s until the middle of the 17th century. The hall, chapel and gatehouse are all that remain of the college but was a fitting setting for a dinner.  Our guest of honour was the Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Janet Looker.
    On Sunday morning, we were welcomed to the Mansion House by the Lord Mayor and given a conducted tour.  York Mansion House is the earliest purpose built house for a Lord Mayor still in existence and predates the Mansion House in London by at least twenty years.
    A great weekend for which all those present give many thanks to the Master and “spreadsheet Nick” for all their hard work in making it such a special occasion.

    For illustrations click here(Large file slow download)

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  • Two Liverymen recognised by the CIPHE

    Published on Sunday, 23rd June 2019
    Melville Gumbs, Vice President and Christopher Northey, President.

    Melville Gumbs, Vice President and Christopher Northey, President.

    The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) held their 2019 Annual General Meeting on Saturday 22nd June.  It was announced that the Institute members had voted Christopher Northey as President for 2019 and Melville Gumbs as Vice President.  They were duly installed and will serve for the next twelve months.  Chris and Mel are both Liverymen in the Worshipful Company of Plumbers and they are heartily congratulated.

  • The Master’s Weekend is under way

    Published on Friday, 21st June 2019
    Hearing about Royal Carriages over the past 100 years.

    Hearing about Royal Carriages over the past 100 years.

    This afternoon the Master led a group of Liverymen and their wives, partners, consorts to a highly informative visit to the National Railway Museum in York. We heard about the history of the museum, saw exhibits,  both large and small, and dined on platforms 4 & 5.  More to follow


  • Death of Liveryman James McIntyre

    Published on Monday, 17th June 2019

    Liveryman James McIntyre died on 31 May: he has been a member since 1986.  The funeral has already happened and was attended by Liveryman Bernard Bateman.  Our thought are with his wife and family.

  • Our Golfers have done it again!

    Published on Thursday, 13th June 2019
    Right to Left - Captain Richard Harvey, Trevor Wilson, Paul Nash and David Hannam.

    Right to Left - Captain Richard Harvey, Trevor Wilson, Paul Nash and David Hannam.

    This week our golfing Plumbers were at Ashridge Golf Club to defend The “Horner’s Trophy” that they won with a record score last year. Our Golf Society Captain Richard Harvey teamed up with Trevor Wilson (our par 3 specialist); Paul Nash (our golf ball flight specialist) and David Hannam (our full time amateur golf specialist) to take on the might of the Inter-Livery golfing world.This year the gongs and awards went to The Butchers, The Tin Plate and Wire Workers and The Information Technologists. However, we had a wonderful day and our thanks go to Colin Freedman and the rest of our friends in The Horners Company for yet again keeping the rain away, the course in great condition and a lunch to please the inner Plumber.

    If you are interested in joining in with fellow golfers in our Company, please contact our Hon Secretary Liveryman Mick Munro.

  • The Plumbers’ thank Amberley Museum

    Published on Thursday, 13th June 2019

    The Worshipful Company of Plumbers has recently opened a Traditional Plumbing Craft Museum at the Amberley Museum in West Sussex. On the 26th May, the Plumbing Museum, as part of the Amberley Museum’s 40th year Celebration Event, presented a bespoke Lead Planter to Amberley to commemorate this special occasion.  The Planter was made in the Plumbing Museum by Liverymen Phil Mead and Peter Cheesman.  Why not take your family for a visit and see not only the planter but also the many and wide ranging exhibitions and skills that are on display.  Click here for more details.

  • Honorary Fellowship of the CIPHE for Liveryman Colin Stainer

    Published on Monday, 10th June 2019
    Colin receives his certificate from President Tracey Richardson EngTech LCGI MCIPHE RP

    Colin receives his certificate from President Tracey Richardson EngTech LCGI MCIPHE RP

    Some belated news ..........

    Liveryman Colin Stainer EngTech MCIPHE RP RHP received an Honorary Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE), at the annual ‘Dinner with the President’ on 13 March at The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn.The award has been given in recognition of his outstanding commitment, dedication and service to the Institute over a period of more than 40 years, along with his devotion to improving standards within the plumbing and heating industry.Colin not only served as a Professional Standards Inspector for the CIPHE, but was its National President in 2008 and has supported the Institute nationally through his service on the Board of Trustees. As Area Co-ordinator for the South West, Colin’s guidance and mentoring at Branch and regional level has been invaluable.Colin has always been enthusiastic about promoting the Institute and professional high standards; especially through presentations at colleges, via work in conjunction with WaterSafe and through demonstrations given at events of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers.As Colin enters the ranks of Honorary Fellow, CIPHE CEO Kevin Wellman said, “On top of forging a highly successful career, Colin has also worked tirelessly for the CIPHE for more than 40 years. This recognition is an amazing, but unsurprising achievement, for someone whose passion and commitment to the industry is second to none.“

  • City Beerfest - Admission FREE

    Published on Friday, 7th June 2019

    Lest you hadn't heard, this year’s City Beerfest, in aid of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, is taking place in the Guildhall Yard on Thursday 18 July between 1230 and 2100.  Sixteen breweries will be there providing the finest beers for your enjoyment.  The Brewers’ Company would be delighted if you and as many Liveryman as possible would come along to enjoy the great beer, good food and lively atmosphere.

    For more details click here.

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  • The Plumbers’ Company Charity - Opportunity to join as a new Trustee

    Published on Wednesday, 29th May 2019

    An invitation to Liverymen of the Plumbers' Company.

    If you would like to get more involved in the superb support we provide through our Charity in changing lives for the better, then this opportunity could be for you! Do you have a passion for helping others and superb organisational skills that could help bolster the work of the Trustees?

    As part of our new 5-year strategic plan and our desire to enhance the work we do, the Trustees of The Worshipful Company of Plumbers' Charitable and Educational Trust are inviting members of the Company to apply for the position of Trustee.

    Interested?  Find out more by clicking here.

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  • Plumbing and Health are Universal Partners

    Published on Tuesday, 28th May 2019

    Dr Tedros, WHO Director General, stated during this event that “If we do not get the basics right, how can people trust us with anything else.” First do no harm: why water, sanitation and hygiene must be a priority for quality healthcare, protecting patient safety and tackling antibiotic resistance”

    The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene  (WASH) in health care facilities resolution was unanimously approved at the 72nd World Health Assembly on 20–28 May 2019.  Member States committed to developing national roadmaps, setting and monitoring targets, increasing investments in infrastructure and human resources and strengthening systems to improve and sustain WASH services in health care facilities. During the discussion of the resolution, 32 countries spoke and highlighted the fundamental role of WASH in health care facilities for achieving universal health coverage, improving quality of care and in preventing the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

    See suggested actions by clicking here,

  • Meet the Cadets

    Published on Thursday, 23rd May 2019

    Meet the Cadets  CMS, Cannon Place - Tuesday 25th June 2019

    The Plumbers' Company is delighted to have an affiliation with the Richmond Sea Cadets. We see them at our annual Mansion House Banquet when they provide a very smart "Carpet Guard", but we never have very long with them. We would all like to get to know them better and find out what we can do to enhance the relationship with these excellent young people and their leaders. Perhaps we can inspire some future plumbers amongst them!
    To that end, we have organised a "speed dating" evening at the Master's office where the Cadets, their leaders and volunteers, Liverymen and their guests and some plumbing apprentices can get to know each other and find out what excites us all - enthusiasm is very infectious! We will be able to explore what support would make a real difference so that we can build on the relationship and learn more from our apprentices.

    Booking form click here.

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  • The Summer Festival at Stationers’ Hall Tuesday 9th July 2019

    Published on Thursday, 23rd May 2019

    The Master, Dame Fiona Woolf and her consort, Nicholas, invite you to join them for our Summer Festival dinner in the historic Stationers' Hall. The evening will commence at 6.30 pm with drinks and a reception in the beautiful gardens of the hall (weather permitting.)  The first Hall of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers was destroyed in the Great Fire of London being replaced by the current building circa 1670. It was re¬modelled in 1800 and is Grade I listed. Restored after damage caused by enemy action in 1940, the Hall today is one of the most beautiful in the City.
    The speaker will be Patrick Jenkins, financial editor of the Financial Times who oversees the FT's coverage of financial services. He writes a weekly column on the sector, edits a weekly diary, hosts a weekly banking podcast and is very much a City Insider. At a time when journalism is under scrutiny, he will speak about the role of the journalist today and 'fake news'.

    Fo details and booking click here.

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  • Corporate Members - Outstanding Achievement Award

    Published on Wednesday, 22nd May 2019
    Stephen Fitzsimmons, Technical Services Manager at 21 Construction, with the Master.

    Stephen Fitzsimmons, Technical Services Manager at 21 Construction, with the Master.

    One of the highlights of the Annual Lecture dinner is the presentation of the Corporate Members  Outstanding Achievement Award.  This awards scheme has been introduced to allow Corporate Members to put forward candidates from within their organisations who have demonstrated an Outstanding Achievement in their particular sphere of work.

    The year the recipient was Stephen Fitzsimmons who is the Technical Services Manager at 21 Construction (

  • Too wet, Too Dry

    Published on Tuesday, 21st May 2019
    Emma Howard-Boyd

    Emma Howard-Boyd

    PM John Lockyer poses a question

    PM John Lockyer poses a question

    The Master with Emma Howard-Boyd and Richard Soper Chair of the Technical & Education Committee

    The Master with Emma Howard-Boyd and Richard Soper Chair of the Technical & Education Committee

    Emma Howard-Boyd, Chair of the England Environment Agency delivered the 35th Annual Lecture of the Plumbers' Company entitled "Extremes of Climate. Too Wet, Too Dry. What are we to do about it?".  Held at the Royal College of Physicians she led the audience through many of the challenges facing the country today resulting from changes in the weather patterns.  Changes that it is expected will continue and become more extreme.  The Environment Agency has, and continues to develop, many different strategies but recongnises that the scale and complexity of the challenges we face with it being too wet or too dry requires new and lateral thinking.  The audience responded with many questions and observations. The Master summarised the evening by reminding us that such diverse and complex challenges requires us to listen to others, to collaborate across the disciplines and for us to take individual actions that can be simple and low key but have a great cumulative effect.

    Click here for more pictures.

  • Our almoner Caroline has a head for heights

    Published on Monday, 20th May 2019

    Caroline Walsh, our almoner, has accepted  the ever-so-popular Lord Mayor’s Appeal Abseil Challenge  on Friday 5th July. Ffor the first time ever it will take place in Canary Wharf this year. The challnge is in partnership with Barclays and the event will be held at Barclays HQ at 1 Churchill Place which, standing at 156 metres, is one of the tallest buildings in Canary Wharf. The Abseil Challenge requires core muscle strength, a good sense of balance and the ability to control nerves for the descent down this iconic building. You can also compete and a team of experts from Mile End Climbing Wall will be on hand to show you the ropes. The abseil is open to everyone who is reasonably fit and healthy, no previous experience needed.  Details here.

    Please support Caroline by clicking here.

  • The death of Liveryman Len Yeoel

    Published on Sunday, 19th May 2019

    It is with much sadness that we have to announce the death of Len Yeoell earlier this month.  Len became a Liveryman of the Company in October 2016.  Our thoughts are with his family.  The family are requesting support for Cancer Research in memory of Len.  Click here for details. 

  • We have won the Lord Mayor’s Cup at the Livery Regatta

    Published on Sunday, 19th May 2019
    The team with the Cup

    The team with the Cup

    Race Collage

    Race Collage

    Under the tricky conditions of light winds and strong tides in the Solent the Plumbers’ Company stormed to victory to win the Lord Mayor’s Cup at the Livery Regatta this weekend. After a postponement because of insufficient wind the race got underway at 13:30PM. The light winds and strong tide called for careful and expert navigation and sailing - a very challenging race. All the Livery competitors and spectators had an excellent weekend. The Plumbers' entry was sponsored by PM Antony Paterson-Fox, PM Steve Hodkinson and Past Steward Ian Puddick. Our team was led by Assistant Janet Rivers.

    Click header for more photos.

  • Golfing Plumbers finish well

    Published on Friday, 17th May 2019

    The biggest event in the Inter-Livery golfing calendar is The Prince Arthur Cup competed for annually since 1927 by 54 Livery teams (playing as 2 pairs) at the prestigious Walton Heath Golf Club in Surrey. Only the top 40 are guaranteed an invite for the following year. The format is tough with 36 holes in a day playing alternate shot foursomes.

    This year our team of Richard Harvey, Tony Peters, Daniel Flowers and David Hannam achieved our best finish for many years coming 7th. The course was being prepared for US Open qualifying and the greens were quick and coupled with a good breeze it was an excellent challenge. A very well organised and run event. We look forward to next year and trying to improve on our 1971 best finish of Runners up!

  • Plumbers at Cannon Street Station

    Published on Wednesday, 15th May 2019

    Click on the header above and see the comment on the green digital poster.  I hope he is not calling our Bertie darling!

  • Election of the Sheriffs - Monday 24th June 2019 Reminder

    Published on Tuesday, 14th May 2019

    Liverymen who were admitted to the Livery before 31st May 2019 and who wish to vote for the Sheriffs and other Officers should note that you are summoned to meet at the Guildhall on Monday 24th June 2019 by 11.45am. The Lord Mayor will take the chair at 12 noon precisely. Tickets will be required for entry to the Guildhall and these are available only from this office on receipt of a completed proforma below. Click here.  (Please note the Guildhall may not keep seats for later-arriving Liverymen and to ensure that you get a decent seat, you are strongly advised to arrive no later than 11.15am)
    The Worshipful Company of Pewterers has kindly invited us to join them for lunch afterwards on the 24h June in Pewterers' Hall. If you wish to accept this invitation, please include this on the proforma and return it by Friday 14th June 2019.

    Remember our own Past Master Erica Stary is a candidate.

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  • ‘Photographers don’t retire, they just go out of focus’

    Published on Monday, 13th May 2019

    So says Michael O'Sullivan who has served the Company as our photographer for many years.   Michael is now moving to the next stage of his life (ie retiring) in June.   He will greatly missed at our formal functions.  His work was recognised by the Court in April 2007 when he was elected  a Freeman of the Company.  The photographs that he takes can be found on his web site .  You will still be able to browse back over the years and order a hard copy until 21 June when his site will be taken down.  What is not widely known is that after every Company function Michael makes photos available for use on this web site at no charge to the Company.  We are indeed greatly indebted for his kindness.

    We all wish Michael a very happy future in the knowledge that we, and other Livery Companies, will hold him dear in our memories.

  • Supporting the City Officers

    Published on Monday, 13th May 2019

    The Sheriffs’ Ball will be held at Guildhall on Friday 20 September in aid of The Lord Mayor’s Appeal.  This fun, prestigious, black tie event will include a drinks reception, three course fine dining menu, electronic silent auction, entertainment and dancing until midnight. We are delighted to announce that due to popular demand The Chance Band will be back once again to play and sing live for you! Please find further details by clicking here.  Tickets are selling fast so early booking is strongly recommended.

    In addition, the ever-so-popular Lord Mayor’s Appeal Abseil Challenge is taking place at Barclays in Canary Wharf on Friday 5 July and registration is open at The Lord Mayor himself will be leading the way to descend 150 metres down the building and would be delighted if you were to join him in the challenge. Alternatively, you can sponsor him at – any donations, however large or small, will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Supporting Apprentices

    Published on Monday, 13th May 2019

    Past Master Chris Sneath is a keen suppoprter of apprentices as Havering College News reports "PLUMBING STUDENT RECEIVES FIRST CHRIS SNEATH BURSARY"  Read the News sheet by clicking here.

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  • Georgian Group Craft Prize Thursday 9 May 2019 at Goldsmiths’ Hall

    Published on Friday, 10th May 2019

    Liveryman Allan Anderson, nominated by the Plumbers’ Company, was awarded the Master Craft Certificate by the Georgian Group last night at Goldsmith’s Hall for his work in Plumbing Leadwork Conservation. The award was presented by The Duchess Argyll during the London Craft Week.   There was also an award for Apprentices.  The Georgian Group Craft Prize is intended to celebrate and promote excellence in those historic crafts and heritage works supported by the Livery Companies of the City of London.  Exemplary conservation work, the creation of new work using traditional skills or techniques, or work in the ‘spirit’ of the Georgian period was co nsidered for the prize. The Craft Prize was overseen by a judging panel which included: the Georgian Group’s Chairman, Christopher Boyle QC; its Secretary, David Adshead FSA; Patricia Lovett MBE (Chair, Heritage Crafts Association); and Suzanne Galloway (Georgian Group & Upper Warden, Glaziers’ Company).  The participating Liveries are the: Carpenters’, Glaziers’, Masons’, Plumbers’, Plaisterers’, Goldsmiths’, and Leathersellers’ companies.

  • Our Company Church - St Magnus the Martyr

    Published on Tuesday, 7th May 2019

    Michael V Cooper, Churchwarden and Parish Clerk of St Magnus the Martyr, Past Master of the Parish Clerks' Company and Past Steward of the Plumbers' Company writes in Skyline the newsletter of the Friends of the City Churches on the link between the WCP and St Magnus the Martyr &  St Michael Crooked Lane.  Read his article by clicking here or the full edition of Skyline May 2019 by clicking here.

    Downloadable documents

  • Past Master John Rae recognised

    Published on Thursday, 11th April 2019

    The Court has recognised the exceptional service of Past Master John Rae.  Click here for details

    Citation to John William Rae, MA (Oxon) 

    "The Master, Wardens and Court of Assistants, meeting at Tallow Chandlers’ Hall on 10th day of April, 2019, resolved to place on record their thanks for your 45 years of service to our Court and 59 years as a Liveryman.

    Joining by patrimony in 1960, you followed in the footsteps of your father, Lieutenant Colonel William Rae DSO MA BL, who twice served as Master of our Company in 1945 and 1952.  You were appointed a Steward in 1973 and invited to join the Court in the following year.  You were installed as Master in 1982 at the exceptionally young age of 43.  You served with distinction implementing important governance reforms and ushered in a new Clerk, Secretary and office accommodation.  You crowned your year by presenting the plaque on the façade of Cannon Street station which serves as a permanent and public reminder of the historic site of Plumbers’ Hall.  For nearly four decades you have served our Court and Company as Past Master with unfailing dedication, exemplifying the tradition of good fellowship which we seek at all times to uphold. 

    Given under the seal of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers this 10th day of April 2019."

  • New Liverymen

    Published on Tuesday, 9th April 2019
    Andrew Littley,  Penelope Malik, Jools Holland, The Master, Melville Gumbs, David Tomlinson and  Anthony O'Donnell

    Andrew Littley, Penelope Malik, Jools Holland, The Master, Melville Gumbs, David Tomlinson and Anthony O'Donnell

    At the Court meeting held on 10th April Andrew Jonathan Littley  (Management Consultant), Anthony Patrick O'Donnell  (MD Bathroom Manufacturer), Melville Gumbs  (College Lecturer); Penelope Malik  (Retired HR Director) and David William Tomlinson  (JP & Retired Contracting Business) were clothed in the Livery.  In addition Jools Holland was clothed as an Honoray Liveryman.  We welcome them to the Company and look forward to getting to know them all.

  • Honorary Liveryman Jools Holland OBE DL

    Published on Tuesday, 9th April 2019
    The Master, Honorary Liveryman Jools Holland, the Upper Warden

    The Master, Honorary Liveryman Jools Holland, the Upper Warden

    Our new Honorary Liveryman, Jools Holland OBE DL is a composer, pianist, bandleader and broadcaster.  From playing pubs in the East End docks as a teenage greaser, to leading his rhythm and blues orchestra and selling millions of records this century, it is his passion for music that has made Jools Holland into a doyen of the music scene.  Jools was awarded an OBE in 2003 for his services to the British music industry. In 2012 he was made Honorary Colonel of 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) [EOD].

    Jools was proposed by the Upper Warden, Dr Peter Rumley.

  • Plumbers Golf Society @ Pewterers’ Challenge

    Published on Monday, 8th April 2019
    Richard Harvey, Paul Nash, David Hannam

    Richard Harvey, Paul Nash, David Hannam

    By tradition, The Pewterers’ Golf Challenge is organised by the Defending Champions. This year Chris Bilsland and the WCoFarriers took us into Kent and the lovely Westerham GC....rolling hills and lots of trees were the challenge along with some exciting pin positions on subtle and not so subtle slopes.

    Our Society was represented this year by Paul Nash, Richard Harvey and David Hannam with two best stableford scores to count.

    The sun came out and after a full english breakfast the team set forth. Many fine and not so fine shots later, the highlight being David’s birdie on the 17th for 4 points, we recorded 77 points. The winners - The WCoChartered Accountants - had 82 points with 2nd and 3rd places on 81 points. No prize for our Plumbers but a credible 4th out of 14 and a 3rd place in the individual competition for David with 36 points.

    If you are interested in joining the golf society please get in touch with Liveryman Mick Munro.

  • Take part in the Livery Yacht race

    Published on Thursday, 4th April 2019

    The Worshipful Company of Plumbers are entering a boat for the 50th City Livery Yacht Club Race which takes place on Saturday 18th May 2019 at Cowes Isle of Wight.  This is a great chance to spend a fun weekend representing or supporting your Livery at one of the historic world class centres of yachting. What’s not to like about a great summer’s day by the sea?  There are a number of places still available on the yacht, if you would like to take part.  And all are very welcome, from complete novices to experienced sailors. 

    Alternatively, if you would like to spectate, we have been allocated the upper terrace of the Island Sailing Club for this and it’s got great views over the racing area.  You are also invited to attend the dinners on Friday and Saturday nights.
    There will be two races: the first starts at 10.00 and the second finishes in time for all to get ready for the 18.30 presentation dinner in the world-famous Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes.  For further details of this event, please email Assistant Janet Rivers by clicking here.

  • The United Guilds Service

    Published on Sunday, 31st March 2019
    Master Plaisterer Timothy Cooke OBE and our Master.

    Master Plaisterer Timothy Cooke OBE and our Master.

    The Service was established in 1943 to help lift the spirits of the city following the Blitz, the United Guilds' Service has been held annually at St. Paul's Cathedral.   This year the Service was held on Friday 29th March and following the service the Plumbers joined a number of otber Companies  for lunch at Plaisterers' Hall.  Our Master Dame Fiona Woolf thanked the Master Plaisterer on behalf of all the other company's attending for a wonderful lunch.

  • Livery Briefing March 2019

    Published on Friday, 29th March 2019

    The latest Briefing from the City Livery Committee can be found by clicking here.

    Downloadable documents

  • World Water Day Quiz

    Published on Thursday, 28th March 2019

    How much do you know about global access to water and sanitation? Click below to check your facts (and learn some more) with International Water Association Publishing's special World Water Day quiz, made in partnership with UN Water.  Click here to partake in the quiz.

  • Making apprentices masters of their craft - Then and Now

    Published on Wednesday, 27th March 2019

    The Plumbers' Company has always firmly supported apprenticehip training.  Our Ordinances of 1365 stipulate a seven year training period for apprentice plumbers.  We continue to support apprenticesghips but recognise that they can be for a shorter length.  The importance of apprenticeships are now newsworthy as exemplified by a recent  article in The Times headed Medieval idea to make apprentices masters of their craft.  To find out more click here.

    Then - 1365  Articuli Plumbarior. Ordinances of the Plumbers 24th Jan., 38 Edward III. [A.D. 1364-5], Richard atte Dyche and Thomas Beauchamp elected to survey and examine the mistery of Plumbers , and see that it be well governed and present misdoers to the Mayor and Aldermen without concealment. "No one of the said trade (plumbing) shall take an apprentice for less than seven years; and that he shall have him enrolled within the first year, and at the end of his term shall make him take up his freedom, according to the usage of the said city"

    Now - 2019 The Times 27 March 2019.   “Socially and economically, Britain is held back by snobbery against vocational and technical education. Someone who completes a high-level apprenticeship has worked hard to develop serious skills in their chosen trade and will have the earning potential to match. That should be recognised and celebrated and new titles would help with that.  A top-level apprenticeship, whether it’s in engineering, finance, digital, design or health and science, can rank alongside the best university degrees.”  [Click here for full article.]

    The article refers to the report  Making Apprenticeships Work - The Employers' Perspective,  from City & Guilds Group and the Industry Skills Board provides insights into modern training of apprentices.   Click here for a copy

    Downloadable documents

  • Bertie and Apprentice Plumber Awards

    Published on Saturday, 23rd March 2019

    At Cannon Street railway station on Wednesday 27th March, next to Bertie, the Apprentice's Statue, there was a public demonstration of the part which apprentices play in the plumbing industry.  Now in its third year, six bursary prizes were presented by the Master to people who are currently undergoing training to become qualified to work in the industry. The bursaries (which have been provided by the Company's Education and Charitable Trust with generous support from City and Guilds of London Institute and Monument Tools) will enable the recipients to purchase plumbing tools through Monument Tools.

  • The Plumbers’ Annual Banquet in Mansion House

    Published on Wednesday, 20th March 2019
    The Egyptian Hall

    The Egyptian Hall

    The Carpet Guard

    The Carpet Guard

    The Annual Banquet, held in the magnificent setting of the Egyptian Hall in Mansion House, is one of the highlights in the calendar of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers- and the 2019 event, held on Monday 18 March, was no exception.
    Almost 250 Liverymen and guests were greeted, on arrival, by a very impressive carpet guard provided by the officers and cadets of the Richmond Sea Cadets, with which the Company is affiliated. Before dinner, the Master, Dame Fiona Woolf, DBE, DL, invited the Sea Cadets into the Egyptian Hall and acknowledged the strong links which exist between the Company and the unit.
    As has become traditional at these events, musical entertainment was provided during dinner by the London Banqueting Ensemble whose repertoire ended with an exhilarating and breath-taking Post Horn Galop.

    The Master thanked the Company’s Corporate Members for their sponsorship of the evening, proposed the Civic Toast and welcomed Lord Mayor Locum Tenens, Alderman Ian Luder (Lord Mayor 2008/2009) who responded and explained that this was the first occasion when he had been able to attend a Plumbers’ Banquet. Upper Warden Dr Peter Rumley proposed the Toast to the Guests- who included Honorary Liverymen, representatives of the City and of plumbing organisations. The response to this Toast was given by Sir Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum Group (which includes the National Railway Museum in York). Sir Ian outlined the significance of the museums under his charge and said that the Science Museum is visited by more school children than any other museum, either in the UK or indeed in the whole of Europe. Sir Ian proposed the Toast to the Company (“May it flourish root and branch forever”) and the evening concluded with a chance to catch up with friends over a stirrup cup.

    Click here for photos or for a full range on the photographer's web site

  • Installation 2019 Date change

    Published on Tuesday, 19th March 2019

    It has been necessary to change the date of the Installation Court this year.  Instead of Tuesday 15th October, it will now take place on Wednesday 23rd October.  The timings and venues as outlined in the Calendar of Events (Vintners and St Magnus the Martyr Church) are exactly as before.  Please do make a note of the new date.

  • 2019 Candidates for Non-Aldermanic Sheriff

    Published on Monday, 18th March 2019

    Chris Hayward -  a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers, elected member and Committee Chairman at the City of London Corporation, and Non-Executive Director I bring a relevant and dynamic combination of Livery, City of London, Business and Charitable experience to stand as a candidate for the Shrievalty.

    Erica Stary -  a successful lawyer and judge, self-made by hard work and diligent application, committed, selfless and altruistic public and voluntary service, inspiring individuals as well as organisations.  She is Past Master Plumber, Past Master Tax Adviser and Chairman of the Lady Masters Association 2017-19.  She is a member of Coleman Street Ward, Cripplegate Ward and City Livery Clubs.  She understands the City and the role of the Sheriff and declares that she will work loyally and selflessly to fulfil this role.

  • The Wet 10 Thursday 21 st March 2019

    Published on Wednesday, 13th March 2019

    As part of the City of London's 'Plastic Free City' initiative the Worshipful Company of Water Conservators are proud to present two eminent speakers, Professor Richard Thompson OBE, Professor of Marine Biology, Plymouth University and Lynette Dollar, Principal Sustainability Consultant, Stantec.   They will discuss the harm society's reliance on plastic is causing. Are there solutions to this global environmental challenge?  The event will be held in the Guildhall Members Club, 3rd Floor, Aldermanbury, EC2P 2EJ.  Click here for the details and here to find out more about the Wet 10.

    Downloadable documents

  • The Annual Lecture not to be missed

    Published on Friday, 8th March 2019

    The speaker will be Emma Howard-Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency who will give a paper entitled, ‘Too much, too little, too hot, too cold: Extreme weather, what do we do next?’  

    Click here to find the  flyer for the 2019 Annual Lecture which will take place at The Royal College of Physicians on Monday 20th May.  The flyer includes a booking form.  The Lecture is generously supported by our corporate members to whom we give many thanks.

    Downloadable documents

  • Have you booked your place at the Master’s Weekend?

    Published on Wednesday, 6th March 2019

    This year there will be an exciting and thrilling weekend in York.  A great chance to meet fellow Liverymen and their partners.  Many lifelong friendships have resulted from previous Master’s Weekends.  The Master says ‘York was an obvious choice for my Master’s Weekend, not the least because I am a Trustee of the wonderful National Railway Museum. Another reason is that it has an older Mansion House than the one I lived in for a year as Lord Mayor of London! York is, of course, packed with historical sights, all within walking distance or a very short taxi ride from the Grand Hotel where we will stay - the former headquarters of North Eastern Railways, lavishly restored into a five-star hotel. I am not forgetting the breath-taking York Minster and so many other lovely things to do – there will be time for all that! You can take much of it at your own pace!’        Click here for details and make your booking now.

  • The Annual Livery Pancake Race

    Published on Wednesday, 6th March 2019

    The Annual Livery Pancake Race in Guildhall yard, in aid of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal was held this Tuesday.   Sadly Team Plumber didn’t win this year, but it was the taking part that counted and had there been a wheelchair race, Caroline Walsh, our Almoner, would have won that for sure.

  • Court Lunch invitation

    Published on Wednesday, 6th March 2019

    The Master and Wardens and Court of Assistants invite you to join them for lunch in the magnificent surroundings of the Tallow Chandlers’ Hall on Dowgate Hill (alongside Cannon Street Station) on Wednesday 10th April 2019 at 1245hr for 1300hr. Our guest speaker will be Colonel Simon Duckworth OBE DL, who will describe one of the unknown jewels of the City of London, Her Majesty’s Commission of Lieutenancy, with a long history and modern relevance in its work with reservists and cadets.  Click here for flyer and booking form.

    Downloadable documents

  • 11 March is World Plumbing Day

    Published on Monday, 4th March 2019

    Celebrated every year on March 11, World Plumbing Day is an international event initiated by the World Plumbing Council that recognizes the important role plumbing plays in our health and safety.
    Every person on the planet is affected by the availability of clean drinking water and basic sanitation. Unfortunately, in many developing countries, plumbing is either very limited or even non-existent and the lack of an effective plumbing infrastructure is a huge factor in the tragic statistics we are sadly becoming numb to.

  • What is World Water Day?

    Published on Monday, 4th March 2019

    The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 is crystal clear: water for all by 2030. By definition, this means leaving no one behind. But today, billions of people are still living without safe water – their households, schools, workplaces, farms and factories struggling to survive and thrive.

    Marginalized groups – women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people and many others – are often overlooked, and sometimes face discrimination, as they try to access and manage the safe water they need.
    This World Water Day, 22nd March, is about tackling the water crisis by addressing the reasons why so many people are being left behind. Click here for more from the United Nations and here from the Worshipful Company of Water Conservators.

    Downloadable documents

  • Being involved in the Company

    Published on Wednesday, 27th February 2019

    The Membership Committee organised a new members get together yesterday evening at Carpenters' Hall to assist them to get to know how the Company operates and how to get involved.  Presentations were given by The Master - Dame Fiona Woolf, Nick Gale - Chairman of Freedom and Livery Committee and Paul Flatt - Chairman of Membership Committee.  18 new Liverymen attended and were hosted by several members of the Company.  The evening was a very open discussion with new members talking about why they had joined the Company and where they thought they could contribute.  All felt the evening was a very useful way of introducing them better into the Company.  Remember that the Master and the Court are always open to suggestions and ideas on how the Company can work and involve members in the furtherance of our Aims & Objectives

  • Remembered by our Royal Honorary Member

    Published on Thursday, 21st February 2019

    Past  Master Brian Wadsworth reports “The Company may like to know that the Duchess of Cornwall opened a new building for the Medical Detection Dogs charity today, attended by Anne and myself – and many others of course.  She was kind enough to say to me that the lead planter presented to her by the Company for her home is looking splendid, full of flowers.”

    The Company has previously supported the training of a detection dog named Plum who is now two years old.

  • Pancake Race in Guildhall Yard Tuesday 5th March

    Published on Tuesday, 19th February 2019
    The Plumbers' in 2016

    The Plumbers' in 2016

    Some free time at midday?  Come and support the Plumbers' Team


  • The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch

    Published on Tuesday, 19th February 2019

    Join us on Thursday 4th April 2019 for the 12th annual Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch held at the historic Guildhall in the heart of the City. The Lunch unites the City of London to show their support for members of her Majesty’s Armed Forces and Veterans through the three National Service Charities; ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

    Tickets are £100, which includes unlimited curry, beer, and wine. The Lunch will begin at midday -3.00pm and there will be three lunch sittings, at 12.30pm, 1.15pm, 2.00pm.  Click here for tickets

  • New News on Apprentice Training

    Published on Tuesday, 19th February 2019

    Fire it Up – The Governments national initiative  The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) has launched a new campaign to promote apprenticeships among young people, parents and employers in January 2019 called ‘Fire it Up’. The campaign aims to help raise awareness of the huge variety of apprenticeship options available for people of all ages and backgrounds.  More information can be found at

    Trade Up – JTL’s employer recruitment campaign  The Trade Up campaign will be promoted across a variety of media platforms and will centre around a piece of video communication, and a bespoke landing page on the JTL website, offering further advice and guidance. The video will show real employers talking about their experiences in recruiting apprentices and the webpage will be a source of information encouraging employers to enquire about taking on an apprentice.  cClick here for details.

    The Plumbers' Company supports apprentice training, see Celebrating Apprentices. Presentation of Bursaries 27th March

  • Celebrating Apprentices. Presentation of Bursaries

    Published on Thursday, 14th February 2019

    Throughout its 654-year history, the Worshipful Company of Plumbers has valued the role of apprenticeships. The Apprentice's Statue in London's Cannon Street Station is a public demonstration of the part which apprentices play in the plumbing industry.  Now in its third year, the presentation of bursaries at the Statue has been arranged on Wednesday 27 March 2019. There are six bursary prizes to be presented by the Master to people who are currently undergoing training to become qualified to work in the industry. The bursaries (which have been provided by the Company's Education and Charitable Trust with generous support from City and Guilds of London Institute and Monument Tools) will enable the recipients to purchase plumbing tools through Monument Tools.  After the presentation ceremony beside the Apprentice Statue, lunch has been arranged in The Vintry, very close to Cannon Street Station.

    Details and booking click here.

    Downloadable documents

  • The Plumber’s Table

    Published on Wednesday, 13th February 2019

    The Master with Steward Clive Sofaer

    The Master with Steward Clive Sofaer

    39 Liverymen and guests joined the Master  on our ninth visit, on 11th February, to the Ironmongers` Hall for lunch at the Plumbers` Table .  As in past years the roast beef proved a great success and the selection of cheeses proved as plentiful as ever.  To add to the event  the  Master gave a speech, which she admitted was impromptu, but nobody would have ever have known.  As is our custom the wine allotted to us went down with no difficulty and the last of the guests departed at about 4pm. Finally a big thank you to the team at Ironmongers` Hall who always look after us so well and make us  most welcome.

    Look out for the next Plumber's Table lunch.

  • Inter Livery Charity Clay pigeon Shoot

    Published on Tuesday, 12th February 2019

    The Inter Livery Charity Clay pigeon Shoot takes place (for the Plumbers Company) on Thursday 16th May in the shooting grounds of Holland & Holland, Northwood, Middlesex.
    There are typically teams from around half of all Livery Companies: Liveryman Jamie Fisher (from Monument Tools) has offered to lead a team for the Company.
    Full information about the event is given here:
    If you are interested in taking part, please be in touch with Jamie at

  • United Guilds’ Service - St Paul’s Cathedral - Friday 29th March 2019

    Published on Wednesday, 6th February 2019

    The Annual United Guilds' Service will be held in St Paul's Cathedral on Friday 29th March 2019 at 11.15am and the Company has received its limited allocation of tickets for the Livery Company's reserved seating area as usual. If Liverymen wish to attend and occupy a seat in the Company pew, please complete and return the slip below as soon as possible. Tickets will be allocated on a "first come first served" basis and those allocated a reserved seat will receive a ticket. Liverymen should wear their livery ties and badge on this occasion.  After the Service, the Worshipful Company of Plaisterers has kindly invited us to join them for a drinks reception and full 3-course lunch with wines and port in their Hall.

    Click here for details and booking.

    Downloadable documents

  • Plumbers’ Golf Society Fixtures 2019

    Published on Monday, 4th February 2019

    Liveryman Mick Munro Hon Secretary of our Plumbers’ Golf Society has arranged a full programme of events for Summer 2019. Here are the events and we encourage all members to please get in touch with Mick if you would like to play or get involved:

    22 March 2019 - Plumbers’ Golf Society at Horners Spring Meeting, Swinley Forest GC

    8 April 2019 - Plumbers’ Golf Society at Pewterers Challenge, Westerham GC

    29 April 2019 - Plumbers’ Golf Society at World Traders Golf Day, Woldingham GC

    24 May 2019 - Plumbers’ Golf Society Meeting, Brookmans Park GC  ** NB This is a new and confirmed date

    16 May 2019 - Plumbers’ Golf Society at Prince Arthur Cup, Walton Heath GC

    TBC 7 June 2019 - Plumbers’ Golf Society at Painter-Stainers Golf Day, Sunningdale Heath GC

    12 June 2019 - Plumbers’ Golf Society at Horners’ Trophy, Ashridge GC

    1 July 2019 - Plumber’s Golf Society at Marketors Livery Ryder Cup, Verulam GC

    25 July 2019 - The Plumbers’ Golf Day at New Zealand GC

    23 August 209 - Plumber’s Golf Society Match v Croham Hurst GC

    13 September 2019 - Plumber’s Golf Society Livery Challenge, Wildernesse GC

    26 September 2019 - Plumbers’ Golf Society at Lord Mayor’s Charity Golf Day, Hadley Wood GC

  • Death of Maggie Munro, wife of Liveryman Don Munro

    Published on Tuesday, 22nd January 2019

    It is with much sadness that we have to announce the death of Maggie Munro, the wife of Liveryman Don Munro, who passed away yesterday evening, 21 January 2019, after a short battle with cancer. Along with Don she was a great supporter of the Company and regularly accompanied him at all our functions. There will be a private cremation and a celebration of her life later in the year.

  • Our first lady Liveryman

    Published on Monday, 21st January 2019

    In 2010, ago a practising lady plumber was informed in no uncertain terms by a member of another Company that only men could become Liverymen.  She was rapidly informed that for the Plumbers' Company, this was incorrect and shortly afterwards she was clothed as of our Livery.  At the time we were not aware that a mere 294 years previously, on 20th September 1724 to be exact, Sarah, the daughter of Joseph Sergeant, at the ripe age of 49, entered the stamped book of the Company’s freedoms, by patrimony.    Not only is the evidence in the Company Freedom book but we also have found a copy of her Freedom Application that she "as a Citizen and Plumor of LONDON, desires to be admitted into the Freedom of this City by Patrimony, in the Company of Plumors".  The  date on the Certificate,  "27 Day of April in the 16th of Charles 2nd and in the Year of our Lord 1664", refers to when her Father became a Freeman.  This is of relevance as Sarah's request was "by Patrimony".

    We cannot, however, claim to be the first Company to admit ladies as  Palfreyman's book "London Livery Companies" mentions (page 21)  "the first female Scrivener in 1665; while the 1495 Ordinances of the Cooks' Company, for example, refer to "Freemaidens" and the 1333 Ordinances of the Carpenters' Brotherhood mention both "brother" and also "soster"."  Later, in the same section, Palfreyman notes that in 1537 the Saddlers had "three Free Sisters" on its rolls.

    Read about the Sergeant family and see the the full Freedom Certificate by clicking here.

    Downloadable documents

  • The New Clerk accepts the Charge

    Published on Friday, 18th January 2019
    The Master and Adrian Mumford, Clerk

    The Master and Adrian Mumford, Clerk

    At the Court meeting in January 2019, Adrian Mumford accepted the Charge  "You shall be true to our Sovereign Lady The Queen's Majesty, her heirs and successors. You shall be obedient to the Master and Wardens of the Art or Misterye of Plommery for the time being. And you shall do and perform all other matters justly and truly which to your Office appertaineth, so far as your ability will extend and you lawfully may do. So help you God."

    In doing so, Adrian becomes the next Clerk of the Company.,

  • Plumbing News – Looking to the future

    Published on Friday, 18th January 2019

    The CIPHE working in partnership with the Society of Public Health Engineers, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and JA Brooks has developed a Plumbing Centre of Excellence at Havering College. 
    This educational project is supported by SoPHE initiatives for young engineers including the Chris Sneath (a Past Master of the Plumbers’Company) Bursary and the Dr Steve Ingle Award.  The Institution of Engineering and Technology has elected Past Master Chris Sneath as a Fellow of the Institute
    Past Master Chris Sneath as chairman of WaterSafe reports: “It’s been a busy year again for WaterSafe, now in its fifth year, and we have over 5,700 members qualified to work safely with the drinking water in your community – from homes to hospitals. We plan to work just as hard this year to help keep the UK’s drinking water as fresh, safe and wholesome at the tap as ever; and make sure even more consumers know where to go to for plumbing expertise to ensure that their chosen plumber is skilled, competent and qualified."

    Read more from WaterSafe by clicking here.

  • The Plumbers always prepare well in advance. Do you?

    Published on Thursday, 17th January 2019

    You will all have a diary for 2019 but how full are the December pages?  Ensure that the Guildhall Christmas Market is one entry.  This a great opportunity to purchase Christmas presents and support the Red Cross.   It is the major fund raiser for the City Branch of the Red Cross and this year there will be a “Sparkling Preview” on Monday Evening 25th November  The Preview is always well supported by Liverymen.  It will be held in the Guildhall in the Presence of Princess Alexandria and the full Mayoral party.  Put the date in your diary NOW.  Hope to see you there. For further details  and ticket reservation click here.

    Downloadable documents

  • Presentation of the St Michael Medallion

    Published on Thursday, 17th January 2019
    Peter Cheesman receives the St Michael Medallion from TYhe Master

    Peter Cheesman receives the St Michael Medallion from TYhe Master

    On Tuesday 15th January, the Master presented Liveryman Peter Cheesman with the St Michael Medallion.  This Company Award is made to any person who, or organisation which, has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of Plumbing.  Peter is the 30th recipient of the Award since its conception in 1951.  He has made an exceptional contribution to the education of plumbers and has used his considerable expertise in leadwork at the Company museum at Singleton now at Amberley.  The full proposal for him being given this award can be read by clicking here.

    Downloadable documents

  • Armed Services Awards

    Published on Thursday, 17th January 2019
    The Awardees at the Court prior to admission as Freemen

    The Awardees at the Court prior to admission as Freemen

    At a meeting of the Court of this Worshipful Company hoIden at Ironmongers' Hall, in the City of London on the 23rd day of April 1998. it was unanimously resolved to make annual Awards to the best trainee rating at HMS Sultan qualifying in Metalwork and to the best student completing the Hydraulics Phase of the Airframe Training Course at Royal Air Force Cosford.  The Commodore of HMS Sultan has notified the Worshipful Company that Leading Engineering Technician Thomas William Davies has been selected for the 2017 Royal Navy award and Leading Engineering Technician Eleanor Charlotte Brookes for the 2018 Royal Navy award.  The Commandant of the Defence College Aeronautical Engineering, RAF Cosford, has notified the Worshipful Company that Senior Aircraftsman (Technician) Stuart James Robert Thompson has been selected for the 2017 Royal Air Force award.

    The awards were duly presented by the Master at the lunch following the Court meeting on 15th January. (Click here for photos)  At the Court meeting, the three awardees were invested with the Freedom of the Company. 

    Downloadable documents

  • Ten New Liverymen

    Published on Thursday, 17th January 2019
    Upper Row: Paul Rutland, Jamie Fisher, The Master, Robert Stanley Swain, Jake Stephen Pestell, John Collier                                                                                                                                                                           Lower Row:  Simon Harvey,  James Harry Albert Taylor,  Andrew George James, The Master, Kevin Patrick Thomas, Ian Richard Cohen

    Upper Row: Paul Rutland, Jamie Fisher, The Master, Robert Stanley Swain, Jake Stephen Pestell, John Collier Lower Row: Simon Harvey, James Harry Albert Taylor, Andrew George James, The Master, Kevin Patrick Thomas, Ian Richard Cohen

    At the Court meeting on 15th January, ten candidates were clothed as of the Livery.  We welcome Liverymen Paul Rutland (Railway Engineer), Robert Stanley Swain (Management Consultant), Jamie Fisher (Sales Director Monument Tools), John Collier (Chairman Monument Tools), James Harry Albert Taylor (M&E Engineer), Jake Stephen Pestell (Recycling Company Designer), Simon Harvey (MEP Engineering Project Manager), Kevin Patrick Thomas (Chartered Accountant), Andrew George James (RN Officer) and Ian Richard Cohen (Chartered Accountant).

  • News from the Court

    Published on Thursday, 17th January 2019

    At the Court meeting on Tuesday 15t January, Martin Shouler was clothed as a Court Assistant.  Martin became a Liveryman in 2006 and has provided an invaluable input to technical and educational activities of the Company.  Martin is the Global Environmental Services Engineering and Public Health Engineering Skills Leader at the international engineering consultancy Arup. He has extensive experience in the field of Water Engineering having been involved in a wide range of major projects, in design, research and consultancy across the world.  In addition, he serves in the Royal Navy Reserve as a Lieutenant Commander providing a link with the Sea Cadet Unit at Richmond which is supported by the Company.  He will bring a wealth of experience to the Court.

  • You can share in the work of a Company Asset

    Published on Wednesday, 16th January 2019

    If you have been to one our functions you will have seen this man with a camera - he is Michael O'Sullivan the Company photographer.  What better way of remembering an occasion than by visting his web site and ordering a copy of a picture of you or your friends.

    Michael generously provides many of the photos for this web site.    

  • Join an informal Plumbers’  Luncheon

    Published on Wednesday, 16th January 2019


    It’s back after nine amazingly successful Plumbers’ Table lunches at Ironmongers’ Hall.   Come and join us for the tenth.  It is open to all Liverymen and their guests, wives and partners.  It should be particularly attractive to new Liverymen, those who wish to enter business contacts or introduce potential new members to the fellowship of the Plumbers.

    Click here for details & booking

    Downloadable documents

  • Death of Liveryman Brian Michael Rooney

    Published on Monday, 14th January 2019

    It is with much sadness we have to announce the death of Liveryman Brian Michael Rooney who passed away on 31st December 2018 aged 87 years after a short illness.  We were notified by his widow, Rosemary, today and a private funeral will be held in Llandovery Catholic Church on Friday 18th January 2019.  Brain had been a Liveryman for 31 years, having joined in 1988.

  • The Lord Mayor Reflects

    Published on Monday, 14th January 2019

    Just Say Yes  
    Alderman Sir Andrew Parmley, 689th Lord Mayor of the City of London shares his thoughts and reflections on his time in office, with the theme: ‘Just Say Yes’.  Sir Andrew was the Lord Mayor of London for 2016–17. His Reflections on his year in office – as 689th Lord Mayor of London – take place on 13th May 2019 at Vintners’ Hall, the home of the Worshipful Company of Vintners.  For details and bvooking click here.

  • The Worshipful Company of Plumbers’ Annual Review 2018

    Published on Friday, 11th January 2019

    Hot off the press.  Read what the Company and its members have been doing during the last year.  This lavishly illustrated record is a must for you and your friends.

    Click here to read.  This and last year’s edition can also be found in the Our History section of About Us.

    Downloadable documents

  • Trial & Error at the Old Bailey

    Published on Wednesday, 2nd January 2019

    Numerous Masters, Liverymen and Freemen of the several companies and guilds have enjoyed attending the Old Bailey over the past 4 years to support these Shows and some of the famous criminal cases of the past re-inacted in No.1 Court.  
    Click here to see a ‘Hold the Dates’ notice and booking details  for the 2019 season of the ’Trial & Error’ Shows at the Old Bailey next March.  The Shows; in aid of the Sheriffs’ & Recorder’s Fund (supporting ex-Offenders) and Pan Inter-Cultural Arts (supporting victims of Trafficking) will be back in the newly refurbished and larger Court No.1.  Tickets for a full dress rehearsal will also be available on the afternoon of Sunday 10th March.

    Downloadable documents