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Our Master this year is Robert Burgon

I will serve the Company in its promotion of the plumbing industry, its charitable activities and support for the City of London institutions.

Supporting the Craft

Historic lead crafts still have a place in modern society. Witness them in our museum at Singleton.

Latest news

  • **A message from the Master**

    Posted on 17th May 2018

    I regret to announce that the Clerk, Commander Pieter Cox, RN, has resigned with immediate effect.

    Our former Clerk, Air Commodore Paul Nash, OBE, has agreed to provide cover in the short-term as Acting Clerk while the recruitment process for a replacement Clerk is carried out.

  • GDPR - Our Privacy Notice

    Posted on 24th April 2018

    In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation the Plumbers’ Company Privacy Notice can be found by clicking here.

  • Changing the Guard visit

    Posted on 22nd May 2018 Changing the Guard visit

    You are invited to join the Master on Wednesday 11th July 2018 for a visit to behind the scenes of the Changing of the Guard and lunch will be taken at the Rubens Hotel.   We meet at 9.15am at Wellington Barracks back gate on Petty France. Click here for details and booking.

  • Election of Sheriffs followed by lunch

    Posted on 21st May 2018

    Liverymen who were admitted to the Livery before 31st May 2017 and who wish to vote for the Sheriffs and other Officers should note that you are summoned to meet at the Guildhall on Monday 25th June 2018 by 11.45am.  The Worshipful Company of Pewterers has kindly invited us to join them for lunch afterwards on the 25h June in Pewterers’ Hall.

    For flyer and booking click here.

  • Fatberg weekend details

    Posted on 20th May 2018 Fatberg weekend details

    Discover some hideous facts about London’s sewers and what lurks inside them at this interactive and immersive activity inspired by the Fatberg! display. Grab some rubber gloves to dissect a fake fatberg and meet some characters from the past and present who work down in London’s sewers. This is a drop-in activity, but we are limited to a capacity of 10 children at a time with each experience lasting approximately 15 minutes. In partnership with Open City.  There’s also a talk with some of the curators and staff on the Fatberg on Monday 4 June at 7pm if it’s of interest, further details below and booking on the website here.

    Learn how the monstrous Whitechapel fatberg went from sewer to showcase in this fascinating panel event.  Explore the challenges of curating and conserving this disgusting mass, and see the fatberg samples close-up – if you dare!

  • To all Ladies

    Posted on 17th May 2018 To all Ladies

    PROCESSIONS, an ambitious UK-wide project celebrating the centenary of women's suffrage. I’m reaching out to ask your help in engaging women at The Plumbers' Company to take part.

    We have confirmed partnerships with The City of London Corporation, The Worshipful Company of Carpenters and The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, but we are keen to extend our reach in the City of London, by inviting the historic liveries to join us in commemorating this landmark moment in our national heritage. Click here to find out more.

Recent events

  • Out & About for the Master

    Out & About for the Master

    This week's Blog describes how the Master attended Company and City functions outside London.  Read the details by clicking herej

  • Along a river and up and up and down cliff by train!

    Along a river and up and up and down cliff by train!

    A Social Trip with a difference.  Not in or near London but all the way to Shropshire.  The Master accompanied by a goodly number of Liverymen and partners visited the Severn valley Railway traveling by steam train for Bridgnorth to Kidderminster.  In the evening an enjoyable dinner was followed by an illustrated talk on the Bridgnorth Cliff Railway was given by Steward Malvern Tipping, the Chairman of the Company owning the railway.  On the morning of the second day all of the party, together with the Master and Clerk of the Gild of the Bridgnorth Freemen, met at the cliff railway’s Low Town station. Malvern conducted the party on a tour of the cliff railway and its winding room where they met both the general manager and the engineer.  They were joined for a carvery lunch by the Mayor Ron Whittle OBE and his wife Cllr. Mrs. Carole Whittle.  The visit concluded with a conducted tour of the town of Bridgnorth.  For a more detailed account of the visit click here.

    The Plumbers' Company looks forward to further visits in different parts of the United Kingdom.

  • Garden Parties

    Garden Parties


    Dressed to meet the Queen!  Renter Warden Peter Rumley and his wife Bridget.

  • The Master’s Week

    The Master’s Week

    Read the latest Blog from the Master - St Barthomelew's, Guildhall School of Music, Lightmongers', the new Bishop and finally the Tideway.  Find the details by clicking here.