About Us


The Company has five main committees Freedom and Livery, Finance, Technical, Membership and Social.


  • The Court is the governing body of the Company. Membership of the Court comprise the Master, the Wardens, Past Masters and Court Assistants.

Court Emeritus

  • There is no limit on period of service on the Court. Past Masters who are five years past the chair and over 65 years of age may apply for Emeritus status. They may attend the Installation Court and one other Court meeting each Livery Year. They have full voting rights at the meetings they attend.

Freedom and Livery Committee

  • The prime function of this senior Court Committee is to ensure that the principles of the Company as laid out in the Charter and Ordinances are maintained. This does not mean that Charter and Ordinances are applied as written as this would be impractical and prevent any advancement of the Company. The overall principles and spirit of the Company as laid out in these documents is however to be the guide for the conduct and function of the Company. This Committee is forward looking for the advancement of the Company.

Finance Committee

  • The Finance Committee is responsible for advising on the financial strategy of the Company and ensuring that the strategy is followed. Historically the Finance Committee Chairman has been the Renter Warden who may have limited financial expertise. It is important for this committee to have continuity and to include in the membership a Liveryman with financial expertise and experience. The Finance Committee works with the Clerk and the Company Accountant..

Investment Committee

  • Responsibility for the investment portfolio of the Company.

Education & Technical Committee

  • The Craft Aims and Objectives of the Company are To: encourage excellence in plumbing By: supporting and promoting the history of the craft By: supporting and recognising individuals, organisations and institutions who achieve excellence in plumbing standards, education and technical development By: influencing and raising the profile of key future plumbing developments related to safety, public health, sustainability and water conservation. The Technical Committee will concentrate on Craft involvement and the educational and training aspects will be dealt with by the Education Committee.. Where appropriate, sub-groups will be used to focus on issues and provide reports to the Technical Committee. Sub groups will normally be chaired by a member of the Technical Committee and will report back to the Committee.

Membership Comittee

  • Membership growth is fundamental to the Company’s future sustainability. The recruitment of new members and the retention, engagement and development of the existing membership must be a priority for the Company going forward. Since its establishment the Committee has established and introduced the new membership categories of Freeman, International, Family and Corporate. It will continue to review all categories ensuring that they meet the Company’s aims and objectives.

Admissions Committee

  • Meets all potential members and explains the opportunities and responsibilities of being a Liveryman. Considers applications for Veteran Status

Social Committee

  • Arranges the social programme under the Chairmanship of the Upper Warden. The members are the seven Stewards of the Company.

Charitable and Educational Trust

  • An independent charitable trust with the trustees appointed by the Court.

Plumbing Museum & Workshop Trust

  • The Trust is responsible for the Plumbers' Museum and Workshop at the Weald & Downland Museum at Singleton , near Chichester.