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Senior Aircraftman (Techn) David Suttie Best Student Qualifying in the Hydraulics Phase, 2014 Airframe Training Course. Click yellow button below

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Jill, from Gateshead, was the winning student plumber in this the 101st Year of the JB Wilkinson Shield Award. Click the yellow button below.

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Steve Hodkinson our Master proudly states ‘The Plumbers are proud to put something back into our Craft, our Charity and the City; Come and join us’

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  • Up and Coming Events

    Posted on 12th May 2015

    For details of these events scroll down the page.

    9th June        650th Evensong and Reception

    14th June     Master's Family Day at Singleton

    24th June     Election of Sheriffs

    6th July        Reception Glaziers' Hall

  • This book is the Wizard’s guide to the land of Oz

    Posted on 24th May 2015

    The City of London Freeman’s Guide. Magna Carta Edition (2015)

    The definitive concise pocket guide to the Freedom, the Livery Companies and the City of London's ancient offices, ceremonies and customs. The guide signposts the civic, ceremonial and social aspects of the City as they are to be found today along with the City and Livery Company links to Charity, Industry, Education, The Church, Armed Forces and Royal Family.

    Ever wanted to stay overnight in a Livery Hall, attend the Ceremony of the Quit Rents, Drive sheep across London Bridge, visit the Court of Chivalry, join a Ward Club, find out if your ancestor was a Freeman of a Livery Company, stand for election as an Ale Conner, or enjoy a curry lunch on HQS Wellington? These and hundreds of other facts associated with the City, Livery and Freedom in modern times are to be found in this handy pocket guide which every Freeman should own.

    Now available for purchase in full colour hardback from Amazon, The City Information Centre, Daunt Books (Cheapside), St Paul’s Cathedral Shop, or the Guildhall Library and the Guildhall Art Gallery, priced £12.50.  Also available as an eBook for PCs, Apple Macs, Kindle, iPad and iPhone priced £5.99 from Amazon and the Apple iBook store.

  • Farewell Greg, Hello Barton

    Posted on 20th May 2015

    Liveryman Ken Whitcombe who many of you will have seen with his dog Greg writes

    "Guide Dog Greg is now over 10.5 years Old, having  worked for me for nearly 9 years, you will have seen Greg at many Livery events over the years, being very generous with his Blond Coat, leaving samples on any dark suit nearby, he left so much behind him it’s a wonder he never went Bald.   In Greg’s Retirement he will become Paula my Wife’s Pet, being allowed to sniff  on walks & leave his mark on the local Lamp Posts.   Greg’s replacement is a Black Labrador  named “Barton”,  I am sure there will be much joy amongst the Liverymen  in our Company that they will no longer have to put up with seemingly Blond Hair on their suits, having to explain to their Partners, it’s Dog Hair, not the hair  of a Lady of the night."

    We look forward to welcoming Barton

  • Plumbed In For a Great Year!

    Posted on 19th May 2015 Plumbed In For a Great Year!

    Emerging from Purdah the Late Lord Mayor Looks Back with a personal reflection on 2014…….

    People keep asking me what were the highlights of my year as Lord Mayor and my reply is that it was all about the people and the things we did together. The other frequently asked question is about whether we had enough time in a year to accomplish everything that we wanted to achieve. The answer to that is that Nicholas and I are amazed at how much we were able to do and what we accomplished – it was all in the planning!

    The Plumbers feature in both responses.  I cannot tell you how touched I was by all the interaction that I had with the Plumbers in the planning and throughout the year. The support for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and all the events was significant and very visible. The Plumbers are a shining example of a Livery Company that continues to polish up its role to be relevant to society and I am proud to be one of its Liverymen.

    For the full article click here.

  • Our 650th.  Celebrating in style.  Book now

    Posted on 12th May 2015 Our 650th.  Celebrating in style.  Book now

    As part of our programme of events and functions in this our Anniversary Year a very special Choral Evensong will be held on Tuesday 9th June 2015 at Temple Church, Temple, London EC4Y 7BB to be followed by a Champagne Reception in Inner Temple Hall to celebrate the 650th Anniversary of the granting of our Company’s Ordinances by the Court of Aldermen in 1365.

    For downloadable flyer/booking form with map click here.

  • The Master’s Day Out at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum Sunday 14th June 2015

    Posted on 12th May 2015 The Master’s Day Out at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum  Sunday 14th June 2015

    Join the Master and his family in experiencing a unique day out in glorious Sussex countryside. The Plumbing Museum is located within the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum of historic buildings, which is set in fifty acres of the stunning South Downs National Park. The Museum was used by the BBC when filming ‘Life on a Tudor Monastery Farm’. It is a very special place where you can wander amongst a fascinating collection of nearly fifty historic buildings, dating from the 13th to the 19th century, many with period gardens. Woodland walks and a picturesque lake can also be enjoyed.

    For full details and booking click here.

Recent events

  • First across the line but have we won? Unfortunately not.

    First across the line but have we won? Unfortunately not.

    At 1751 the Clerk reported "First over the finish line again by a considerable margin but will have to wait and see how the handicap works out. Beautiful sailing weather."

    2225  "Second place; Lightmongers first; Innholders third and fourth"

  • The Annual Banquet

    The Annual Banquet

    Some 300 Plumbers and their guests celebrated the 650th anniversary of the grant of Ordinances to the Company by the Aldermanic Court in the sumptuous surroundings of the Mansion House last night. Their official guests included a full Civic team, several presidents and chairmen from Plumbing Engineering and Teaching bodies, senior members of the Armed Forces and seven Livery Masters, whilst there were many other Masters and Past Masters also present as private guests of the Livery. The stair guard was provided, as is usual for the Plumbers, by the Richmond Sea Scouts, whose commodore, John Porter, is about to retire after over 50 years of service of which 23 have been as commodore. The meal was delicious, accompanied by excellent playing from the London Banqueting Ensemble who gave a spirited rendition, to the delight of their audience, of the Post Chase Gallop (Koenig, Arr. Geary) The Master's speech welcoming the Lord Mayor also put the celebrations into context with a wide ranging speech, during which the Lord Mayor (and also the principal guest) were presented with replica 17th century lead weights. The Lady Mayoress was also presented with one of the Plumbers'  650th anniversary stoles which arrived last week (and are now available to members on sale - please contact the Clerk for details). The Lord Mayor gave an excellent response, after which it was the turn of the Upper Warden to give her speech welcoming the guests and in particular the principal guest, Martin Baggs. Martin, CEO of Thames Water, was in fine form. He opened with a glass of Thames tap water in his hand, extolling its virtues. He put water delivery into context with references eg to water courses from the 13th century, the creation of the New River, the Bazelgette sewerage installations,  the need for at least one new reservoir for London, none having been built for over 40 years. Like the other speeches, it was a tour de force and we were all delighted that he had been able to accept our invitation. Afterwards, there was a stirrup cup before everyone went home. The clerk and his team are to be congratulated on working so hard to ensure everything ran so smoothly, and the stewards likewise for their great assistance during the evening.

    Fo photos click here.

  • Celebrating 650 years at the Mansion House

    Celebrating 650 years at the Mansion House

    The Plumbers Annual Banquet held at the Mansion House on Monday 11th May was a great occasion with lots of good fellowship.  It was however a "Different Banquet", a fact recognised by our own Company Chaplain,  Liveryman The Revd Fr Philip Warner who led us in giving thanks at the start of the evening.

    It was at a different banquet,
    But in this very same place
    When the Master said to me:
    “Chaplain; write us a rhyming grace

    For our Plumbers’ banquet, where we sit amid our plate and treasures.
    But ensure that you include a reference to “weight and measures.”

    Yes, our company is in its 651st year
    A fact which to our eyes brings many a manly tear
    Of pride, for all our company has in the past achieved.
    And all it will do in the future, if our Clerk is to be believed.

    So Friends, before we sit to sup
    Our sumptuous banquet, which will conclude with the loving cup,

    Let us send up our thanks to the Lord our God,
    and praise him with heart and thought
    For the starter, fish course, main course, pud,
    and the Late Bottled Vintage Port. Amen

  • Lead Planters - Made at Singleton

    Lead Planters - Made at Singleton

    The Master went down to Singleton with PM Hamilton and PM Hopkinson to meet Liverymen Mead and Cheesman to have a look at the progress with the anniversary Lead Planters. He was pleased to say that they are nearly all ready and will be available to collect at the master’s day at Singleton. We are looking forward to a good turn out as both Phil and Peter will be demonstrating how the planters have been made. The planters are very heavy (47Kg) so if this will create any difficulty for anyone please let the Office know.

    The pictures show Phil and Peter with the planters and  visitors watching a demonstration at the workshop.   To see bot pictures click on the article header.